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  1. Oh this is just delightful. Google? Why not eliminate the middleman and send our private data direct to the NSA and FBI? And as for "secure," that applies to everyone except Google, the NSA, and the FBI. Yes, I know I have a Google email account, but I've never considered email private. There are other, and almost certainly better, alternatives. Speaking of which, it's time to look for an alternative to Evernote. Used to be a sweet app, but now you are trying to compete with Microsoft Office, the interface is about as efficient as a government bureaucracy, and you are raising prices.
  2. Evernote used to do what I needed it to do. It did a lot of things I didn't need, but they didn't get in the way. Assuming that a major upgrade to a wonderful product would be better, I made the horrible mistake of upgrading to v5. Thank all the gods, of any kind, that I have Time Machine and use it!! I agree with every negative comment on v5 I have read, here and elsewhere. I used to recommend this software to other authors. I will no longer do so. I will not upgrade again unless I am certain it has been restored to the full functionality it once had, but no longer does. When it comes time to renew my contract, I will be voting with my credit card—or not! Microsoft decided that the interface to Word hadn't been changed in too long a time, so they broke what was a very functional interface and loaded the program with garbage. Several versions later, they are retracing their steps, though they still have a long way to go. I suggest, as others here have, that you admit that, "It seemed like a good idea at the time, but that turned out not to be the case," and fix what you just broke.
  3. Tags are very useful ways of sorting information in a notebook. It would be useful to be able to change their order in the sidebar
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