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  1. So wait... I just scrolled a mile through this topic that started TEN YEARS AGO, and there's still NO SOLUTION??? OMG, dinosaurs evolved from sea to land in less time! Somewhere along the way I saw something having to do with size and algorithms, but totally n/a based on the visuals I've got in a single note. Despite there being a number of images that I imported from Photos, all hi-res, all positive, colorful, funny or interesting (to me), Evernote has decided to select a screenshot of a very private text that I don't particularly like being reminded of, and which is easily viewable on the home page where anyone can see it if EN is open on my Mac. I thought it was selected as the thumbnail because it's the first image in the note, but no, adding more images above it didn't have any effect. WTF! I continue to think that the EN dev team is solely motivated by the tears and screams of its subscribers, who began as relatively sane people with a need to boost their productivity and express themselves creatively. I don't know why I keep updating this product when every "fix" is really just a setback in disguise.
  2. I just installed the latest version of EN, 10.13.4, and sadly, the look up functionality still hasn't been restored. Seriously? There isn't a single app anywhere that doesn't provide look up functionality as a contextual menu option. As a writer, I rely on this. Now I have to keep Thesaurus.com open at all times when working on my desktop version of EN. I prefer writing big stuff on my MacBook Pro, and now EN has relegated itself obsolete for my needs. How is it even possible to have removed this feature when it's a standard presence across everything from email to browser to text editor. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? And HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? 🤯😡
  3. I just updated to latest version on iPad, hoping it would fix the malady I keep experiencing: 1) Click on note in left sidebar. 2) Note opens (after a while). 3) Scroll to bottom of note. 4) Click to begin writing. 5) The instant the note becomes active it then freezes. 6) In my impatience and determination, I click and hold at the point I'd LIKE to be entering text. 7) Suddenly, note comes alive and proceeds to scroll back to the top at lightspeed. 8) I can enter a character up at the top, but that's it. The note kind of takes over and wherever I try to navigate within the note, the note gradually scrolls upwards. 9) Yes, I've hard quit the app. Yes, I've rebooted my iPad. Yes, I'm at my wit's end with this insufferable piece of software that brings my writing workflow to a halt nearly every time I try to use it. 10) Is there a point where someone from Evernote reads this and thinks, "Ya know, our subscribers might be happier if we made a stable product that works reliably and consistently on all the devices that are supposed to support it."
  4. Unbelievable how Evernote claims to giveth, but really it just taketh away. I can no longer select my own fonts, which is painful as a designer, but fine, whatever 😡. I can finally search AND replace, but if I go one at a time (vs. Replace All), the replace is performed without showing the replacement text before advancing to the next instance. Infuriating. But the latest discovery is the glaring omission of the "Look Up" option when control-clicking on a select word. How is that even possible, given that I can do that in every app on my Mac, including the browser version of Evernote! OMG you people must thrive on the volume of tears you evoke with every update. Time and time again you yank something out from under us that renders the app a painfully heavy burden that teeters on justifying the annual expense. Surely you must be raking in enough subscription fees to justify hiring an internal QA department instead of relying on your subscriber base to do your testing for you. Disclaimers: If this was addressed somewhere else, I was unable to find it. And if the look up option is a setting somewhere, I didn't see it in the "What's New" prompts or notes. The visuals show the difference in the contextual menu between the current Mac OS version, 10.11.5, and an ancient 7.14 version I had lying around. I now have to copy and paste a word into thesaurus.com when I need a synonym. Thanks, Evernote, for adding an unnecessary step to an otherwise streamlined writing process. 😡👿
  5. Okay, I saw that, but apparently I applied my own interpretation to that, since all my notes already pretty much looked the same in my preferred font. I didn’t read that as: “Say goodbye to font selection and defer to our developers who have made the choice for you.” I thought fonts would still be selectable, just as a reduced selection of standardized choices. Not NONE.
  6. I always read the release notes before upgrading to a new version, and I never saw anything about custom font selection being eradicated from the Mac OS version of the app. Smart not to mention it, EN DEV TEAM, because if you had, I never would have wasted my time downloading and installing 10.8.5, which has changed the look of all my notes to a uniform generic look I had no say in or control over. And best of all (NOT!) there isn't even a preference for applying a specific font as the default "Sans serif" option. I'm completely floored by this random act of cruelty. If you're going to handcuff us to the Evernote One-Size-Must-Fit-All option, at least be up front about it and offer some rationale for this radical rollout in the release notes. You continue to not be trustworthy, and changing the appearance of everything I've written in the last nine years is tantamount to breaking into my home and painting the walls ecru. Could you just once consider the consequences of your late-night brainstorming sessions before rolling them out to your unsuspecting subscribers?!
  7. On iPhone and iPad, Evernote is not seeing my Favorites photo album in Photos when I click on Insert Image. It’s seeing all the others, but not Favorites! That wouldn’t be nearly so frustrating if at least the little heart icon appeared in the thumbnails to indicate a favorite. Now I have to select the image(s) in Photos and send it to Evernote, where I can then copy and paste it into the destination note. Another setback in efficiency, ease and productivity. Thank you, Evernote. 😡
  8. I’m running EN 10.0.4 on a new IPad running iOS 13.0.7 and EN is so slow I use Bear to jot quick notes. It opens immediately, whereas EN just hangs on the elephant logo screen. Then it takes another endless minute for my selected note to open. Yes, it’s a lengthy note, but still... it shouldn’t take this long. First, I see a black screen, and finally the note content loads, followed by the note’s title, and all the while the blue edit button is flickering. It takes another chunk of time to actually get into edit mode and get to the end of the document. If I do a search to get to the end—because I put “%%%” at the end of the note so I could get there more quickly with search, it takes even longer—and then I have to cancel the search to get back into edit mode, which is longer still as I watch the edit button flicker and hope the cursor will at least be at the end of the document. Sometimes it goes to the top, or a few random paragraphs up from the end. When I have to make quick notes on the fly, which is often the case, Evernote is no longer usable. Such waste of a subscription fee that’s giving me nothing but heartache.
