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  1. i use Evernote on windows 7 laptop and iOS 8. Quite often if I copy and paste within the same note, and on the same device, the text gets pasted with unwanted line breaks that weren't in there before cutting. Usually this is an unwanted line break around a piece of text that iOS has highlighted and hyperlinked as a reference to a date e.g. "Tomorrow" or "21 jan" or "Thursday" etc. any ideas on what can be done to stop it? Thanks
  2. presumably 5.1.4 is not yet released to free users...
  3. I guess we don't know who signed off the change, it's unlikely to be a lone developer. It's been done for a reason, but the reason is misguided. I tend to think that Evernote are trying to differentiate themselves from other note-taking apps by adding new features, which will enable them to put the prices up later because hey, look at all these extra features? That's conjecture clearly, but I can't imagine any other reason extra functionality would take precedence over 'core' functionality in this way.... apart from genuine stupidity of course. Question is if someone created a feature request for say... an egg-timer in Evernote, and a hundred people +1ed it, would Evernote build that in? If that's where reminders come from, you need to understand the core vision of your product, and not let certain users guide the direction of it, whilst studiously ignoring complaints from the rest... doesn't make any sense.
  4. it's basically like finding that the new Ford car you just bought had no steering wheel and instead has a joystick. When you ask the salesman what happened, the following interaction occurs SALESMAN - "oh yea, we had to remove the steering wheel to make way for the new multimedia screen - it's really cool!" YOU - "Riiiight... but I'm used to driving cars with steering wheels - i wanted, and paid for a steering wheel" SALESMAN - "Everyone wants the new multimedia system, and there was only this way to fit it in!" YOU - "Well I don't want it... I'm not even going to use it - and anyway, isn't the way you drive the car more important than watching films when you're meant to be driving?" SALESMAN - "No of course not! This is progress!" YOU - "Erm.... it isn't.... Who's idea was this?" SALESMAN - "Sir, we had a poster up for a week in the corner of the showroom behind the large pot-plant, to tell people about the steering wheel removal - but no-one complained" YOU - "Well I certainly would have complained had I seen it, but I don't tend to hang around here... well I want my old car back now please unless you give me a steering wheel" OTHER CUSTOMERS - "YEA US TOO!" RANDOM GUY - MIGHT BE THE CLEANER - "If you guys had just hung around the showroom every day, and asked the salespeople constantly, read all the sales brochures regularly for changes, written to ford every week.... maybe the steering wheel would never have been removed" YOU AND THE OTHER CUSTOMERS IN DISBELIEF "....... but surely you can't be.... that's ridiculous.... i mean, i don't even know where to start........ yea we've all kind of got lives to lead sorry" SALESMAN - "Bye Bye!" RANDOM GUY - "I love Fords"
  5. Hi. You don't have to monitor the user forums if you don't want to. However, the Evernote app developers are not mind readers, and they might make decisions that will adversely affect your workflow, so if the app (or a particular set of features) matters to you, I recommend speaking up about it. It's only a recommendation by me (not the Evernote staff), and you are free to ignore it.In this case, in a rare move (that I suspect might not be repeated again) they floated an idea long before they had decided to implement it in a beta, and they solicited feedback. It wasn't a poll, but it was an opportunity. They listen, so it is worth it taking advantage of it. I watch the forum of another company that is critical for my workflow, and I have posted scathingly insightful (in my humble opinion!) reviews of their hobbled and ultimately infuriating service, but a year later, nothing more than a recommendation to re-upload about 100 GB of data again. Ultimately, the recommendation would be an ill-advised wild goose chase, because buried in the service description is a note that they have effectively hobbled the service, so no amount of uploading will fix that. It's too bad, but I still monitor the thread and the forum on occasion. It takes about 10 minutes of my year -- it's pretty dead there nowadays with new users who pop in when they stumble across the gaping (but hidden) hole in the feature, and those of us who have complained in the past and still have the thread set to alert us by email. Still, I think it's worth it for the opportunity to lodge my opinion/criticism. Their lack of knowledge about their own service and lack of attempts to communicate with users demonstrate (to my eyes, at least) their total disinterest in our opinions. Frankly, I'm not even sure why the forums are there. Evernote (a quasi competitor to this particular company) is markedly better. Just look through this thread and you'll find the developers right here talking to you. At least the developers care enough to communicate and discuss features. If you choose not to take advantage of it, that is certainly your right, and I get it, but you'll miss an opportunity to influence the app in a way that might preserve or improve your workflow. so why didn't you tell them in advance that you wouldn't want to be put in the situation where you would need upload all that data again? I've seen you make this same argument a number of times now, and it makes no sense. The guy is giving a valuable contribution, and just because you don't agree with it, and expect us all to be mindreaders doesn't mean he shouldn't be able to voice it. Being a forum contributor doesn't earn you special rights to have your view listened to by the vendor any more than not contributing to a forum means the vendor can yoink functionality straight out of your hands just because you didn't list all the features you like. It's just a stupid argument. With some products there aren't even forums that the vendor participates in, let alone pays attention to!! Some products are vast too... sorry i haven't got time for this, i'm just off to the apple forums to list all the features of OSX and say which ones I need and which ones I don't - I have to do this every week just in case. Better safe than sorry.
