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  1. I always have WiFi and 4G. The issue was my IOS not always finding the notes when I enter the TAGs - this is when I have WiFi or 4G access. Hence I suspect it's the notes/tags not being updated. Thanks for the hint. I'll give it a try again. Ice
  2. The problem is I have to do that every day as I add and change a lot of tags/notes every day... Surely there is a better long term solution. ice
  3. Hi @DTLowi notice that this could be a catch 22 situation for me. On one hand not all my notes have been downloaded even after a few months and yet some of my tags are not appearing. so I guess to fix the tag indexes, I should leave my iOS device on “do not sleep” mode?
  4. I’ve also noticed the same issue. Now running the latest iOS version and it’s still not right. I suspect the tags are not indexed properly?
  5. Thanks mate. I guess you and I will be stuck with version 5 of evernote web for sometime then. Ice
  6. Hi all, I have been an evernote user for quite sometime and noticed that Im still on Evernote Web v5.33.C. Anyone other than me still not this version? Perhaps @Shane D. could look into it for me? regards
  7. Ive been using Cornofy without issues event with the latst IOS, latest Evernote. That part for me is very stable. https://www.cronofy.com/calendar-connectors/evernote-calendar-connector/
  8. Hi @AgnesP Looks like the lateest IOS veriosn 10.5.1 fixed my reminder issue. thanks for letting the team know and coming back finally. worth the wait. regards Paul
  9. Hi @AgnesP Im also having the inverted reminder issue. This happen suddenly last week on my iPhone but working fine on my iPad. I've opened a support ticket but was told by a Tech Support Specialist that it was normal and an expected behavior. Not sure if that is an expected reply from Evernote Tech Support really when the first support representative told me there's an issue. Paul
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