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  1. No update. I would not risk it. Don't use Evernote presentation mode. If you post on feedback on the new features board, let me know and I'll vote for it.
  2. Thanks everyone for the quick response and idea to clip it straight from the web.
  3. Why can't I add a URL to a note in Android Evernote if it doesn't already have one? This is an issue because I share good articles from Pocket to Evernote. However, the URL doesn't transfer. I have to tag the note with a Task, and then add the URL later. Not very efficient.
  4. Would love to be able to have a hyperlink to tags that are in my notes. So that way, I could have a Table of Content Notes that linked to my favorite tags or saved searches. I think this idea has been mentioned in other threads for many years.
  5. I grab a lot of articles on the web to read later using feedly and webclipper. What is the best way to read them in Evernote Android where I can highlight them? In Evernote Android, when highlighting is available, half the screen is used up for the keyboard and formatting that I don't need. Also, it doesn't always scroll well (on PC scrolls awful, but that is for another thread).
  6. Folks, I'm still having lots of problems. And I'm pretty frustrated given I'm a Premium member and the higher the price, the lower the functionality. My wife had an Evernote account under her E-mail. I have tried sharing a note and sharing a notebook, but she's not receiving it. She is Basic. I've gone into her Evernote and tried sharing a note from her to me. That came through. When I go into her workchat, I see it. I did confirm that her login is her E-mail address (the one I shared with). So I don't know why my shares to her are not being received. Unless her Evernote is under a different E-mail address, but I doubt it. So why isn't she seeing the notebooks and notes I am sharing with her via Work Chat? I'm using Evernote for web for her account and Evernote for PC on mine (both on my computer) to try to troubleshoot this. Basically, her Work Chat just shows the note her account shared with me. My Work Chat shows two of her, one the note her account shared with me, the other the notebooks and note I tried to share with her that she's not geting. Slightly different names (maiden name vs married name) but should be same E-mail address since I just confirmed her account is the same.
  7. Setup Evernote on her phone. She did have an account. However, despite syncing, not showing up. Note permissions say she has edit access, and I tried sharing with Work Chat (a feature I hate), but nothing coming up. Should I try to send her a link?
  8. So my wife will install Evernote on her iPhone. Does the note need to be in a shared notebook or since will it be fine that I gave her shared rights to edit it in Evernote (via her E-mail)?
  9. I have a grocery list in Evernote using checkboxes for myself, and I wish, my wife, to modify to indicate food needed for the grocery store. I use Evernote for PC. I want her to be able to edit it on her iPhone, preferably if she doesn't have Evernote since I don't think she uses it. I have listed her E-mail as one that edit the note. It is NOT a public link. On her iPhone, I created a shortcut that links to the note. However, she can't edit. In fact, even if I follow that note to the Web-Evernote, I can't edit it. What settings should I use.
  10. @Matt W. any update on this matter of adding URLs in Android to Evernote?
  11. I might have fixed it. I revoked access. Then I reauthorized access. Then it worked. Meanwhile, I've E-mailed the folks who run it 3 times but not gotten any response.
  12. I read a lot using RSS feeds. If I see something I like, I clip int with Pocket. Later, if I decide to save it, I go back to the website and clip it with Evernote. For subscription websites, Pocket will not clip it. So using my desktop, I clip it with Evernote into a "To Read" folder. Last month, I signed up for the en2kindle service ($6) that automatically moves anything from a notebook to one's kindle. Over the last few weeks though, nothing has moved. The website also has errors. I've E-mailed the people, but no reply. Anyone else who uses en2kindle having any problems?
  13. Thanks. If I copied to Word, removed the table, except that one, that worked out too.
  14. I often clip US Food and Drug Regulations into my Evernote. 21 CFR. I'm looking at 21 CFR 801 Medical Device Labeling. If get the old thing, it shades it black and white. If I get the part I'm interested in (Subpart C), the text in the table is not editable or highlightable in Evernote. Simplify formatting doesn't help. Also webclipper removes hard returns that I'd like to have. Would appreciate help. https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?CFRPart=801&showFR=1 https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?CFRPart=801&showFR=1&subpartNode=21:
  15. Any update on this? Matt W. said an update was coming Tuesday, November 1.
  16. Old topic but thought I'd add that I love using Pocket to read. Now, when I send from Pocket to Evernote, it sends the whole article. Everything except the URL is put in Evernote, and at least the URL is at the end so I can copy it into Evernote later.
  17. Ok, so that answers it then. It doesn't ask to connect on Linkedin because it automatically does. That's not so good. But I actually manually offered to connect with each person and only after I did it manually did I see that people accepted it.
  18. I am still a member. Just to clarify, that when I scanned the business, it downloaded their picture from Linkedin and showed their Linkedin symbol. So it definitely connected to my Linkedin account. It just didn't offer to connect with them on Linkedin. Prior to doing all this, I had reconnected to Linkedin and even renewed my connection. In the big pictures, it's OK since when you connect to Linkedin via Evernote, it sends the recipient the standard message, and I prefer a custom message, which was easier to do. But I noticed this change.
  19. I went to a conference this past week. I scanned the business cards like I usually do. It is downloading their pictures and other information from Linkedin. However, it didn't offer to connect to them on Linkedin. Just Done, Scan Another, and Add to Contacts. I have used this feature before, as recently as April, so not sure why it is not working. Is there some setting I changed? Or Evernote changed?
  20. Yes, Pocket can take me back to Evernote, but it is just more a pain.
  21. In Android, when I click on the Info, it doesn't show URL (vs other notes that do have URLs). So because of that, I can't then add a URL.
  22. If I have a note without a URL, how do I add it? I often move things from Pocket to Evernote after I read it and when I share it from Pocket it doesn't add the URL. In Android I can't figure out how so then I have to so it on Windows.
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