  6. there seems to be some confusion of the term 'use case'. Horizontal and vertical lists are not different use cases - they are usability options. You offer these options to work in the way the users are most comfortable working when undertaking use cases e.g. creating a note, browsing for a note, searching for a note, amending a note. In fact, removing this usability option affects ALL use cases when working with notes, for a certain subset of users (represented in the growing list of complainants in this thread). That's why people are complaining.
  7. Thanks for that wikipedia copy/paste, however 'y'all' haven't said anything different there really. Coca cola didn't survey their customer attitudes properly before making a sweeping change (although far be it for me to tell an American about calorific fizzy drinks). A large survey doesn't mean they asked the right questions, and understood the answers properly. Evernote may have asked the right questions, although it seems very few people remember being asked, so I would say they didn't ask in the right way, and only asked a small subset of the user-base. You could say the note-taking market is saturated, because how many note-taking apps do people need... and maybe that's why Evernote have tried to differentiate themselves with this peripheral functionality that most people will never use (I feel sure). I don't think this vertical note fiasco highlights militant brand loyalty however, but what it does highlight is that people expect core things about the product to be the same, and that the rest will evolve and improve around that core.
  8. you can enable them by right clicking the column headers, however every column you add eats further into your real estate, and ultimately your note display area. The vertical list just doesn't work.
  9. i'd say this thread has now become pointless. Clearly no-one from Evernote wants to comment. The views are not being listened to, and some utterly inane responses are being made by the Evangelists. I notice they are apparently evangelists for the product and not for the actual users. Any product is NOTHING without users, whether paid-up or free level. For some reason certain verticalers are sticking by the idea that you need to drop a quick email to the product vendor every few days to check that they understand you like base functionality just in case they were thinking of removing it, and apparently they genuinely do this all the time. I'd say this is complete rubbish, and they don't do this at all. A certain portion of the supplier/consumer relationship is TRUST. A consumer trusts a supplier to do the right thing for their interests. You don't need to constantly check, feed-back, comment, ensure. You buy into a product because you believe it is the right thing for you and your needs. There is responsibility on the behalf of the supplier that they don't change something so fundamental that it renders it undesirable to your loyal customer base (and there are some real loyals voicing negative opinion in this thread). Have you guys ever heard of the "new coke" fiasco in the mid 80s? Consumers of coke didn't feel they needed to constantly tell coca cola that they liked their product and please dont change it, because they trusted the brand and most importantly that the company understood the needs of the consumers; essentially what the consumers liked about the product without having to gather opinion constantly. They changed it, there was a massive backlash, they had to change it back; costing millions. Clearly Evernote is nothing compared to that, but if you make a fundamental change then you can't expect it to go well. If you posted a piddly little message or forum post then you NEED to understand that nearly all users of any product don't hang around the product forums AND if you make a stupid mistake then you are going to get complaints - LOTS of them. Have you seen how many posters in this thread have made their first ever post in it? What does that say? You can't defend this change. You can't say the users are wrong. You can't say users had the chance to give their views. If Evernote genuinely think they did all they could, or that this change should have gone ahead or that this is an acceptable way to handle the discussion that it has now created, then they know nothing about software development, stakeholder engagement, product management, usability design or customer service.