  9. Every time I issue a support ticket, the reply I get back is a request to share a video of my screen, despite my listing all my steps in detail along with all the specifics of my hardware and software configuration. I refuse to do this, as my notes are proprietary and private and I would have to create an artificial, simulated version of my library—and whatever I happen to be googling in Safari while writing—just to video my typing in a note and then going to Safari and then returning to the note. Worse, Evernote’s behavior is often wonky and unpredictable, so it can take a while just to get it to do exactly what I described. Yes, I actually did this once, and it took a ridiculous amount of unnecessary time. I’ve worked in QA as a beta tester and I know how to document a bug so that it can be replicated by someone else. Evernote support has been very unwilling to use reporting over a screen video, and I’ve had to implore them to just follow my steps and confirm the findings. When finally they did, all I got was a “Yes, we’re aware,” response. Hopefully a lot of others, with less sensitive material in their notebooks, will take up the cause with EN SUPPORT.
  10. I see how it happens: Every time I leave the note I’m working on and come back, I see the edit button flicker, the note focus return to the top, then back to the bottom where I left off, then re-enter edit mode, and then spawn multiple copies of the note, for each time it was left and returned to (presumably). Omg this is killing me! I can no longer spend any time writing in Evernote because I keep having to come back to this forum and log the latest observations of how this app is drastically failing. IS IT POSSIBLE TO RETURN TO THE FIRST VERSION OF EVERNOTE BEFORE IT BECAME A BLOATED PIECE OF ***** THAT PUNISHES ME EVERY TIME I USE IT??? ADDENDUM: As I’m working on a note, the spawned duplicate directly beneath it updates with every word I type. I can tell, because the preview thumbnail in the left col disappears and then returns. So that’s really weird, that the duplicate note is the one syncing, and the one I’m working on—the active one that’s highlighted at the top of the left col—is not. WTF!
  11. There is so much wrong with the search functionality I can’t begin to know if it’s the new iOS 14 or the new EN v.10.0, but what I do know is this app is bringing me to tears. My life is writing, and I subscribe to this app so I never have to lose a bear regardless of what device I’m on. That said, my notes are long, and because I couldn’t keep a note open for a second if I went to another app, I got in the habit of putting a “%%%” at the end of every note so I could do a quick search to get to the end. Now, when I do that search, the note goes dark, or blank, or just stalls while I wait to get that one search result. But then, when I finally get that one result, the note not only doesn’t scroll to it, but the link isn’t active. That’s most of the time. Other times, the note does go to the bottom and highlight the search parameter, but the screen stays dark, like the background in a lightbox gallery. When I click on the note to make it active, the note either goes back to the top, or remains unclickable, or goes blank and then reloads. At that point, the edit and new note buttons flash. On top of that, it seems my search—or just leaving the note and coming back (I didn’t even switch devices!) is causing duplicate notes to appear. When I performed the same search for my “%%%” on one of the clones, I got 21 results! However, I was unable to cycle through those 21 results to verify if that was a true set of results, and when I tried to scroll through the note, it would not enter edit mode. I’m dying here! Every time I open this app to actually WRITE, I wind up posting in this forum!
  12. For a minute it was really nice feeling like Evernote and I were finally playing well together, thanks to my note actually staying active while I replied to an email. Then I discovered my note was haplessly reproducing behind my back! The sole reason I’m using this app is to maintain fluidity and consistency across my pad, phone and laptop! By the end of yesterday I had 12 copies of my note, each with one less word or character than the successive version. WTF! But since the note is staying open, I’ve now moved over to the conflicting note/multiple copy issue, which is now the new outlet for my Evernote contempt. Does anyone test this software before rolling it out?
  13. Seems like every time I edit the note, three more copies are spawned. But that’s not even the worst part: I can’t get rid of the alert at the top of the original note telling me that a conflict has resulted in the note being copied. I’ve tried clicking the “x” to close the window, manually syncing The note, and a hard reboot of the app. Nothing works, and I have no idea what the point of the “view note” link is, as it just reloads the note. I finally copied the content of the note and made a fresh version, which of course, sacrifices the original creation time stamp.
  14. When I initiate a search within an open note, it takes a while for the number of found results to register. So at first it seems like there either weren’t any results, or the operation didn’t take. But the really frustrating part is that the note doesn’t automatically scroll to the first instance of the found search result. This is then further exacerbated by the search term not highlighting at all, and/or (because the results are inconsistent) the arrows not moving through the note to show where the other instances are. My use case: I searched for a single word that I saw present in the first paragraph. There were three matches found, displaying this at the top: “ < 1 of 3 >” The very first instance in the first paragraph was highlighted. However, when I clicked either of the arrows to view the other matches, the note did not move. I had to manually scroll to find, which is clunky and fraught, given the speed of swiping and the lengthiness of the note. I find thIs same behavior in searching all notes. If I select one of the results, the note doesn’t then load with the search result highlighted in context. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I found this to be a problem in the last beta version, and it continues to be a problem in 10.0.
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