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  1. +1 here. Freezing and crashing in Windows, significan slow downs in Android. Used to be fine, didn't even think about it. Something changed in the last few months. I now know how to really close EN in windows in order to reopen and get back to work. Very slow at times in Android. Getting harder to use. That's MY experience.
  2. Thanks. I was hoping not to come off contrary or irritating - as your help/guidance here on the forums is golden ! And I do hope that if Antone exists, they are not so offended that they cannot come back and clarify. Occasionally somebody is misread for a shill, bot or advertiser on a forum or comment thread and then returns to show otherwise. I don't see any personal attacks that would discourage that.
  3. Respectfully disagree. If anyone at EN reads this discussion, then they are getting input. There are valid points to be made about announced marketing moves, especially ones declared to be in flux, and especially when they declare: And with our feedback, as certain considerations are repeated or reinforced by various then they will naturally have more weight and value than than the passive silent stance you suggest we users should assume. OK, you contend that we users have no place in the decision process. Is this because user/public reactions have NEVER had any effect
  4. Reading this one, I immediately thought "shill!" I checked the user profile and they had just signed up right before posting this one post. Draw your own conclusions, but as reviews go, this would have been flagged for fake by any algorithm.
  5. No, it's not reconcilable at face value. This is what led me to immediately read between the lines and conclude that it's corporate PR speak for "we think we can make more money by eliminating the Plus option " "but we don't think it's best to frame it in those terms to our users" And the "gathering feedback" translates to: they are going to see how the numbers go without Plus and if it doesn't yield more income, then they might reinstate a lower price subscription tier with a few changes so it doesn't look like they just made a mistake and are back-tracking. That is, IF this move d
  6. Yes, that's the trade-off to sort out. We went to a free event the other day downtown and parking in the garage right at the park was $20. Everywhere else it was $10, but less convenient. Those $10 lots were filling fast. The big $20 garage was nearly empty, 10% full maybe by the end. That garage still had to pay security guards not to mention the all their other overhead. Would 100% full at half the price been a better decision in that case - absolutely! In hindsight. On another day, with a more popular event, (or wealthier/lazier attendees) the garage may have filled at $
  7. This is ongoing revenue that EN is leaving on the table. It's a risky decision to only offer one paid level. It might increase income or it may result in decreased revenue, driving more people to live with the free version or look elsewhere. Me, I believe that they are fixing something that was not broken and breaking things as they do it. But I repeat myself. Again, just want to see EN do well, make wise decisions for the long run.
  8. I retract that. It's not helpful. But I do think it's clear that you yourself are a seriously committed user with so much time invested. A good thing, just perhaps less representative of the larger base out there.
  9. Yep, exactly. The move seems most likely to be a way to eliminate competition of Plus with Premium. But then you add another interesting direction that competition might come from. Not just new users but users fleeing a future increase in Premium. I could not imagine an increase since it seems so costly already, but it's a good preemptive strategy. I don't think discussion with speculation is pointless before we know. Evernote just came out and gave a reason for eliminating Plus. An important aspect of my comment is that the publicly stated reasons are not necessarily the real
  10. Thanks -great to know the way the two device limit works! I misunderstood. I ran into the offline notes issue trying to use my android devices "in the field" where there's no data access and it was a critically needed feature for me. But yes, the upload limit also was significant motivation to upgrade. Absolutely. I'm always trying to point friends to EN because it's so useful to me, I think many more folks could benefit from using it. I'm an advocate. Now I know that I'm not getting them into something unsustainable - that they won't have to "go big (Premium) or go h
  11. I wonder if I would be an Evernote user if my only option was premium or basic. Basic is almost fatally limited as a cloud service (only two devices, no offline) while premium is prohibitively expensive for people who have to control their bills. I'm ok with paying for the ongoing cloud service, but that's it - I can't afford and don't need anything that premium offers over Plus. Plus is the sweet spot and most attractive subscription level to me, so naturally I imagine that most users go for Plus as well. And that far fewer EN users go for premium. So pushing new users to Pr
  12. +1 Always find myself resizing. Rather have that than, say "pixelate"
  13. Yep, agreed, it would be a welcome feature. You probably already know that text passages within a note can be password protected. Obviously, the developers recognize the value of having some protection within Evernote as well. PW protection for entire notes or notebooks would be a logical extension, but may not be possible within the database design, I suspect.
  14. I am amazed that you are calling use of stored note history for solving EN sync issues a feature though I agree that it WOULD be a feature if it saved us from poor USER practice. And that you think that we should have to pay more to recover an important note when the product fails and loses our info due to buggy syncing. Syncing is THE core service I'm ALREADY paying for. Just because the business wants to create more expensive payment levels does not mean that they are not obligated to do their job right for the products sold at another level and deliver what was sold. To charge me a se
  15. Good idea. I'm not that unhappy with Evernote, but I will keep in mind that OneNote is there if EN keeps up this trend of disrespecting it's users. And the more you use Evernote the more annoying it is to have endless repeat marketing in one's face. And it's to no end. If I haven't needed to use Chat for the first 100 times I opened EN to be told that it was a new feature, I don't think that pounding it into me for another 1000 times will get me to need it any more than the first 100. It's just not something I need. And if I did, I still wouldn't want to see and click the popup everytime
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