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  1. I'm running the 6.17 beta and don't have the preferences either...😔
  2. Sir, You are a GENIUS! Solution: Scanner still has my.personal.scanner@gmail.com account. Scanner sends email to my.personal.scanner2@gmail.com email that I just created. my.personal.scanner2@gmail.com automatically forwards that email to username.xxx@m.evernote.com address. 💪 Previous: Scanner has my.personal.scanner@gmail.com account. Scanner sends email to username.xxx@m.evernote.com address. 🤬
  3. I'm getting desperate 😭 After argueing two months with Evernote support it is their final stand that I need to contact HP support because there is something wrong with the device since it cannot send email to @evernote.com address 😂 I don't know if I should laugh or cry... I have also setup various email accounts with different SMTP servers to my HP. All of them work, but not with the @m.evernote.com... Please. Is there anybody else to contact than https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  4. Hi John and thank you for the input! The scanner email fuction works (almost) perfectly. It uses the Gmail SMTP-server and that requires autentication. So all the scanned email appear in my.personal.scanner@gmail.com sent-folder. So far the emails and attacments have arrived to all my personal mails and @sendtodropbox.com also works. If I scan something to my.mail@workplace.com I get an email from my.personal.scanner@gmail.com and if I reply that the message of course appears in my.personal.scanner@gmail.com inbox. For some reason (your guess of spam souds legit) only @m.evernote.com doesn't work...
  5. Damn. Looks like there could have been some problem with my service provider yesterday. Or some issue at Evernote's end? --> Anyway, PDF upload from all the devices except the scanner work now! And I didn't change a thing. But here it gets funny: When I go the the sent folder of the scanner (via webmail) and either reply all or forward that message then it gets uploaded to Evernote... But not straight from the scanner... (I have created a separate my.personal.scanner@gmail.com account for my scanner.) I guess I need to contact the Support for that.
  6. I setup my HP scanner to send PDFs to my username.xxx@m.evernote.com address. Immediatelly I faced a problem: no new notes appeared on my account. After testing a bit and resetting the @m.evernote.com addressfor 8 times I figured out: every single time there is what so ever attachment in the email I get an error email from Evernote: We couldn’t deliver your message The emailed note was received, but an internal error occurred while processing it. Please try sending the note again later. What is wrong? I thought one was able to save PDF-files to the Evernote account by email... PS. By testing I mean I tried to send mail from various devices to @m.evernote.com address.
  7. Windows =D Wouldn't have guessed that all I need to do is to rename the notebook using my mobilephone... I tried. It works. Thanks!
  8. I just saw a webinar where Stacey Harmon uses different icons in the names of her Notebooks. I took a screenshot and put it here as well. Now how can I do that? Google didnät help me. Maybe the forum does 😃 Would that be possible in the names of Notes as well..?
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