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  1. Are they canceling our ability to keep offline notes on the mobile app or not? That was the very feature that I became a subscriber for. This is a huge change removing the much needed ability to access our most critical information when a data signal is not available. A huge deal-killer.
  2. I encountered the same or similar issue yesterday. Trying to read a note on my android 11 (Samsung Galaxy Note) tablet with V10, the note kept closing and the screen would go back not just one step but past the specific notebook to the list of notebooks. Took multiple clicks to open the note again, but it closed promptly while scrolling. Rinse and repeat. Maddening! Playing with the issue, I did notice that perhapsEvernote V10 (or is it Android?) is reading a gesture that may have a "hook" movement to it that it is interpreting. It seems that scrolling down the page (an upward finger movement) with a slight hook to the right in the movement provokes the closing of the note. Perhaps very careful scrolling, avoiding any "hooking action" might avoid the unintended closing effect. I am a paying customer but am not going to open a support ticket. I was just trying out v10 again for a day. I solved MY note closing issue by reinstalling the legacy Android version. Cheers
  3. I appreciate your engaging and open minded tone, Gazumped. It's nice to see that not everybody who is an experienced premium user has a poor attitude. I am a long time Plus subscriber. Every time I renew my subscription, I do, indeed feel that I am paying a fair price to support a useful service and I appreciate that when EN decided to eliminate our subscription level, that they left the option for us legacy subscribers. I do resent someone with a higher need/income - perhaps a true business grade usage - acting as if, as a Plus user, I'm no longer a valid participating client supporting this software. My money and many others like me has been part of the yearly income EN used to build the business for the first decade. I have payed in hundreds of dollars over the years to EN. If we had not been offered an affordable PLUS option back then, there may have never been enough paying user base to continue, who knows. EN downplayed our role in their new business model's press release when they declared that move, but retaining that legacy option may have been as much to keep the ongoing paying user base income as high as possible while pushing for a higher price with new users. If they were so confident that they didn't need us, then I doubt they would have kept us! I don't think the decision was based on altruism. Thanks EN for respecting us Plus users and continuing to support. To address the two questions; Yes the nagging to upgrade from Plus to Premium has increased. The imposition of a new "home" page we have to click through to get to our notes and one that we can't manage in anyway without upgrading is an additional pressure. No doubt strategic. And no, as far as I can tell so far, V10 does not add anything to my experience. It only removes and downgrades - as far as I can tell, but I'm keeping an eye on it to see. I have personally been fine with EN for years and seen no new features that I wished for nor would pay to get. It was all there long ago when I signed on. The rest are bells and whistles - to me. But I can see how such things might help attract new customers and increase the value to businesses and power users. Really, it's the same as all the MS suite stuff. Excel and Word were fully functional tools many many iterations back. But they have to keep doing something, right? Today's business models don't allow for simply perfecting a good tool and selling the same thing for years. It's like that everywhere. But I'll add my input in the ways that I can because what we say and pay for as consumers does matter. It's not "love it or leave it" but an ongoing feedback loop. Both positive and negative feedback matter.
  4. I just tried entering some text to my notes on vehicle maintenance (noting the work done as it was done) but the android v10 wouldn't allow me to. . The curser won't appear into the line where I want to add text. The text editor will only allow me to add to the end of the note. So - can we have text editing - within our notes - as a "feature" in the "new improved" version? As a clue, I see something at the top of my note - a label added by EN that says "HTML content" I did not put that there. I have no idea what flavor of content I have in my notes nor how Evernote manages all that. They have never indicated any such distinctions before. I form notes as I go, copying and pasting sections from anywhere, web pages, pdfs, photos, word docs and then I also enter my own text and organize, format. But now I find that the note I wish to add text to has the "HTML" text label at the top and somehow that means I can't edit it? Where did this come from? Why can't Evernote Android deal with the text in my Evernote desktop created notes? Whatever the reason, please add this text editing feature to the new version as it worked in the old one so that I can use it again. Sorta like asking for a car with a steering wheel as a feature, I know. But that's where we are at now.
  5. 1) "Improve" is more like "change" their product, introducing a new layer 2) all users get it for free. Yep, sorta like you take your car in for an oil change but they decided to spray paint it a different color. It's an improvement! And free! Of course, it's not what you wanted and you now have a problem, but if you pay up, they will finish the job. Hope you liked the color we chose. 3) No, they didn't put the good stuff in the window - they sold me a room to keep my data in I paid for the locks and then suddenly they put a heavy rollup door in front of it. If I want the same access I used to have, I can lift the new door and get to where I was. It's no advantage to most of us, it's an imposition. And paying doesn't even make it go away. 4) I have a paid account. Paying customer for many years. They are looking for ways to force me to upgrade to features I don't need to a level of subscription that I don't want. HOW? By hindering my access to the content I create. Creates a sense of adversarial disrespect to be honest. The opposite of customer loyalty. Will they get more or less money from me in the long run? Less - because even though I will probably stay- I've stopped recommending EN to anyone else. I am a negative marketer now.
  6. I think that you are seriously limiting your view. It's not about California, it's about the current corporate structure. This is what modern corporations do. It's a systematic issue, not a geographic one.
