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  1. So are there any characters that could be used? Say for example ^ or ~ ? Or would just plain text be the answer to my issue of seeing other notes besides notes of a particular subject?
  2. Generally something like this #A autos (where the #A is part of my coding) I have other codes as well. It appears from your example that I should be using "tag:#a autos", would that be correct?
  3. When I search for existing notes I always am presented with much more that I am looking for. How can I be shown just what subject I am looking for?
  4. When I search for items with a particular tag I am also shown many other notes that do not have the tag requested. Is there a setting to only show the notes with any given tag? I am on a Mac running Siera 10.12.6 Evernote version 6.12.3
  5. Ahhh! that helps I did not realize the tags could be closed. THANKS
  6. I don't want to remove it but I would like to be able to position it up on top of all my tags
  7. Is there a way to rearrange the position of a merged note? If you have a pg1 & pg2 which pg do you click on first in order to have pg1 on top in the merged note?
  8. Is it possible to reposition the position of the trash Folder? It resides way down at the bottom after all of my tags.
  9. In Mac v6.11 is there a means of changing the Stack names to bold face?
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