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  1. @luckman212 Nope. But they are 'sincerely sorry'. There's a bug report they've filed, but I'm just glad I just started using the app and didn't move other stuff over. I'm going to look at other options.
  2. Thanks @Shane D.. Just replied to the response in email. Sadly, the note history also has the same issues.
  3. Updated to the new version on Mac. I have a few notes with images pasted into table cells. Now all of the images are replaced with the text 'Untitled Image'. I can't load the text. Same issue on web. If I switch back to Classic editor, the image is now replaced with a long AWS link. If I try to go to the AWS link, I can't access that directly either. Also sent a support ticket for this, but this is a ridiculous bug to deal with. I have exams in a week and that table structure feeds all my studying and flashcards.
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