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  1. I use the reminder features ALL the time too, it would be nice to have that shown on the calendar instead of have to setup and reminder then link it to a note which is a 2 step process.
  2. Update to Missing Plugin for me as well. Summary: Apple M Series Macs - Shows Blocked Plugin - I'll try to see if I can find a work around. In the meantime, Im also running my old iMac 2011 Im using both Evernote as there are still functions which works well and reminders bugs which haven't been fixed by Bending Spoon. Ice
  3. I've got the same issue here in Australia too now. Rebooting and having the iOS app opened still gives me web clipping error
  4. Im on a Mac and the "Switch to...." Command-J still works Csterwerf ENnut @Arantes
  5. I didn't delete the DB on both my Mac nor Windows laptop and they are fine. I've also got legacy installed on both. So i have quickly switch from one version to the other. Ice
  6. Can someone please help me with the path for Mac version of Evernote? Ice Found it... Macintosh HD/Users/{your username}/Library/Application Support/Caches/evernote-client-updater/ I've Also Pin that on the Favorites on the Side Panel so it's now just a single click to delete
  7. You can run a lower version of Mac OS in a VirtualMachine or an intel machine. Im just using an older Intel Mac just for the older version of Evernote 7.14.1 regards
  8. A few Solutions I can think of: 1. run a Virtual Machine on your Mac with a lower Mac OS and just keep Evernote running there. 2. Use ScreenSharing on another mac with just 10.13 and running Evernote.7.14 3. Switch between Mac OS on a Mac. Will work if you have an intel mac Ice
  9. Ok. My apologies. At least Backlinks is a start. If they can get collaboration editing then I'm hoping Location Linking is not that far away. i would link Location Linking too....
  10. I just found the latest version with BackLinks mentioned! So this is a great outcome.
  11. They suggested downloading one notebook at a time while they release a bug fix in the future. No release date though...
  12. Ok @PinkElephant They came back to me to say that there are 2 KNOWN issues with the Cache if there are tables in the Notes. Also the above mentioned version of Evernote IOS will NOT recognize the Downloaded Cache and has to be downloaded again. So 2 major issues acknowledged but not time frame as to when they will be fixed. Anyway.. glad they know about it but waiting for a fix.
  13. Thanks mate. I didn't logout of the account when this occurred but previous versions asked if the Cache data should be kept or cleared. Anyway, I uninstalled the App and reinstalled again. Waiting for the download to finish again.. 10 days I think. wish me luck. What a PITA.
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