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  1. I notice the really annoying by bug still exists, where if you are in read mode and click in the note to edit it, it just takes you to whatever point in the note it feels like. Sometimes the bit you clicked (which is the desired behaviour) but mostly somewhere else entirely. Get it fixed Evernote it’s really annoying.
  2. Who on earth came up with the idea that the DEFAULT behaviour, which is NOT able to be turned off, when you paste a hyperlink e.g. to youtube would be to convert this into an embedded video frame, and a giant one at that?! Why would ANYONE vaguely want this?? Every time i moved a block of text around in a note, if it contains links (as many of my notes do) it converts it every single time... worse yet, i have to tell it to reconvert it back into a link, whereupon it loses the display text and only retains the URL. Seriously evernote stop trying to show off your idiotic features if you don't un
  3. The niche specialist features are pointless if the basics don’t work. I can’t see any further than that.
  4. i have noticed that the sync (or whatever it is referred to now as) functionality from iOS sometimes stops and refuses to work until you restart the app. You can keep editing and editing but it never pushes then changes through until you kill the app. This happens A LOT, and i believe it is the primary reason for the more frequent sync conflicts across multiple devices.
  5. 'sync' seems to have disappeared as a functional concept. The UI now reports 'all changes saved' when it has done so after you make edits on the Mac, but there is no way to force it to sync if you know changes have happened on the notes from other devices. It seems to happen on a 10-20 second polling cycle so what am i meant to do... esp when i open up the mac for the first time in the morning, just leave it for a while and wait? How hard could it be, genuinely, to design it in such a way as to push the changes to other devices, rather than force them all to poll the server infrequently..
  6. i really think you should provide a list of links to those other discussion threads please
  7. It looks like they’ve been making cosmetic changes to the interface controls again. Fix the bugs forget the rest!!!
  8. I’m well aware of that having used this software across several devices for years. I’m saying the behaviour has changed. Sync function does not have integrity.
  9. i'm getting save conflicts when i edit on iOS and then do another edit later on iOS without going anywhere near any other devices... this is a total and utter disaster release.
  10. this is a crew that has, consistently over a number of years, shown itself exceptionally poor at plugging leaks... and that aside from the fact that a more important task should be avoiding leaks in the first place. The point is more the continuing attrition of confidence in your product, brought on and sustained by repeated failures, missed expectations and just crazy decisions leading to the release of substandard versions. Whilst the hard working 'salt of the earth' teams are beavering away 'plugging leaks' as you say, the customers are walking away; and right now. Brutally, note-takin
  11. am i the only sub that thinks the new release is pretty terrible? Tap the screen to edit, it takes you a totally different place in the note. Select some text, the cut/copy etc controls don't appear. No obvious 'sync status' marker that i can see and i've had sync conflicts 5 times across devices since the update like 2 days ago. Google docs links get overwritten by some massive banner ad thing that demands i connect my google account even though i don't want. No noticeable functional improvements; only regressions. Basically it's just a cosmetic update that for some reason has introduced a to
  12. so this has been asked for for 6 years and no one at evernote cares?
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