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  1. Hello, Can you please extend the "Disable spellcheck" feature to the whole application? In one of my previous posts, I stated that if the new Evernote will come up with the disable spellcheck option, I will upgrade my subscription from Plus to Premium. They did... and I upgraded. But it looks like that I should have waited. It seems that they implemented the "disable spellcheck" switch only half way. It, indeed, works in the main application. Nevertheless, if I open a note in a new window I still see the red lines in notes written in another language than Windows default. I do
  2. I promise that if you implement "turn off spellcheck" setting, I will immediately upgrade to Premium (currently on Plus, and usually use only about 20% of my quota every month). Sure, "Add to dictionary" introduced in the latest release, is a useful feature. It certainly helps if you frequently use some jargon words or abbreviations. Still, I am sure there are users like me, who need to capture notes in several languages (three in my case). "Add to dictionary" is not a solution. I give up on having spellcheck in several languages (like in Evernote Legacy), but please, allow us at least to
  3. Do the notes still have those extra wide left and right margins? In fact, it is the reason why I am still on 6.5.4. The big margins don't look good at all if you work with multiple notes opened in smaller windows. I strongly vote for reducing the margins in the editor for the sake of readability and usability.
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