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  1. Thank you. I had saved Evernote_6.5.4.4720 and Evernote_6.7.4.5741 in an external hard drive, so will reinstall the later one.
  2. In the last couple days, I've been having trouble logging onto this forum website. I've been using LastPass to automatically enter my passwords through Chrome for years. But now, it is saying my Display Name doesn't exist. I chose forgot password, created a new password in LastPass, saved it, but for several days, keep getting it. No problems though logging into my Evernote web account.
  3. When I paste Microsoft Word text into Evernote now, it ignores the line feeds and then runs all my paragraphs and headings together. I just noticed it with the version I downloaded today ( Wish I hadn't upgraded, but I forgot what version number I had last.
  4. I wrote the above fast since I was at the gym but wanted to help you since I was similarly frustrated. What I did was I followed the thread that gazumped pointed me to, found the post below my post there, and then followed it. I unsinstalled Evernote Web Clipper, and then downloaded clipper 6.13.2. I manually installed as those instructions suggest. It works fine, other than Chrome complaining it is developer mode. More importantly, the any.do website web interface works.
  5. Yes, I solved this problem by following the links above and installing an old Evernote web clipper.
  6. I had this issue too, but have now gone back to an old version, My Evernote Premium up for renewal and really thinking about it. I like having 3 devices, and like having more than 60 MB, but maybe I need to think about it, but am frustrated about this and other issues that still have not been resolved (e.g. E-mailing a note doesn't include the URL anymore, Presentation Mode in Windows is worthless). I work in the field of regulatory affairs for software used in medical devices and pharmaceuticals. When my software developers complain about regulation, and the fact they actually have commit in writing what they are going to do and test that it works, I give Evernote as an example of a software you'd never want connected for your medical needs.
  7. Thank you very much for letting me know. I had not seen it. Am watching the video to set it up now.
  8. Thank you very much for posting this. I am watching your video and doing it now.
  9. I am having big problems with this new Web Clipper. I use Windows 10 and Chrome 65.0.3325.181 I use Any.do task manager. It doesn't connect to Evernote but it is an extension and those tasks also appear on their web.any.do website. I noticed on my home computer that it started sending me from web.any.do to a different website. I asked Any.do why and they said, "Please note that if you're being automatically redirected this means that you have the Evernote Web Clipper installed on your Chrome browser. We've noticed that Evernote's last update made it incompatible with the Web app (and another page also). We're recommending users to contact them in order to request a fix." A second problem is that it is web clipping some sites I use with really huge text and non-white backgrounds. These are mostly subscription websites that I have clipped with Evernote for a long time. But now the titles are huge and the background isn't always white. And if I try to Simply Formatting in 6.11, it runs all the text together. In 6.7.4, it erases the whole note. First screen (Registration for Medical App Makers) is how it used to be, Second screen (Abbot) is now and I don't like this huge text and the fact that I can't fix it.
  10. Thanks for this explanation. Is there a way to roll back to the old Web Clipper? So Any.do doesn't actually connect to Evernote. But they have a web.any.do website where one can look at tasks, as well as an extension in Chrome. Their web.any.do is sensitive; I know that it won't update properly on my work computer that runs a very protected version of Google Chrome. I noticed on my home computer, it was sending me from web.any.do to a different website. I asked Any.do why and they said, "Please note that if you're being automatically redirected this means that you have the Evernote Web clipper installed on your Chrome browser. We've noticed that Evernote's last update made it incompatible with the Web app (and another pages also). We're recommending users to contact them in order to request a fix." I will post on that other thread as I'm noticing other problems with this new Web Clipper. For most of the blogs / news sources I read, I use Pocket to grab them. Except subscription websites, where I use Evernote to grab them. All of them are now coming out with huge text and non-white backgrounds despite using Simplified View to grab them.
  11. I used Evernote Web Clipper. I also use Any.Do for task management. My Any.do web interface doesn't work anymore, and it redirects me to another site. The support team for Any.do said the latest upgrade of Evernote Web Clipper is what is interfering and causing Any.do web not to work. So I'd appreciate if that can be fixed. I have to say I was taken by surprise by the new Evernote Web Clipper and didn 't realize I'd have to change all my settings again.
  12. What version did this feature start with, so I can go download a version before this from FileHipp?
  13. I hate this feature too. Where do I vote for this? I can't believe Evernote keeps raising the price and keeps adding annoyances or dropping features constantly.
  14. Thanks everyone for the replies. I'm on Evernote I checked Styles and nothing has changed. I have been having this over the last few days, which have included restarts.
  15. I've noticed something very peculiar the last few days - the notebook titles on the left hand panel are striked out / crossed out. What does this mean? I've tried restarting Evernote and they are still that way.
  16. I'll have to look if I saved an old installation program (or sometimes can get them off FileHippo). Evernote does this a lot (e.g. when E-mailing notes stopped including URLs stored in the note) , so I've learned to save the old installation program though sometimes have to accept that certain features are gone.
  17. I hate this change. I wanted to have the first pate view of the PDF, and then the ability to double click on it to open. Now the double click to open doesn't work. I guess my only option is go back to a previous version of Evernote?
  18. Just thought I'd check if there was an update to highlighting next on the web version. I highlight a lot of documents that I read in either Pocket or Kindle for Android. I don't like to highlight on the Android platform because half the screen shows up with the keyboard. But Evernote is my repository for all information, so I have to transfer that information to Evernote. I am considering hiring a virtual assistant through fiverr to do this for me. In that case, I will need to give the virtual assistant access to my Evernote, probably via the web, and ask them to highlight it for me. However, I can't do that if the tool is not available.
  19. Thanks for checking. I tried on another website and it worked. What I meant is what you said, the URL field in the note info. I jumped the gun because I am upset still about the original reason for this thread, that there is no way to enter the URL manually, if the note doesn't already have it (when I move things from Pocket to Evernote, Pocket does not fill in this field and their developers have fallen deaf to this request).
  20. Bringing back and old thread because today I noticed that clipping using Android Chromemno no longer puts the URL in the URL field. So this work around doesn't work anymore.
  21. Thanks for your help. After logging out and resetting everything, and then rebooting my system, it began to work again. I was able to use the Import from OneNote again to bring those notes in.
  22. Today I tried to import some notes from OneNote into Evernote and it is not working. It says Importing, gets a 1, and then stops. I tried with various OneNote notebooks, but is not importing. I felt like this worked a few months ago. Can anyone help me restore this feature?
  23. Recently upgraded from Evernote to Evernote Having a difficult time clipping my whole Outlook inbox with messages like this: "Sorry, unable to clip more than 250 items at once from the Exchange mailbox" What can I do, as I prefer to clip about 1000 messages at a time?
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