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  1. THIS is a very handy option when you have different devices with different size screens and you don't want to change the font to the same size on EVERY device you have. Why is this only available on the desktop app? Currently, if I want to adjust the font size on my tablet so I can see it easily while presenting, I have to EDIT the note, which makes it big EVERYWHERE. But the option available on my desktop (see attached photo) ONLY effects my desktop, which is very handy. Please add this option to Android app as well!
  2. Just got a new Asus 2 in 1 with Windows 10, and one of things I was looking forward to most was using Evernote with it. (I also have it on my Android phone). However, it works very poorly in tablet mode. When tapping on a note, it won't bring up the keyboard. I have to call it up manually from my taskbar. When I try scroll a note by sliding my finger up or down, it will only select text. I can scroll using the scroll-bar only, which is very narrow for a touchscreen. However, other apps handle these things just fine in tablet mode. Thus, Evernote needs some serious Windows 10 touch optimization. At minimum, we need: - The ability to scroll by touch-sliding on the note - The touch keyboard to pop-up when tapping on a note One thing I appreciated most about Evernote is the fact that they have a good PC app to complement my phone, so I dearly hope they can fix this soon! Since more and more Windows 10 touch-PCs and 2-in-1s are coming out every day, this seems important going forward.
  3. Does Evernote Business have a password option? If not, I think the situation is clear: it does not matter who Evernote is "aimed at" because people need the flexibility to use it in different ways. This is not some sort of boutique app. Thus, it is just silly that Evernote would not have something as simple as the OPTION to secure BOTH versions of the app with the most BASIC form of security in the IT world: a password.
  4. If this is the wrong place for this, I apologize. Okay: Why is there no option to have a password for the desktop version? This seems like an incredibly easy and sensible option to NOT have, and it deters me from wanting to get premium, since it would only secure the app on my phone. Why would I pay for half a service? On a completely different note, I noticed that there is a new color scheme that uses a more blue-ish green on some screens and parts of the website, but not others. I liked the other green, as it was easier to see agaist the white and more vibrant, but why make a change that isn't even consistant? This is another decision that doesn't make much sense to me.
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