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  1. I was looking online and it appears that Emoji's are not supported on PC's (SRSLY in 2019?). I'm using Evernote to track the status of various projects so I have a table of projects and in one column I want to have a symbol for it's current status, like a checkmark for done, a worker digging for in-progress, a clock for waiting, etc. Is there a way to insert symbols in Evernote?
  2. Some of my Evernote Notes are large and complex but I want to keep it all in the same note. In a Microsoft Word file you can make a "bookmark" and use it as a link so I can create a Table Of Contents at the start of a large file and click on an item to go to the location in the file where that topic exists. How do I do something like that in an Evernote note? Think of it like a hyperlink to INSIDE the note, instead of to another note or out on the web. Thanks in advance.
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