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  1. Thanks for the update. After being burned badly twice this year with really bad bugs introduced in updates, I am holding off on updating due to this issue. For what it's worth, I haven't seen this issue on v. 8.9.1 I hope the reliability of Evernote updates improves enough so that I don't feel the need to scour forums for bug reports before installing an update. For me, it's not always as simple as install / uninstall. I have large offline notebooks that need to be re-downloaded over many hours (and apparently many failures). This is not required when updating, but downgrading always requires an uninstall, which causes this headache. I'll be watching this, so any updates are appreciated.
  2. Your experience mirrors mine (on a manually installed APK), but I did get notified of updates on the Play Store eventually. I received the June 26 update a day or two after release, for example. I believe that publishers on Google Play can roll out in stages or with delays, and some people get the update later than others. That said, I'm surprised you don't see anything after June 5, as there were a couple of releases since then. Perhaps try clearing your Play Store cache and restart your phone. I've had glitches in the past where many updates showed up after performing those steps.
  3. The current beta is 8.11_beta1. It doesn't fix the issue, at least not on my device.
  4. Hmmm. My steps describe performing the same action twice. It freezes on the second time. Is that what you did? Or did you have to try to start a new note 3 or 4 times before the freeze? I'd be surprised if someone doesn't have this issue.
  5. Just FYI for some that speculated this may be a server issue: it's not. I can recreate the exact same behavior from airplane mode.
  6. For those of you who think you have an intermittent issues or no issue at all, please try the steps I posted to recreate the issue - for me it happens every time. See my post in a separate thread on this problem here: This is the same issue described here. I later clarified that the app does eventually unfreeze, but for me it takes well over a minute. I am on a modern flagship phone, have no other performance issues, and a fantastic internet connection.
  7. Gazumped, Are you still not having issues? Have you tried my steps above? They are a sure-fire way to recreate the problem for me. Just don't wait between them... do them right after another. You are the only person I have seen chime in and indicate that your phone is immune to the issue, so that's curious.
  8. Ok, mine eventually unfroze too, but it took almost 2 minutes. That's as good as never.
  9. I'm running the newest stable channel Android Pie with the June patch. It certainly possible that the new Evernote has a problem only with newer Android versions, as I've noticed that those reporting no problems are on older versions of Android? I can recreate a crash every time by doing this Create a new note. Delete, don't save. Try to create a 2nd note. You'll find you cant type in the content area, save, or delete the note. App essentially frozen. Force-stop Evernote to "recover" to a state that will let you do step 1 again or potentially open a note without error.
  10. The latest version release, released on the Play store yesterday and marked as 8.10, is quite horrible. Opening notes, saving notes, adding photos, all cause freezes / crashes. Not every single time, but quite often. Why does Evernote keep releasing such buggy updates? It feels as if even basic testing is not being done.
  11. A similar issue, where an entire screenshot is blurry / low-resolution, has been occurring in the Windows Chrome Web Clipper for over 2 years now.
  12. You're welcome. I can see from my experience and others' that eventually something in Evernote's approach changed from "no old APKs" to "here you go, an old APK". I didn't expect a gracious reply and thank you - appreciate it. Note that I agree that a quick bugfix may be a big ask. I was advocating merely that Evernote make the old APK available immediately, via an update where the old APK is re-packaged with new version number. I don't think that's a big ask at all. Here's to better software coding, either way!
  13. Some counterpoints to your response: I suspect you were slower to ask for help. I asked for help, and over a week went by before I received a reply like you did. I suffered with the bug for 2 weeks in disbelief that it was taking so long for Evernote to act, then waited another week after contacting support before this solution was offered. The path to get to this workaround was painful. I was first offered no solution ("we're working on a fix"). After repeatedly asking for a previous version's APK or a refund, I was eventually offered links to a third-party APK download site by an Evernote employee! I understand software development too. Reverting to a previously released version immediately was (and still is!) the best solution. After all, support is offering exactly that to users. Within hours of discovering this bug and understanding its impact, Evernote could have simply re-released the previous APK as the next update. They still can, and should. They can then work on implementing a bug fix into the next release version at their leisure. I understand that new release development requires testing, etc. However, a re-release is not the same. Reverting code to a previous version is technically simple, and requires no additional development or testing. It's simply like an undo-change. Put another way, it's like simply delaying a release further, or pulling an unauthorized release. It doesn't require business analysis, QA, or dev ops, in more than a trivial way. There is no excuse for Evernote eliminating a mission-critical feature from what is arguably their most important platform, for an entire month (and counting). I don't care how much they innovate their software, or how much that innovation will be delayed by doing what I described above. If one can't search, the app is nearly useless to a large portion of users. New features and rapid development are nice, but they are not so nice as to allow the software to become useless to users for a month. So, I quite disagree with your post.
  14. With a bug this serious, Evernote should have rolled back code in its entirety to the previous version 1 hour after discovering the bug, in my opinion. If one uses Evernote as it was intended, designed, and marketed, it's simply unusable without a functioning search. One can't use a second brain if one has no idea how to find anything in it.
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