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  1. FWIW, both avenues are useless for anyone who wants more from their misery than corroboration. I posted the response I received from support twice in this endless chain of complaints and pleas, noting it was essentially the same response I received over a year ago, except this time with a step-by-step workaround, since EN has no intention of devoting half a resource for half a day to solving this overwhelmingly frustrating issue that pretty much every app has managed to tackle successfully years ago. You are entirely correct in reminding everyone here that EN does not monitor their own user forum, as I did include the link to this decades-long thread in my support ticket, which was also clearly ignored. I do wish to thank you, though, for helping me summon the strength and resolve to break free of this over-priced bloated subscription where apathy and ego reign supreme. I hope you’re well paid by EN, because you seem to be the only person showing up every day to keep the dissatisfied users at bay.
  2. This was the response I received last week, which looks very similar to the one I received a year ago when I complained to Evernote that I couldn't change the randomly selected thumbnail that showed the last text correspondence I had with a friend who died from Covid: Behavior for an existing note on Evernote V. 10+ apps I hope this helps somehow. Should there be a need for further assistance, I want you to know that our team will always be available to help you.
  3. The below is Evernote's response to my "support request." It appears the only way to have control over the thumbnail once a note already exists is to create a new copy without the objectionable image and a different one top-most (from experience, this can be deleted later and the thumbnail will not change). It also seems clear that no one on EN's tech team (pm, dev or QA) bothers to use this forum to better understand user needs and grievances. Instead, they opted for a dedicated "user" to offend and distract from one's genuine desire to have a solid product that provides the features and functions they need to be productive. Hope this helps. It helped me. I now fully accept that EN will never be the product we all know it's capable of being if only it had a team of competent developers and a management team with a clear vision. Althea D. (Evernote Help and Learning) Feb 14, 2023, 20:28 PST EVERNOTE TIP: Meet your deadlines with Evernote by setting due dates for your tasks and adding reminders - even on the go! Hello Amy, Thank you for reaching out to Evernote Customer Support. My name is Althea, and I’ll be assisting you today. I understand how important it is for you to have the ability to modify the image being displayed in the thumbnail/snippet view. At this time, the image being displayed in the thumbnail view originates from the first uploaded image within your note. To confirm, it appears this is a Feature Request our product team is working on releasing in an upcoming fix. I'm unable to provide a definite timeframe on when this will be available. Any announcements about this feature will be made on Evernote's Release Notes. I will share this information with our Team. I appreciate your honest feedback so we could improve the services we're providing. In the meantime, in terms of my own experience, I've seen the following behavior will be how it works currently with Evernote's apps (below). Behavior for a new notes on Evernote V. 10+ apps Behavior for an existing note on Evernote V. 10+ apps
  4. Same question! It’s not so obtrusive when collapsed, but every time I leave the app and return it’s back to taking up major real estate and I have to collapse it before I resume working. It’s such a waste of space in the work environment where there’s a limited amount of screen space. This should be optional—or at least be able to remember its last state.
  5. FWIW, I use the feedback function ad infinitum and ad nauseam. It’s as effective as this forum. Maybe someone in EN cares, but who cares if user requests and feedback are left to rot in plain view while new “updates” continue to roll out with staggering frequency and without any deference to user requests. That said, I was able to change a note’s thumbnail instantly in Apple’s Notes app: https://www.cultofmac.com/524993/custom-thumbnails-make-apple-notes-easy-find/ Remarkably, this feature has been addressed, documented and implemented. Amazing! And it works across all devices! I was also able to import EN notes quickly and easily into Notes, with table structures and content preserved, as well as folder structure. For those who are taking advantage of team collabs, task tracking, workflow streamlining, etc., there’s a strong competitor worth a serious look: https://www.notion.so/product Here’s a comprehensive discussion of Notion’s many features pitted head-to-head with Evernote’s: https://medium.com/hackitus/evernote-is-dead-long-live-notion-2d953aec0a8c It’s time we stop complaining and begging for EN’s attention when there are legitimate alternatives more worthy of our valuable time.
  6. I don't see where I was rude by not appreciating your irrelevant participation in this topic. My frustration with a product I pay for is justifiable, and since this is a place to log general feature requests, I am logging my request to reinstate this feature that somehow got eliminated.
