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  1. I see that Evernote has, without my consent, updated all my desktop apps. That's not good. I've been using Bear on my Mac and I find it great for my purposes. I don't want to use EN anymore and haven't except to go through deleting and tidying up. Just for the hell of it just now, I clicked All Notes and selected all which, of course, now is 50, and tagged them. It took over 50 seconds. I then clicked on the tag I'd sent them to, selected all so as to delete that tag, and there were only 12 notes there. I clicked on my test tag again to find another 36 notes. It then took another 40
  2. Thanks to all who have offered info and the download for a previous version here. I, unfortunately, upgraded to the 'new' EN. I have a few notebooks that I want to convert to tags only and move to my general notebook, and the bright and shiny new EN will allow me to select only 50 notes at a time. It then takes about 3 minutes to tag them and then another 3 mins or so to move to a new notebook. With some 2000 notes in one notebook, how many days is this going to take me? For one notebook? This is unworkable. I've been using Evernote since version 2 point something and have, for a few
  3. RobinM

    Manual Sync Button

    Of course! That did cross my mind sometime during the night but I hadn't got round to trying it. But, of course that's it. It works just as I want. Thank you!!
  4. RobinM

    Manual Sync Button

    I'm going through my notes and updating/deleting but, if I make any changes, the cursor jumps back to the top of the notes list. I then have to spend ages finding the last note I looked at so I can carry on. How do I turn off auto sync while I'm doing this? I'm using a Macbook with the latest OS. Edit: I don't think it's sync. I turned the internet off and it still did it. I'll add a separate tag to a selection as I go and deal with them from there in smaller sections.
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