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  1. Amystoneus

    MAC: Find and Replace?

    Based on Evernote's response to my renewed plea for search and replace functionality, it would seem it's up to us, the users, to elevate Evernote to the level it should already be functioning at. Thanks to all who have posted viable solutions that can be implemented using Mac's built-in capabilities. Geoff T. (Evernote Help and Learning) Apr 19, 06:52 PDT Hello again Amy, Thanks for getting back to me. You are completely correct that this has been one of our most requested features for some time now, and I can see your ticket from 2015 regarding this issue. I want you to know I have personally submitted this email as another request for this Find and Replace feature. As well, I spoke with a specialist for you, and they wanted me to let you know that our developers take a myriad of factors into account when working on Evernote applications, including programming resources, client optimization, demand, and the need to address issues that occur with updates. Yet the fact remains that this option has not been added for some time, and that this is detracting from your experience with the Evernote for Mac application. i sincerely wish I could guarantee you that this feature would be added, that I could give you a timeline for its addition, but I cannot. What I can guarantee you is that we genuinely appreciate users like you who enjoy Evernote and want to see it become even better. I hope that this feature is added soon, and that Evernote continues to meet your other needs in the meantime. Thank you once more for being one of the people that helps make Evernote great; please let me know if there's ever anything I can do to improve your experience with it. Sincerely, Geoff T. Customer Support Representative Mon-Fri, 8am -4:30pm, CST
  2. Amystoneus

    MAC: Find and Replace?

    Ditto that, so make it 4¢
  3. Amystoneus

    MAC: Find and Replace?

    Thanks. The issue really becomes how EN has positioned itself in a writer's market, despite the glaring lack of basic find/replace functionality. If they're going to entice the aspiring novelist, which they have been, they should be taking seriously the requests of this niche market and show they're serious about meeting the expressed needs. It's like they're saying they're into rock climbing and then showing up at the site in heels and a little black dress. As a writer, I feel I've been led down a long path to a dead end.
  4. Amystoneus

    MAC: Find and Replace?

    What I find "so-ooo disappointing" is EN's sketchy response to numerous and ongoing pleas for what should be basic functionality in word-processing software, which sends "a clear message" that they're not that into making their product a more full-bodied writing app. Who doesn't need to do a search AND a replace??? I don't get how this isn't at the top of the development team's whiteboard! I'm sure I'm not the only writer who's needed to change the name of a character in a story or a consistent misspelling. So yes, after wasting a whole lot of time working around this fatal flaw in EN, and seeing all the irate and frustrated comments (mine included) by those who have contacted customer support and have essentially been given "form-letter" responses, I'm left thinking that EN isn't the Mecca I had hoped for managing my writing with ease across all my various devices. I could accept the explanation that EN was never meant to play such a role, and my bad for thinking it could; but when the EN team blogs about how great a tool it is for writing a novel, I think, "Wow, I guess no one had to manually replace each occurrence of the main character's name across 200 pages."
  5. Amystoneus

    MAC: Find and Replace?

    This is so-ooo disappointing, and on the magnitude of making me think it's time to consider jumping ship. Not supporting their own products, much less their Mac user base, seems a clear message that EN is focused on priorities other than perfecting their products. A really bad sign that EN is heading for an ice berg. What's the alternative, Pages and Dropbox? Google Docs?
  6. Unless I'm missing something (which is highly likely), I have to click the little clock icon twice in order to bring up the "Mark as done" option in the Reminders menu. That's annoying when I'm going through a well of completed articles I need to mark as such. Being able to batch-process the status of articles would be REALLY awesome, but I'd be happy at this point to just eliminate the second click, which ALSO brings up the one option that appears on the first click: Add a date. This first popup is a complete waste of time, but I can't find anything in the prefs where I can disable it.
  7. Amystoneus

    MAC: Find and Replace?

    Without the Replace adjunct to the Search, Evernote will never be considered a writer's best friend. To have to pull copy into another text-editing app just to perform what should be a base-level function is ludicrous, not to mention fraught. A plain text editor will vanquish bold and italics, whereas a WYSIWYG will transform them into tags or create so many more formatting problems you might as well just get out your tweezers and change all the erroneous iterations yourself! Next thing you know you've spent half the day basically making xerox copies of a xerox as you transfer your editorial or book chapter from one app to another. The whole point of getting Evernote was to have immediate access to my writing wherever I was and with whatever device I happened to be using. This one failing on Evernote's part to address the most basic of editing functions is cause for distrust in the developers' ability to create an independent and integrated platform across all devices.