  7. What does spell check have to do with word lookup??? I have spellcheck enabled, and EN does, indeed, call out misspellings. So, yay Evernote? 🤨 The subject of this feature request is LOOK UP, not SPELLING.
  8. Even more frustrating—and disappointing—than absence of the ubiquitous "look up" option in the contextual menu is that it USED TO BE THERE! Somehow it rolled off the edge of Evernote's tableau of useful features when a whole bunch of more team-oriented features were introduced. This is a writing app for heaven's sake! It would seem a no-brainer to maintain the "Look up..." option in the popup menu, but maybe that's the problem: the dev team isn't using a brain. Even my html text editor has "Look up in Dictionary" at the very top (see attached)! In fact, I'm hard-pressed to think of any app that doesn't enable a quick lookup of a selected word or phrase. A third-party app should NOT be the solution.
  9. Posting once doesn't get results any more than a protest with one person. The hope is that voices en masse will spur Evernote's one developer into doing something.
  10. Yes! I discovered that inadvertently when EN duplicated a note and it selected a different image. Funny thing, though... it selected the THIRD image within the note, which led me to my theory of "natural selection" where EN's thumbnail is concerned: It selects the image with the most neutral overall tonality. I'm concluding this, because when I look at my sidebar of notes, all the auto-selected thumbnails have a similar look. It doesn't seem to matter where the image falls in the note, or even its size, as I import many images straight from my phone. Most of my images are vibrant, contrasty and colorful, but those are never selected. Ever. It's the ones that are golden, cream or tan in their overall appearance, and usually have burgundy or crimson accents. I really think THAT's the algorithm behind EN's thumbnail selection process. Here's but a snippet in support of my hypothesis:
  11. Maybe the head of dev can explain to all of us why thumbnail selection is so above and beyond their ability despite so many other apps making this feature accessible. Maybe we’d be somewhat sympathetic of the fact that Evernote can’t seem to hire competent developers.
  12. So wait... I just scrolled a mile through this topic that started TEN YEARS AGO, and there's still NO SOLUTION??? OMG, dinosaurs evolved from sea to land in less time! Somewhere along the way I saw something having to do with size and algorithms, but totally n/a based on the visuals I've got in a single note. Despite there being a number of images that I imported from Photos, all hi-res, all positive, colorful, funny or interesting (to me), Evernote has decided to select a screenshot of a very private text that I don't particularly like being reminded of, and which is easily viewable on the home page where anyone can see it if EN is open on my Mac. I thought it was selected as the thumbnail because it's the first image in the note, but no, adding more images above it didn't have any effect. WTF! I continue to think that the EN dev team is solely motivated by the tears and screams of its subscribers, who began as relatively sane people with a need to boost their productivity and express themselves creatively. I don't know why I keep updating this product when every "fix" is really just a setback in disguise.
  13. I just installed the latest version of EN, 10.13.4, and sadly, the look up functionality still hasn't been restored. Seriously? There isn't a single app anywhere that doesn't provide look up functionality as a contextual menu option. As a writer, I rely on this. Now I have to keep Thesaurus.com open at all times when working on my desktop version of EN. I prefer writing big stuff on my MacBook Pro, and now EN has relegated itself obsolete for my needs. How is it even possible to have removed this feature when it's a standard presence across everything from email to browser to text editor. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? And HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? 🤯😡
  14. I just updated to latest version on iPad, hoping it would fix the malady I keep experiencing: 1) Click on note in left sidebar. 2) Note opens (after a while). 3) Scroll to bottom of note. 4) Click to begin writing. 5) The instant the note becomes active it then freezes. 6) In my impatience and determination, I click and hold at the point I'd LIKE to be entering text. 7) Suddenly, note comes alive and proceeds to scroll back to the top at lightspeed. 8) I can enter a character up at the top, but that's it. The note kind of takes over and wherever I try to navigate within the note, the note gradually scrolls upwards. 9) Yes, I've hard quit the app. Yes, I've rebooted my iPad. Yes, I'm at my wit's end with this insufferable piece of software that brings my writing workflow to a halt nearly every time I try to use it. 10) Is there a point where someone from Evernote reads this and thinks, "Ya know, our subscribers might be happier if we made a stable product that works reliably and consistently on all the devices that are supposed to support it."
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