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  1. It makes me sad that this was posted in 2014, it is now in Q4 of 2015 and we are still waiting on better touch controls for Evernote. I am a huge fan and paying user, even as an employee of MSFT but I am going to have to seriously consider moving to OneNote for my devices. It really just does not feel like the cross platform solution it once was nor is it getting the development support it should.
  2. I have the same issue. I can confirm that I can get the 2 finger scrolling to work on the SP3 but it is very awkward. I can get the behavior that I want/expect in presentation mode that of course means that I can't edit it. I also can't snap it to one side of the screen so I can work with my notes and another application as I do often. I would try the Evermore Touch application but it is so unkempt that it really isn't an option and I don't need to have the notes downloaded to my computer twice.
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