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  1. img10.png

    Yeah, we don't copy the bitmap data to the clipboard at the moment [...] It's on our todo list

    So it's 1 and 1/2 years later ... we still can't copy an image directly out of EN? Is this still on the "to-do list" ? Who's to do list is it on? I might suggest removing whatever pile of other papers etc might be laying on top of it.

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  2. I'm not at all with you guys jumping on the "what do you expect for $5/month" bandwagon. Five bucks is basically at the high end of what I spend monthly on any particular piece of software on my machines. Be they online backup ($3.96 with Backblaze), hosted email ($4.16 with Google Apps), or yearly updates/upgrades to various shareware products that I use. How much SHOULD one pay to have properly functioning software, that is thoroughly QA tested, with feature adds/removes and UI/UX overhauls carefully rolled out?

    I hear the cries of the software devs saying they wouldn't lift a finger for $5. I get that, neither would I. However EN isn't selling into a market of 1 person. They have over 45 million users according to this recent article. According to this article, around 25% of those users are PAYING customers. So the paper-napkin math tells me that this is a company that is sucking in $675,000,000 (yes that's $675 million bucks) a year and that is just from user subs alone, that doesn't take into account any other licensing, investments, partnerships and what-have-you.

    What do I expect of a software company with well over half a BILLION in annual revenue? A lot actually, and you all should too. We're not talking about mom-and-pop developer with their handful of clients, rolling custom software -- this is a huge company folks. At the very least, you'd think they could throw a few mil towards proper QA and some more A/B testing with real users to determine when a feature should be kept or binned.

    Too much to ask?

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  3. I just got a new late-2012 Mac Mini and naturally one of the first things I did was install Evernote. Coming from the PC/Win side of things I always thought the Windows version was the "second-class citizen" -- with new features and generally more development effort devoted to the Mac version. Well, my opinion has changed dramatically after (trying) to use EN 5.0.4 for the last few hours. I was sadly disappointed by the look & feel as well as usability of the new 5.x Mac version compared to the current PC version.

    First of all let's talk about speed: the Mac version seems to slog through my ~3200 note database. It takes 4-5 seconds for the UI to appear after clicking EN from the Dock. Navigating around the interface is very odd, I find the mix of interface styles and elements to be quite jarring. It looks like the sidebar, toolbar, note editor, and note list areas were all designed by totally different teams -- like pieces of a jigsaw that don't quite fit together. I had used previous Mac versions before so I know they were never quite the same as the PC counterparts but this is a drastic (and without clear benefits to the user) UI change. As others have pointed out, there are some things that are difficult or just plain impossible. E.g., you cannot edit saved searches -- what?!? The toolbar is huge and such a waste of space -- cannot be customized, and if hidden you lose access to the SEARCH bar, which is unacceptable. On the PC version, when entering URLs (http links, email addresses, or even links to local files -- file:/// ) the editor would auto-generate hyperlinks. Now on the Mac side it's an extra step (well TWO steps really, since highlighting a link and hitting CMD+K merely brings up a blank "enter link" dialog -- come on, at *least* pre-fill the entry box with the selected link!)

    This is a total failure in my opinion. It reminds me of the whole EN3.5 / WPF / .NET for Windows fiasco a couple of years ago - some old timers here will remember that and know what I am talking about (slow, crashes, blurry fonts). In the end EN3.5 was scrapped and replaced with a new, lean & mean native C++ app that remains a fantastic piece of kit today. I hope they go back to the drawing board in a similar fashion on the current Mac release, otherwise I won't be doing much work with EN on this Mac :(

  4. edit: I see you just tried (un-successfully as I expected) to paste into Paint. You see, Word knows how to handle HTML content. That's why pasting into Word works, but a strict graphics program designed to deal with pixels (bitmaps) fails. Quite often I have an image in EN that I need to copy & paste out elsewhere or share, but might need to have a portion redacted for privacy. So in this case I usually wind up having to take a screenshot of the image (which seems quite silly) in order to get the CF_BITMAP resource that I need to be able to paste into Paint.NET, Photoshop, or whatever image editor I happen to be using at the time.


    Are you *sure* it's working for you the way you think it is? When I right-click and "copy" an image out of EN, and then inspect the resulting data that has been placed on the clipboard (I'm using NirSoft's free InsideClipboard tool for that) I am still finding only "HTML" and "ENML".


    I suggest you try this:

    1. right click an image, choose Copy

    2. open Paint (Start→Run→mspaint)

    3. try to "Paste" that image.

    Any luck?