  10. great so now "it's because you're using it wrong". The application is for note-taking, and i use it for taking notes. The list, surprisingly, is a list of notes. So, tell me what I'm doing wrong in that then? This thread is turning into a complete farce. My opinion is that reminders are nothing to do with note-taking. It's an additional feature. The core functionality of note taking is still there, but Evernote has made the core purpose of the product significantly more difficult to use for many people. It really is as simple as that, and there is no sensible justification. There might be a technical reason, but to be honest - I don't care about it. Reminders are of no interest to me, and I am sure many others; but it's not even about that - a peripheral feature has been introduced at the detriment of core functionality, and that is just poor. You're also getting confused about giving feedback. I don't tend to spend an hour talking through the menu with my local cafe, and giving my views on which meals enjoy and wouldn't want them to take off the menu, whilst a huge queue builds behind me of people wanting to do the same. Obviously that's ridiculous and impractical - but that's essentially what's being said here. In a cafe, if something is good, I will say so and tip (in the UK tipping is not expected, and is purely based on merit), and if something is bad I will complain. This thread IS the complaint. So Evernote - my food was cold - what are you going to do about it? Oh it's my fault because I asked for the wrong meal, or because I failed to tell you I really wanted something you've taken off the menu, or now - because i'm eating it wrong. This thread started as product feedback, but the some of these responses coming out of the woodwork are considerably more annoying than even the list thing is.
  11. Hi. That would be me you are talking about? If so, I don't blame anyone for anything. In fact, I did speak up for horizontallers and the view still went away. It's not anyone's fault. It was a design decision that was probably made with a lot more factors in mind than we have at hand, and maybe if I had been in the meetings, I would have agreed. Who knows? At any rate, I encourage users to speak up any time, because the developers need to hear from you. I simply said that if you care about something enough that you would miss it if it were gone, then let someone know before it is gone. This goes for people and apps. Even if you communicate and they know, it might not change the end result, but at least they will know your thoughts and consider them. Is that so bizarre? In fact, I just got a five year anniversary email from Evernote asking for feedback about how the service has affected me. Evernote is reaching out because it wants to know your thoughts. Is that so bizarre? Aside fr Don't wait five years, though, to share your thoughts with people. Send an email and let the developers of all your favorite apps know what you like/dislike. It only takes a few minutes and could make a big difference. That's my advice. If it seems too bizarre, then feel free to disregard it sorry but that's the most idiotic thing i've ever heard. You are seriously suggesting that for every application we use, we should ensure that we let the author know every feature we would not like to be removed in future? Is that actually what you are saying? Aside from that being completely impractical and just entirely completely the wrong mindset let alone approach, often users won't know how much they have come to rely on something until it's gone. Basic functionality is assumed to be a core pillar of a product. If you change something quite fundamental that affects so many users, and the whole usability of the product, to the point where users are downgrading, talking about stopping using the product entirely you MUST rethink. I don't think most of the affected users ever thought something like this would change, because authors just don't do this type of thing. It isn't something a user might expect to happen. Someone needs to go and read the usability hall of shame, before they end up on it.
  12. what's wrong with having reminders feature you can enable or disable, and only if enabled do you force vertical list? If disabled you can choose list type as previous?
  13. so... what the hell are reminders anyway, and why are they more important than the actual notes in a program called EverNOTE? I don't use Evernote for reminders, I use outlook tasks. If I didn't have that I would have Mac calendar. What is this rubbish that we are being told we need above all else?
  14. i'm surprised at all this talk to the effect of "well we asked you all what you thought on the forums so you had the chance to have your say" and "well, you could have tried the Beta release". Why does being a user of an application mean that you would be an active participant in the forums or the Beta programme? I had not used the forums before today, and I only came on to complain about the view list changes. Notes are not really something I feel passionate about, I just want the application to work. I use notes all the time, and I came here from Tomboy notes. Whilst I think Evernote is useful, it does seem quite feature rich, and I do prefer a lighter-weight notes application. When things start getting dictated like how I should use the application, then that's going to annoy me enough to come and air my views. Sorry but my time is too precious to be actively participating in the community for every application I use, especially something which I only use basic functionality of, and just appreciate it being stable and solid. Anyway, I can't imagine I am alone - it's the way people feel. If you care, you need to do something about it, rather than this "oh you had your chance to say, now you are stuck with it" attitude.
  15. why remove the choice anyway? Surely it's a usability choice for the user? You can't enforce it. Basically you are assuming people prefer to work like that, which in turn assumes widescreen aspect ratio and high res screen. Imagine the outcry if MS messed with the taskbar? Oh, they did... and there was.
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