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  1. I see that Evernote has, without my consent, updated all my desktop apps. That's not good. I've been using Bear on my Mac and I find it great for my purposes. I don't want to use EN anymore and haven't except to go through deleting and tidying up. Just for the hell of it just now, I clicked All Notes and selected all which, of course, now is 50, and tagged them. It took over 50 seconds. I then clicked on the tag I'd sent them to, selected all so as to delete that tag, and there were only 12 notes there. I clicked on my test tag again to find another 36 notes. It then took another 40 seconds to delete the tag. You've got to be kidding me! Evernote is totally broken. In Bear, I selected all (322 notes) and dragged them to a new tag. That took around 12 seconds. I then clicked on that tag, selected all, and deleted the tag which took around 7 seconds. I don't even want to use it to see what else isn't working well. I can't believe Evernote has created such a dog.
  2. Thanks to all who have offered info and the download for a previous version here. I, unfortunately, upgraded to the 'new' EN. I have a few notebooks that I want to convert to tags only and move to my general notebook, and the bright and shiny new EN will allow me to select only 50 notes at a time. It then takes about 3 minutes to tag them and then another 3 mins or so to move to a new notebook. With some 2000 notes in one notebook, how many days is this going to take me? For one notebook? This is unworkable. I've been using Evernote since version 2 point something and have, for a few years, had a paid subscription. I, again unfortunately, got a new premium subscription just in August so have a long time til renewal - which I won't be this time. Not again. Ever. I went to the legacy app, I selected all of them in a jiffy and then they moved out of that notebook and into another within 3 seconds! How frustrating, disappointing, angering Evernote is. What a shame. I've now installed Bear (Apple only) and am very happy with it and will go with this notetaker moving forward. I'm angry that I've paid for an EN subscription just to be thwarted and angry when I use it. What have they done!?
  3. RobinM

    Manual Sync Button

    Of course! That did cross my mind sometime during the night but I hadn't got round to trying it. But, of course that's it. It works just as I want. Thank you!!
  4. RobinM

    Manual Sync Button

    I'm going through my notes and updating/deleting but, if I make any changes, the cursor jumps back to the top of the notes list. I then have to spend ages finding the last note I looked at so I can carry on. How do I turn off auto sync while I'm doing this? I'm using a Macbook with the latest OS. Edit: I don't think it's sync. I turned the internet off and it still did it. I'll add a separate tag to a selection as I go and deal with them from there in smaller sections.
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