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  1. Thanks for these two references, @gazumped. I'd not heard of Filterize and it looks pretty cool (albeit a bit expensive...but maybe worth it). I will check it out. I don't remember receiving any notifications of the Behind the Scenes video series, so I appreciate that link, as well. I just watched a couple of them and they're well-done and informative. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for responding, @gazumped-in-Wales. 😉 CalS wrote: "Not really EN's forte." Dave-in-Decatur wrote: "Evernote is not the tool for the job." KenF wrote: 'So add "to-do lists" to the list of "Things Evernote Is No Good For."' In my opinion, This is not what Evernote is meant for sums up those responses pretty well. I stand by my point that if (to quote Dave-in-Decatur further) "Evernote's strength is its multi-device, multi-platform capability, so that I can create a note on my phone (checklist, an idea or draft, a Web page, a photo, etc.) and later view and edit it on my
  3. The argument that "this is not what Evernote is meant for" is negated by the fact that what is being requested has been a feature in the Windows app for a long time. The correct response should be, "Sorry, but Evernote is not meant to be a fully cross-platform application." Thank you, @Simon Wheatley, for posting the best Android-friendly workaround to this Evernote half-feature: It's not a complete solution, as it can be kludgey for long lists, but it does work. And, actually, you don't have to Select All. You can select only a few items in a list and toggle them off (by cl
  4. The screenshot offset problem I mentioned above in my June 1 post has not been fixed with this latest release.
  5. Would the issues with Chrome be responsible for the screenshot function of Webclipper shifting the output of all clipped images up and to the left? The web clipper screenshot feature is working for me in Firefox, but in Chrome it is not capturing the area I select. For example, this is the area I selected using Webclipper: and this is the resulting output: Thanks! ........Curtis........
  6. I would LOVE this feature, especially since the Web Clipper on Android does not note the URL of the page it's clipping from when only clipping a passage from a longer page. It would be great to be able to Copy the passage, clip the page to Evernote, and then copy the clipped passage into that note. (Of course, it would be even easier if the clipped note recorded the source URL, like it does in Windows browsers. Also I often annotate my clipped notes with comments in the Chrome version, so it would be very helpful to be able to do this on mobile, too.
  7. I'm having the same problems with Chrome on Windows 10. The article title is presented in PT Serif 62 which is ridiculously huge (see screen snap). I don't recall exactly when this started happening, but I think it was in early March of this year.
  8. I started experiencing this problem only recently in Evernote for Windows (306921) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387). The cursor sometimes jumps to the bottom of the note when Enter or Spacebar or Tab are clicked. Thanks!
  9. I rarely use the direct-to-note audio recorder in Evernote because of it's lack of a Pause feature. When I choose to record an audio note, it's usually because I have too much to say to write it down. That being the case, I often want to pause to compose my thoughts as I go, but I can't do that in Evernote. (Well, I could do it, but it would mean long, empty spaces with no speech in my audio recordings, which are no good, either.) Instead, I end up using the built-in audio recorder on my Samsung phone, which creates files that are over 10 times larger than those created by the Evernote re
  10. Same problem for me. And I disagree that it's a Samsung issue. There are more Samsung users than Apple users worldwide, so it would behoove Evernote to give us the same deference they give iOS subscribers, lest they lose us.
  11. I would really like to see a return to the one-step log-in that existed before a recent update. Having to click the Continue button and then the (real) sign-in button is just a niggling extra step that we didn't used to have to take. It's not a big deal -- it's not like it's going to make me flee screaming to some other notes manager -- but it is a niggling frustration and the sign-in would be more user-friendly with only one step. You know, like in the good old days. (Of August...or whenever this upgrade happened.) 5-Oct-2017 Update: Okay, so I was being a whiny-boots. The new sign-
  12. I have a similar problem (but not always) when I try to clip selections from Gmail messages in Chrome. It's not consistent: It will work for one email message and then not work for another. The source of the message doesn't seem to matter. I often clip news updates from a newspaper source and one time it will work fine and the next time, an hour or two later, Evernote will not allow me to clip a message from the same source. 12:06:46 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time (Mexico)) (LOG) /background.html: server keepAlive request at b (/js/main/Extension.js:3:188) 12:19:22 GMT-0500 (Central D
  13. Unfortunately we Windows users (87% of the market share) haven't received the same attention... :-(
  14. In a recent release, web clipper for Chrome (Windows) has become sensitive to the width of the browser window, so that if I clip a page that is narrow but centered on my wide-screen notebook with lots of white space left and right, the clipped page also has lots of white space left and right, meaning that I have to scroll right to see the content on my computer. I find myself having to take second web clip with the browser window set at a narrower width in order to have a clipped article that is easily readable.
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