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  1. Every few weeks/months/years threads pop up requesting highlighting. It's been in the iOS version for a long time now, so not sure what the holdup is on adding it to the Windows client. But for whatever internal reason, EN has decided this feature is not very important. There are probably 10-15 unique threads all requesting this feature if you search back. Suffice it to say there are definitely a lot of users who are looking for this feature to be added. We can only hope at this point because Yet Another thread is unlikely to sway their decision either way.

    I suggest perhaps one of these:

    -stick pins in voodoo doll

    -do rain dance

    -burn some incense

    -sacrifice baby goat

    Good luck.

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  2. Wow this is a great idea. If EN released something like this that would be incentive enough for me to jump back on as a paid user. I would hope that in the UI there would be a way to sort notes by "most recently commented" or a way to see a summary of new comments, with links to the actual notes. E.g. some type of dual-pane / split screen view where there is a list of comments on the left or top, and as you click through the comment list, the actual note displays in the other pane.

    The way I imagine myself using this is for technical documents where I have documented a process for my team. As the curator, I do not want the other members directly editing the contents of those "kb articles" let's call them, but I would love for them to be able to make a comment, for example

    6/7/2012 08:41AM John: hey, you missed a key step, after untarring the file, you need to set perms on the db.conf file via chmod 660 /etc/foo/bar/db.conf

    So as I'm going through these comments I could merge in the suggested changes and then remove or somehow "mark as read" the comments

  3. Using but I doubt this is specific to that version. I've just never noticed it before.

    The bug is that text blocks containing Underlined Text do not seem to be indexed properly by the search engine. As a result, your searches will be incomplete or missing results.

    steps to repro;

    1. create a new note.

    2. set title=ABCDEF

    3. set body=xyzzy

    4. sync

    5. now, go to search bar (F6) and type "xyzzy"

    6. your note should appear in the results

    7. now, select the "x" in the body and UNDERLINE it

    8. sync again

    9. click "All Notes" to remove your search filter

    10. search for "xyzzy" again -- nothing is found


  4. Yes jbenson2 is here quite a bit. I used to be quite active here myself, but in the last few months I've cut back to almost zero. I put so much time into testing, suggestions, bug reports, I created a "saveevernote.com" website to campaign for the fix of the horrific .NET fuzzy font rendering, EvernoteVote.com to allow people to vote for new features, etc. The relative return on that time investment was next to nil. Instead I found myself constantly attacked by "Evangelists" with just about every new post or feature request, suggestion for how to make the product better. It just isn't worth it. I realized that EN is basically a monopoly (there is nobody else providing a similar service) and as such they pretty much do whatever they want and ignore most user requests. I cannot steer this boat any more than anyone else. Once I gave up trying, I found I had more time for other things. That's fine, but I do always hold out hope that a competitor comes along to take my money because I am ready to switch as soon as such an option presents itself.

  5. Anchors are for "corporate folks" ? huhhh... ?? Sometimes the comments here just leave me baffled. JBenson what makes you any more qualified than Amour Spirit to define the "typical user" ? If EN wants to ignore power users/corporate users/whatever-you-want-to-call-them then what the heck, let's just remove the subscription option completely, make everybody "Freemium" and let's put huge banner ads and Facebook "like" buttons all over the place. Go for broke!

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  6. Anchors...


    They're useful for jumping to specific sections of longer documents.

    In this case I really want to be able to create inter-note links within EN to specific sections/paragraphs etc.

    e.g. evernote:///view/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/yyyyyyyyy#myimportantsection

    I don't believe this is possible, is it?

    If not, please consider this my official plea for this feature.

    My horrible workaround for the lack of anchors is breaking up long notes into lots of little chunks so that when I link to them I can see what I am looking for. but this results in somewhat of an organizational clusterf**k.

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  7. Jeff that's fine but then clicking on a "baz" notebook on the left after running the "FooBar" search should switch to the "baz" notebook and remove any search params- effectively showing all notes in the "baz" notebook. What EN does now instead is very counterintuitive:

    -the first click is basically ignored, although it does reset the search back to "All Notes"

    -the 2nd click does what you expect it to do

  8. Bump -- this bug is still not 100% fixed as of Public. While my original step by step is working, this slightly modified one is still broken:


    -make any basic search e.g. "tag:foo tag:bar"

    -save this search

    -select "All Notes" to reset the search

    -now, click to run the saved search

    -now, via the left-panel navbar, click on a different notebook (e.g. anything besides "All Notes")


    the notebook you clicked on will not "stick" with your selection, and the displayed search results are not updated properly.

    Clicking AGAIN on the notebook seems to do what you had originally wanted.

  9. He's back! Your favorite Coleoptera!


    Fogbugz ID# 291412

    Starring in: Switching Notebook from "All Notebooks" to a specific notebook via Search Explanation Toolbar does not actually update results

    (tested with Win v4.5.1.5352.173426 Public)


    -make any basic search e.g. "tag:foo tag:bar"

    -save this search

    -select "All Notes" to reset the search

    -now, click to run the saved search

    -now, via the "notebook" drop-down menu in the Search Explanation toolbar, choose another notebook


    the drop down menu will not "stick" with your selection, and the search results are not updated.

    extra credit strangeness:

    -on the left hand panel, the notebook selection will appear to have changed, but it actually hasn't

    -selecting another notebook A SECOND TIME will actually do what it's supposed to do

  10. Well, maybe he wants to paste just some text into MS-Word? In that case this would be an 8-step process

    • [*:j312axbn]select all
      [*:j312axbn]open notepad
      [*:j312axbn]select all (again)
      [*:j312axbn]open word

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