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  1. I discovered this bug as well: on my Android tablet I increased the note zoom and now, if I create a bullet list, the text size costantly increases when adding bullets. Funny thing: you can't change text size, but the app can do it by itself. Skynet si coming!! 😅
  2. Glad that someone got what I was trying to explain, at last! So looks like it's not a specific Youtube problem, but an all-round link conversion issue. I hope this will be fixed soon. Thanks!
  3. Just tested the Windows client: here it's all ok, Youtube links works fine. I simply hope that the Evernote developers would read this thread to figure out those strange behaviours. 🙄
  4. First of all, I found that this happens on the Mac client as well. I guess I have a clue: when clicking on the link, it is sent to Chrome with bad characters! Chars like '?' and '=' changes to something like '%3v' or similar, so the resulting link is not working. I'll attach an example with the original link and how it becomes. Please note that in Evernote, if I simply copy the link to the clipboard with the context menu, the pasted link is wrong, so it's Evernote that's altering the link!!
  5. It's a bug, a bug with no developer willing to fix it! 🤦‍♂️
  6. I guess I didn't explain well by words, so I'll try with a screencast of my phone. Here's a recap of what you'll see: - I have an Evernote note with a Youtube link inside. I tap on the link, the Youtube app opens up, but then Chrome comes up with the error. - I switch to Google Keep, with a note that contains the same link. I tap on it, the Youtube app opens up and the video plays as expected. So it's obviously an issue related to Evernote. It never happened before, I guess it started fro the last update, but I'm not sure of this. SVID_20190805_092935_1.mp4
  7. As I already said at the top of this thread, if the link is tapped from another app (like Google Keep), everything works as expected, and the video plays in the Youtube app. I can share a screencast, if it could help.
  8. No, the screenshot is from Chrome. Tapping on a YT link in Evernote calls the YouTube app, but then Chrome pops up with the error I showed in the pic.
  9. I'm using an Honor 10. I didn't create a ticket yet, I'll do it in the next days.
  10. I know it's strange, but I tried from different devices and different connections, and it happens 100% of the time! ☹️
  11. Thanks for your feedback. It's always been this way after years and years and dozens of updates! 😩
  12. Hi all, I'll try to explain this bug as clear as possible: - I open up Evernote app for Android. The "all notes" page is displayed. - I tap on the magnifying glass. - I enter the search terms: instant search results are displayed as expected. Then I tap on a result to display the related note. - I go back to the search page and I change the search terms: at this time search results are no longer displayed! The page stays blank. I must go back again to the "all notes" page, the do the search again, and it works. I'm an Evernote user from November 2011, and I ALWAYS got this bug on my various Android devices! I am wondering how come I'm the only one on Earth that's experiencing this issue!! 😳 Can you please help me? Thanks and kind regards.
  13. Hi all, from about a month I am facing this issue: if I tap on a link to a Youtube video inside an Evernote note, I always get an error webpage which says "unusual traffic from your network" (attached screenshot in Italian). If the very same link is tapped e.g. from a Google Keep note, everything works fine. Looks like Evernote sends a sort of "malformed" link or something. I hope this will be fixed soon! Thanks and kind regards.
  14. I totally quote this request, search context should be a visible option! I guess most people (like me) would like to search globally as the default option. Asking users to manually edit the Registry is a total shame!! Please take this seriously. Thanks a lot!!
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