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  1. I would agree. I find that if I'm reading a note, pressing different keys or scroling takes me to the top or bottom of the article. Very annoying. I tried presentation mode but it isn't showing the full figures that are in there, and no way to highlight it while reading.
  2. So I didn't hear anything on this. So when I presented, after following the link to the end, I'd have to hit Escape and start all over again. Very clumsy. First time most people at the meeting saw Evernote, and it didn't make a good impression on them. That and the 10 second wait when you are typing in letters in the search bar.
  3. I wanted to try to use Evernote Presentation mode for the first time at my workplace. I created a TOC. I follow the note link. However, there is no way to go back! I tried Ctrl-[ and I tried left arrow, but nothing will go back to TOC. I also tried clicking on the top left part of the screen, but nothing. If there is no way to return from a hyperlink to another note, then Presentation mode will be of limited value to me. I am a Premium user.
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