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  1. On 9/17/2017 at 6:34 AM, Nabes said:

    The old tables [...] looked nice and were great

    I used to be able to make a single column, single row box

    Wow, I thought I was the only one doing this!  I use this technique too to highlight certain sections (create a 1x1 table w/ a colored background) and it looked great. Now there are dots, bars and lines all around and it pretty much ruins the effect. I understand that this is a non-standard use of tables, but it was done out of necessity since the formatting tools in EN have been generally pretty poor.

  2. Been having an issue on both of my Macs since upgrading to High Sierra 10.13. It was happening on EN 6.11.1 so I thought updating to 6.12.3 might help (it did not). Neither did updating to 6.13, 6.14 beta or 7.0 or 7.0.1. Here's a screenshot of what happens:


    The note list middle section just goes blank / disappears. The content is still "there" -- you can click around in the empty space and the preview area on the right will change accordingly to whatever note you clicked. Fumbling around with resizing columns or closing & reopening the main EN window will get the list to redraw but it's annoying.

    Can this be fixed?

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  3. Why is it also that every time EN releases a new version, the "Simplify Formatting" function seems to wildly change its behavior??

    Now it seems to destroy "code block" styled text... Don't like that.

    Also, it's making links EVERYWHERE....... in plaintext, in code blocks, in old notes that never had links before... really annoying. Paste some plaintext in .. LINKS... see a ".com" somewhere, anywhere... LINK THAT PUPPY .. No thank you. Please can we get a preference "Do not EVER make hyperlinks unless I expressly say so??"

    → also, my original reason for updating to 6.12 was to try to fix the disappearing note list bug, which it unfortunately did not.

  4. I was having odd graphical glitches w. 6.11 under High Sierra and because this thread was rather quiet I decided to bite the bullet and update. Now, I'm having a problem where EN simply refuses to save my preferences.  I set up my prefs, keyboard shortcuts, fonts, turn off context, etc etc.  Get it all just the way I like it and EN promptly and randomly just forgets all of that and reverts back to the defaults.

    No warning, error etc is shown anywhere.

    I imagine something's corrupt somewhere but I've no idea where to look for that. Is there a "clean install" option I can invoke??

  5. How's everyone doing w/ this version? I upgraded to 10.13 High Sierra and now my "old" 6.11 isn't refreshing the note list on the side (goes completely white/blank until the main EN window is closed and re-opened). So I am now somewhat itching to upgrade but I am extremely cautious of new EN releases given their disastrous track record. This thread seems pretty quiet though (with the exception of the Sync bug).  Has that been fixed yet?


  6. 14 hours ago, luanrfsilva said:

    "code" does not work inside the tables

    Another bug with code blocks is that now when using the "simplify formatting" command, all code blocks get removed. In 6.11 they were preserved.

    Seems like they messed with the codeblock feature a lot (to its detriment).

  7. I deleted every trace of Evernote 6.12 and rolled back to 6.11.  Had lots of freezes, "spinning spinners" when creating new notes, problems with code blocks (every line getting rendered as if it were a separate code block), tables randomly resizing themselves, etc.  The list of bugs I encountered in a 2 hour period was really disappointing. QA at Evernote is at an all time low, and this version is most certainly not ready for release status.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    Other than providing these forums and starting this feedback discussion

    "providing these forums" is not what I am paying for. I am paying for a working, usable application. I would gladly exchange one for the other.

    "starting this feedback discussion" is fine but air-dropping some notes from 10,000 feet and then disappearing is NOT a discussion.


    My expectation is they are hard at work on the next version and we'll see it released shortly; either 8.2 or a hot patch for 8.1

    Well some feedback from the EN staff to confirm that the critical issues being brought up here and elsewhere are being worked on would sure go a long way towards keeping us patiently waiting. So far haven't heard a peep.

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  9. So I guess we are all just talking to each other here, EN staff has completely removed themselves from the conversation. I suggest closing / locking this thread -- everyone here agrees the 8.x client is a steaming pile of s**t and apparently Evernote does not care at all. They got that VC money flooding in, life is good!

  10. Just came to rant about how horrible this 8.x version of the app is. What the f--- happened to the great 7.x codebase? Did you guys toss the whole thing out the window and have a bunch of 16 year olds rewrite the app using Xamarin or something? WTF is going on at Evernote?? Is there any Quality Control being done at all? Nobody's noticed that it takes 10-20 seconds after launching the app before you can even get it to respond to a tap? Nobody cares about the hundreds of negative reviews on the appstore as well as here on the forums, tons of PAYING users who are crying for EN to stop with all the frivolous features and focus on stability, speed, sync accuracy and usability instead of introducing new user interfaces every 6 months to try to follow whatever the shiny new trend is?

    Guys, don't forget the note in Evernote - it's a note taking app so please get your sh-t together and make that the focus again.

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  11. Thanks for the DM but obviously you are not fully understanding the issue. The problem is that when all hotkeys are removed (see screenshot below) then instead of removing the "Press <whatever-hotkey> anytime..." text in the popup, it displays "Press (null)(null)... " which although purely cosmetic, is odd and potentially confusing.  I tried quitting everything and deleting the "~/Library/Group Containers/Q79WDW8YH9.com.evernote.Evernote/Evernote/quick-note" folder as you suggested but that made no difference.


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