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  1. Demand sync being a term I borrowed from the Windows beta. I'm guessing they can't comment so I'll just try to be patient
  2. Is there demand sync on this beta? I'm hoping there is and I've just missed it. I'm in the middle of a fresh install with a ridiculous first sync session (mostly my fault for having a huge account). thanks team!
  3. Check out the new Demand Sync option in the latest beta. If you don't put notes on your local machine, that avoids a lot (if not all) of the issues brought up here. If you have a Pin or Password, your files are still sitting on your local hard drive. So the IT guy who could reset your password and open up Evernote, can presumable access any of your local files. Perhaps what you're requesting is for your Evernote database to be encrypted separately (and with a password). In which case I'd guess is a lot do work. Same thing for the mobile devices. If someone has ph
  4. Another point is that all of your Evernote files are on the file system. So even if you could lock someone out of the Evernote program with a password, they can still get to the content of your account. That's a bit out of Evernote's hands.
  5. If you're on the web app, I'd try the other forum to see if they have seen the issue before. This is the Windows forum
  6. That shouldn't be giving you an invalid title. If you copy/paste you could be accidentally include a carriage return, tab or something else that isn't valid in the title and wouldn't really show up visibly. I would try typing it out by hand and seeing if it still happens
  7. I would try opening a Support ticket. If you know how to get to the Debug Menu, I would suggest trying Optimize Database
  8. How did you go about titling the note? Is it possible that you accidentally copy/paste text that included tabs?
  9. I'm impressed that you ran into this and figured out how to reproduce. We'll look into it, thanks as always!
  10. Actually this is not tough at all. After you have captured the text and images to Evernote, just right-click on the image of interest and select "Open with ..." and choose your favorite image editing app. Using Skitch or SnagIT you can easily crop, resize, rotate, and annotate the image, and save it back to the same Note. Great info! enough for my situation. It contains the whole life cycle in terms of taking images, processing and then annotating them. We have Annotation built into the Windows application that allows you to crop, draw arrows and other features!
  11. Often times this happens while a process such as a large sync or note indexing is running. We're hoping with the latest beta that many of these problems happen less frequently. Of course there are multiple factors and we'll keep working on making the app responsive and feeling snappy.
  12. BurgerNFries beat me to it. We don't really reveal roadmaps or ETAs, so can't comment too much further
  13. In the new Mac beta we support indenting (not exactly Tabs). It's under Format > Text > Increase Indent or Decrease Indent
  14. Can I ask what type of things you clip and what it's for?
  15. I'm okay with "we essentially start over on each platform", but it would be nice if teams would inform each other about their independent solutions to problems to avoid cross-client interface inconsistency. "Independent" need not mean "incommunicado". I have some vague impression that the company wants to provide more interface consistency, and I encourage that. Multi-client users would like to be able to transfer habits back and forth between/among clients. I also understand there are plenty of suggestions that need evaluation before development happens. My personal nitpicks about Windows/Mac
  16. A lot of that is platform maturity, and the fact we have independent teams. I'll try to give a few examples. When Android launched, some people looked over at our iOS client that had 2 years of development and asked why it was missing X feature. Personally, I think that's an unfair criticism. There's no way we could launch with parity. (Please remember this when my Windows 8 client gets launched... ) Stacks on iOS was one of those features that didn't make launch and I know it seems crazy that we haven't included it yet. But statistically, very few notebooks belong to a stack. The absolute
  17. I'm guessing the request would be Append to XYZ, with xzy being the last note created by the clipper?
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