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  1. I think this is a far better Home Screen than the previous one. Easy to add notes and easy to go to previous Notes or search. Looks very similar on my Iphone and my work Android phone and opens reasonably fast. Look and feel ties in with the web version (haven't tried it on Windows yet), so no complaints from me.
  2. Just had my price increase notification - subscription has nearly doubled, which is a bit of a shocker HOWEVER looking back over the 11 years I have been a subscriber the price has barely changed over that period. They say that on average inflation doubles costs every 10 years, so on that basis this adjustment (though unwelcome) might actually be a correct level reset based on what the price when I started was. Evernote has been pretty ropey in recent years, but is getting better, and as a repository, storage and retrieval system is something that I rely on, though I use it less and less for notetaking these days. Features that I need are all back from previous versions, only the speed needs to improve. I know the old " its only the price of two coffees a month" argument isn't a great one, but that's what the cost is at local prices here. I guess you need to choose what subscriptions are worth your two coffees and I've decided that Evernote is worth it for my use case. Respect to anyone who disagrees, but thought I should submit a positive against the overwhelming amount of bad press on here over recent months.
  3. @PinkElephant Completely agree that what EN are doing is chalk and cheese to Filmic, and I have no problem with paying for something that I use all of the time, particularly considering the amount of data and security required to maintain EN.. EN was my lead app of choice since 2013 when I first started paying for it, but in recent years had to move to Onenote for work (EN blocked on servers) and phone apps became really cumbersome for personal stuff so it fell out of favour somewhat.. As I said, pleasantly surprised by latest updates and hoping for a resurgence!
  4. I bought the Filmic App a few years ago (significantly more expensive than competitors, but seemed to have more features). About 12 months later (I presume when BS got involved) it moves to subscription which is three times the price I paid for a one time purchase. As an occasional video maker it's hard to make a case for a monthly sub, when you probably use it twice a year. I use Filmic Legacy (no updates, a bit like EN Legacy), but am now trying out Cinema P3, which is on a one off purchase basis. I dislike subs generally, but used EN enough in the past that it was worth the cost. Have used it less and less over the past five years, and really only pay still because I have 3358 notes. Increasingly I am using Onenote, which has got better, while EN got worse. On a positive note have accessed EN today on my laptop for the first time in about three months and was pleasantly surprised. Two or three updates, and seemed much faster on both Windows and i-phone. Hopefully it will get back to how good it was in 2014/5 when I relied on it for everything!
  5. This is mad. EN used to be usable on lower spec computers AND be much faster on all devices. It's becoming less Green Elephant, more White Elephant. I no longer use it for notes on the move, and have moved overto Onenote as its stable on phones and tablets, and am gradually reaching a point where I think I may drop EN altogether. Sad, as if it was as it was in 2015 it would still be my preferred notes app.
  6. I saw a recent email from EN saying that Hone is a place to simplify and improve productivity. I like the idea of it, but actually, using Legacy looking for some old stuff today it felt much more productive to NOT have Home. I would support this feature request. The widgets are not helpful.
  7. EN doesn't handle long form text very well, so my approach is to use an external app (Google Docs/Word) as the creation and editing tool and use EN as the document store. Also I find it's too frustrating trying to cut or extract text from EN to other apps due to the need to re-format each end. @Chanticrow My advice (as you are using Chromebook as one of your devices) would be to use Googledocs for drafting etc. Its as stable as EN, has all the formatting and can be used offline, I tend to just keep specific drafts or final versions in EN that might needed for reference.
  8. Correct, the Android version sucks, but I use web version on my Chromebook and it’s virtually indistinguishable from the app on a Windows machine, to me, in everyday use. For me, the web version is one of the best versions of the new layout.
  9. @YAGraises good and legitimate points. It's a notes app, so avoiding notes with lots of text absolutely scuppers it's purpose! EN used to be lightning fast on any device between 2013 (when I started using it) and until the "new improved" rewrite was released. Now it is just about ok on my iphone XR, slow on Windows, slow but usable on web and completely pointless on android. I don't use it for work any more, and use it less and less for personal stuff. Failing a massive improvement over the next 2-3 months I'll be migrating elsewhere permanently before too long. This used to be the best product out there.
  10. Agree - I also see this, to the point that I no longer copy/paste between EN and MS Products, but attach the MS documents instead. Similar issue with importing/exporting tables and anything with indents, bullets etc.
  11. On 10.18 (which is better than 10.17), using on Samsung A21 mobile and Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet. About 3035 notes. I don't use offline folders. I use Legacy on my pc, bur mainly use Web day to day. Issues on Android - very slow input of notes on wifi or 4g - loss of notes when typing - camera input terrible - range of problems either takes multiple images or none at all, vague on saving images to a note. - slow to open - slow to sync - search nowhere close to as good on ios in terms of speed. I've been on EN since 2013, and am not keen on switching horses, but Onenote on Android wins at present.
  12. Agreed. Horrible, to the point of unworkable on Android, but OK on iphone. When I have tried rolling back Android versions they upgrade themselves after a time. I have given up trying on Android and have moved fully to MS Onenote for work, so now only using EN for personal stuff. I'd love to use EN for everything but we use Android phones and tablets for work, and the experience is just too slow.
  13. I am sorry to say this, as I have used EN form many years, but I have to agree. I have stopped using Evernote for work in the past few months (though I keep trying). I use a Galaxy Android Tablet for a lot of my mobile work, and even when connected to wifi I cant effectively make notes in meetings, and suffer crashes and loss of information. Our corporate preferred solution, OneNote, has none of these issues and works fine in the same situation, so its not about the device or connectivity. I lost half a meetings notes on EN a week and a half ago, bur luckily was able to open OneNote and catch up. If it's not reliable, it's no use. More and more I find myself using EN as a filing cabinet, but not for actually taking or creating notes. The old Android apps used to run fine on much slower devices with less memory (one of my smartphones was a Sony Experia back in 2013 and it was lightning fast and reliable then). I would add, I don't have the same problem with the IoS version on my iphone or with the Windows version on desktop. The Web version is also acceptable, but Android is painful to the point of unusable. I thought the Android app made some steps forward a few months ago, but in active use it really hasn't.
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