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  5. As you well know, EN does not normally publish ETAs.


    It's on our todo list, not sure when exactly it will happen.

    So I guess just because one man is "not sure when" this will be fixed, I should let years go by without so much as a polite peep to inquire on status? Oh and "Additionally" — please do not post comments that neither answer any question nor provide any additional useful information just to hear the sound of your own fingers hitting the keyboard. Thank you.

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  6. Given how fast the ENNoteTest seems to run (takes about 4 seconds to complete on my system (2600 notes on my "old" Q9650 with a ye-olde-fashioned spinning platter hard drive) I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to simply have a future EN release run this integrity test during the initial post-install launch and then inform the user so they could take action. In my mind better to do this sooner rather than later when the original notes might be unrecoverable, or the user desperately needs the information and cannot get in touch with support to assist in retrieving it (EN has been acquired, etc—hey it could happen). The notes in question could be moved to a special notebook, similar to how EN handles conflicting notes now by moving them to an offline notebook.

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  7. Yep. I know that's a bit non-standard but when EN started installing itself at ...\Evernote\Evernote\ I thought it was a bug so I forced the Install to just a single layer deep and it's been that way since. I re-ran the tool just now and sorted it in Excel as you suggested and got the same results. Guess I'm just lucky! Screenshot below


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  8. I'm happy and very relieved that after scanning my database I seem to have no missing resources (db has 2,519 notes dating back to 1/24/2009). Whew. (and I was pretty aggressive back in the day with testing beta releases) I just want to make sure I'm using the tool properly:

    1. put ENNoteTest.exe in the Evernote program directory — in my case that is C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote

    2. open command prompt and cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote

    3. execute ENNoteTest.exe "C:\path\to\my\database.exb" >%TMP%\ennotetest.txt

    4. open the %TMP%\ennotetest.txt file with Notepad and scan for the text "* mis"

    When I did this I came up clean. Is it safe to say that the bug that caused these missing resources has been squashed as of (258477) ?

  9. I would gladly migrate back to Windows from Mac if you could figure out one thing for me: how can I type macrons (ā, ī, ū, ē, ō)?

    Not sure if someone else already mentioned it or not, but I use AutoHotKey_L for this. For example, here's a simple AHK script that I whipped up that should type a 'ē' when you press ALT+SHIFT+E, a 'ū' when you do ALT+SHIFT+U and so on...

    #SingleInstance force
    SendMode Input
    SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
    Menu, Tray, Tip, Macrons

    ; macrons (modifiers: ^ctrl / !alt / +shift / #win / *wildcard / <!=leftAlt / >!=rightAlt)

    Just copy and paste that into Notepad, save it as "Macrons.ahk" and make sure to save it with UTF-8 encoding (that's important otherwise those characters will be mangled)


    Double-click the .ahk file to start the utility. Let me know if that works -- it should work system-wide.

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  10. Count me in for a vote as well -- I'm a chronic Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Shift+V'er as well. Always forget to do that! The absolute WORST is when you paste in some material that was copied from a browser, because in that case, the SourceURL field gets set and (due to some sort of bug?) Ctrl+Z no longer works after that! I've wasted lots of time repairing notes and undoing damage when accidentally pasting in this type of content.

  11. I too stumbled onto this thread and have been following it intently. Great news about the recovery & I admit I was very skeptical that you'd have such a good outcome. Kudos to the EN staff for taking this seriously and obviously handling it with great care.

    I would also very much like to run this utility to scan my database, as I've been using it since the early 3.x days and have been through my share of glitches & crashes with the (very) buggy 3.5 series. Would it be possible to PM me the details as well? Thanks.

  12. Well just keeping everyone else who might be interested up to date. Today I received this notice:

    Dear Luke,

    It has been two weeks since our last interaction, so we are closing out this support ticket. Should you have any other requests for support, suggestions or questions please feel free to open a new support ticket.

    As of this bug still exists. I do hope it doesn't get swept under the development carpet.

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  13. I don't remember exactly when but I started requesting this type of feature well over a year ago:


    Not sure why but nobody seemed very interested in the idea -- To this day I think I am one of the few maniacs (as I assume the EN staff would call me) that cares to use >1 font within their notes. I am the type of deranged lunatic who likes to organize, beautify and style my notes consistently so that text stands out and is easy on my eyes when I go back to later recall things. I am just the kind of sicko who likes to click just One time when styling a block of text rather than Eleven.

    Apparently we are, with the exception of the few who have +1'd this thread, a minority within the EN user base.

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