  7. I suspect that this is where we start to glimpse the real goals behind the latest corporate "improvements" called "Home" Now that our OWN choices for what to see when opening Evernote have been "improved" and turned a promotional page that makes it more like, what? a Yahoo home page ? - now that they have hijacked that and taken control over what we see first, well, don't worry because if you REALLY don't like what the corporation decided you should want to see, then SURE, you can change it. But it will cost you! Pay up and ..you can have a bit of that control we just took away back. Yes ! That's right! Premium subscribers can choose! Otherwise, WE decide what to show you.
  8. No way! I use this for every note. It's my primary method of building a note. Is this certain? Is it a bug that's being worked out ? Fatal flaw if so.
  9. Is it REALLY true that we can't access any of our offline notes anymore in V10+? I even keep my networking notes on Evernote for troubleshooting. When my or anyone's internet goes down, which it does twice a week here, I can't access any critical information anymore? If true, this is no small thing. This is a major, major sabotage of the functionality. Forget fonts, even search. The only thing worse they could do is start losing our actual data. I have been sucked in to building my whole life's information system around this product. Is this "removed feature" going to be a central problem to the new platform or is it possible they can return it's function.
  10. +1 here. Freezing and crashing in Windows, significan slow downs in Android. Used to be fine, didn't even think about it. Something changed in the last few months. I now know how to really close EN in windows in order to reopen and get back to work. Very slow at times in Android. Getting harder to use. That's MY experience.
  11. Thanks. I was hoping not to come off contrary or irritating - as your help/guidance here on the forums is golden ! And I do hope that if Antone exists, they are not so offended that they cannot come back and clarify. Occasionally somebody is misread for a shill, bot or advertiser on a forum or comment thread and then returns to show otherwise. I don't see any personal attacks that would discourage that.
  12. Respectfully disagree. If anyone at EN reads this discussion, then they are getting input. There are valid points to be made about announced marketing moves, especially ones declared to be in flux, and especially when they declare: And with our feedback, as certain considerations are repeated or reinforced by various then they will naturally have more weight and value than than the passive silent stance you suggest we users should assume. OK, you contend that we users have no place in the decision process. Is this because user/public reactions have NEVER had any effect on corporate decisions? Or that EN in particular has a history of fully ignoring user feedback more than most and that will never change? Better to offer dialogue and input and if they weigh little or not at all in decisions than so be it. They might serve in the process, and at least we spoke up. Again, accessibility to EN as a service and their long-term viability as a business are important to many of us. If you truly feel that all comment on this key aspect of Evernote as a service is completely pointless, then...well, silence is an option we each have open to us without the need to belittle nor silence others. In that vein, I don't think that reducing all discussion here to common categories of (the all too typical- agreed!) poor reading comprehension questions is accurate nor terribly generous to those of us who might have something to say. cheers
  13. Reading this one, I immediately thought "shill!" I checked the user profile and they had just signed up right before posting this one post. Draw your own conclusions, but as reviews go, this would have been flagged for fake by any algorithm.
  14. No, it's not reconcilable at face value. This is what led me to immediately read between the lines and conclude that it's corporate PR speak for "we think we can make more money by eliminating the Plus option " "but we don't think it's best to frame it in those terms to our users" And the "gathering feedback" translates to: they are going to see how the numbers go without Plus and if it doesn't yield more income, then they might reinstate a lower price subscription tier with a few changes so it doesn't look like they just made a mistake and are back-tracking. That is, IF this move doesn't pan out well. It'll take some time for them to find out as they watch the subscription numbers in the next few quarters. If they come back with a new tier, then we might infer that offering a lower subscription rate did produce more overall income than only offering a Premium tier at the current price. They could decide to lower Premium's price, but that seems far less likely. The claim that Plus is not popular could be true or it could be part of the framing. Plus could just as well be too popular, as some have suggested, and they think that by removing the option many more will be driven to Premium than to free.
  15. Yes, that's the trade-off to sort out. We went to a free event the other day downtown and parking in the garage right at the park was $20. Everywhere else it was $10, but less convenient. Those $10 lots were filling fast. The big $20 garage was nearly empty, 10% full maybe by the end. That garage still had to pay security guards not to mention the all their other overhead. Would 100% full at half the price been a better decision in that case - absolutely! In hindsight. On another day, with a more popular event, (or wealthier/lazier attendees) the garage may have filled at $20. Marketing decisions. In my case with EN, I started out at the free level and then concluded that I wanted AND could afford a plus account. Once a plus user, I went all in with EN. I now recommend it to others as a key service they should try out. I definitely would not have made the leap to the premium account price level, so, like, CramII, I would have remained a free user and probably not have integrated EN so thoroughly into my information management approach. Before that, I was using a simple folder system on my desktop that worked fine and was synced and accessible using free dropbox. Having a Plus account in my price range available made the difference in my case . I'm glad I got in before they closed the gate! Our (Cramll and I as two examples commenting here) situations are different from forum experts such as you and Gazumped and do offer up examples of casual basic account users who become motivated to go to the next level, if accessible price-wise. Time will tell how the numbers of Premium subscribers grow sufficiently to justify this decision. It will be hard to know precisely but if the ratio of new Premium to free users stays as high as Premium + Plus to free ratio has been historically, then they made the right move for the bottom line.
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