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  1. On 10.18 (which is better than 10.17), using on Samsung A21 mobile and Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet. About 3035 notes. I don't use offline folders. I use Legacy on my pc, bur mainly use Web day to day. Issues on Android - very slow input of notes on wifi or 4g - loss of notes when typing - camera input terrible - range of problems either takes multiple images or none at all, vague on saving images to a note. - slow to open - slow to sync - search nowhere close to as good on ios in terms of speed. I've been on EN since 2013, and am not keen on switching horses, but Onenote on Android wins at present.
  2. Agreed. Horrible, to the point of unworkable on Android, but OK on iphone. When I have tried rolling back Android versions they upgrade themselves after a time. I have given up trying on Android and have moved fully to MS Onenote for work, so now only using EN for personal stuff. I'd love to use EN for everything but we use Android phones and tablets for work, and the experience is just too slow.
  3. I am sorry to say this, as I have used EN form many years, but I have to agree. I have stopped using Evernote for work in the past few months (though I keep trying). I use a Galaxy Android Tablet for a lot of my mobile work, and even when connected to wifi I cant effectively make notes in meetings, and suffer crashes and loss of information. Our corporate preferred solution, OneNote, has none of these issues and works fine in the same situation, so its not about the device or connectivity. I lost half a meetings notes on EN a week and a half ago, bur luckily was able to open OneNote and catch up. If it's not reliable, it's no use. More and more I find myself using EN as a filing cabinet, but not for actually taking or creating notes. The old Android apps used to run fine on much slower devices with less memory (one of my smartphones was a Sony Experia back in 2013 and it was lightning fast and reliable then). I would add, I don't have the same problem with the IoS version on my iphone or with the Windows version on desktop. The Web version is also acceptable, but Android is painful to the point of unusable. I thought the Android app made some steps forward a few months ago, but in active use it really hasn't.
  4. I follow threads on here, having been an EN user since 2013, most of that time as premium. The last few months have been challenging with changes made not always effective, but the naysaying and doom-mongering is wearing. Despite changes and lags the data has been rock-solid. Every change is adding or backfilling features. The web version is immeasurably improved, the IOS version (on iPhone) is now as fast as before and better laid out. The Windows version has got better, though still not quite as good as Legacy. The thing we are seeing is incremental progress from a scorched earth rebuild. I have been frustrated by some of the changes, but overall kudos to EN, Ian Small and the developers for taking a brave step and implementing it. I fully expect more improvements to come based on evidence of updates in the last 12 months.
  5. The Secret Weapon set up https://thesecretweapon.org/the-secret-weapon-manifesto/setting-up-the-secret-weapon/amp/ uses GTD and Evernote tags to create a system that I have used with minor tweaks since 2015. worth looking at.
  6. I am getting slow loading issues - 23 seconds to open app. Caches cleared, tried reinstalling didn’t improve things.
  7. I really DO like the home feature, but my frustration is the time it takes to open in Android now. I have circa 2500 notes, so not massive, and am running on a Samsung J6+ which isn't high end but is a decent enough mid market phone, and is company issue. From starting the app to being able to access notes is 23 seconds, then you need to open a note, which takes a further 11 seconds (just timed it on a random note) and thats over half a minute before anything can be achieved. The Samsung is my work phone. Compare and contrast with my personal Iphone XR. 4 seconds to open the app, 1 second to open the same note. Then also compare with Onenote - which is the preferred corporate tool Samsung: Opens app in 10 seconds, and opens a note in 1 second - so overall 20 seconds faster than EN on the same device Iphone: Opens app in 2 seconds, opens note when app open immediately - too fast to time. I want EN to be my main app, but this makes it very difficult to support.
  8. This is something that has changed in recent years. When I had an iphone in 2016 the document capture was brilliant, I spent some time on Android, but came back to IOS in 2020 and have the same problem as described. Oddly it also now affects my work phone which is Android. Its always pot luck what the camera takes now!
  9. I have exported all of my notes in html format. The continuing problems with V10, plus the issues I have had with using EN and making it work effectively have moved me to the opposition and my subscription expires in May. I may renew, as I have nearly ten years of notes and commitment invested, but I'm open to moving away.
  10. I'd love to love the new EN. I have been an evangelist for it in the past, but its reliance on web syncing all of the time means it is not as stable as it should be. I am WFH today, so have good, fast internet. There have been no connection problems here today, but working in EN and suddenly a table I am working in disappeared and is replaced by an "Unable to Load" notification. I tried closing, re-opening etc and eventually I got most of it back, but the table is one that I need to update on site tomorrow on 4G and I'm very worried that it will do the same again. I have been with EN as a Premium user since August 2013, so a lot of my personal and work life is in EN. I have never had a problem with syncing or loss of data before. This is the second time since v10 that I have encountered this, and one of my main reasons to support EN was that it just worked. Now it doesn't quite so well. I want to be loyal, and not have to mess around moving stuff to other apps. Onenote looks nice, but seems to lack some of the speed that used to be the USP of EN. I have looked at Nimbus, and like the look, tasks features etc, but I am worried that my data will be somewhere in Siberia. I really hope that there are upgrades soon as my subscription expires in May and at present I'm not inclined to renew.
  11. IMHO the Cloud is now a safer place for data resilience than your own hard drives. The business I work for now keeps all data in the cloud using Citrix for reasons of business continuity and risk management, but we are encouraged (but not forced) to use Onenote for our personal work records, this keeps the data within the domains paid for by the company. I still use Evernote for a lot of meeting notes and document scans as it is quicker to access than Onenote generally, but that is stuff that back in the day I would have written in a notebook and kept in my desk, so it has no real security risk attached to it.
  12. I use one account for everything, as that seems to be point of the service - the external brain. If you set it up with a good password and 2FA I don’t see where the risk is?
  13. Agreed. Also the ability to merge and create a "Table of Contents" note would be nice to re-appear. It used to be in the web version, going back to around 2015, as I remember, but I have to go back to Legacy to do it on desktop. I use EN on Chromebook a great deal so having the feature on the web version (which is more stable on a Chromebook than the Android for me) would be the best place.
  14. I needed to buy a present for my wife. Connection made to a note from 2016 that confirmed a preference. The external brain strikes again.
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