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  1. Is there a way to also restrict my search? Some instances, I know precisely what Im looking for and I used to up them in " " but it doesn't seem to work now. Im on IOS. Ice
  2. I also experienced a new note that I created this morning disappeared. Here are some of my observations: I opened Evernote [10.10] on my IPAD running the latest IOS 14.6. Evernote haven’t finished syncing when I started creating a new note. I only typed a a few words when I switched out of the note. The note was not saved when I did that. SO what I will do in the future is to wait for synching to complete before typing a new note. Just another change in behaviour but it would be great if the IOS Evernote could have the same attention as the Desktop version with squashing the bugs. Ice
  3. There is an issue with TAGs on IOS 10.9 as per my post discussion with pinkelephant. Tech support are aware of it but no ETA time frame yet. Ice
  4. @PinkElephanti have lots of those similar issues to yours. once you search the same tags and open the notes a few times, then it’s fine. The issue is always with tags you have never searched before. Evernote support said they know about it. how did you go with your support tickets?
  5. Will be interesting to see their response. @PinkElephant try a few tags you haven’t searched before on the mobile device. Let me know if Evernote finds them. Not ones you look for. See if Evernote mobile displays them.
  6. In my screencast I tried to search for 1 tag with Tag: and without the TAG search parameter. Both return certain notes with the TAG but both results shows they don’t exist! Hence the exclamation mark next to the TAG I was looking for. Sometimes Evernote IOS doesn’t show any results of the search tag until I search for the note title, open it then sear for the TAG again. Evernote iOS then finds the notes with the tag. hence I suspect it’s an indexing issue. Nevertheless we will have to wait for a fix.
  7. Agree if the tags have been indexed. As new notes with tags are made, then there are issues. Also noticed any old notes I haven’t accessed might not have its tags indexed either. I have even deleted the database 3 months ago without success. Hence I wish there was a quicker way to download All my notes on my phone. Assuming that will fix the issue. p
  8. @buckethead @PinkElephant support confirmed that this is a bug & no eta when they will fix it. suggested work around: “use the advanced search syntax: on search bar (magnifying glass) paste tag:[tagname]. Similarly, using the tag filter and selecting the additional filter for Updated > last 90 days should also work” so that’s the answer! In other words search is broken when unless it’s great than 90 days!
  9. Hi @PinkElephant& @buckethead Here is the screencast... https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/crhhVQVe82G In example 1, I used a TAG: search. In example 2, just search for the word [same word] to see what results I got.. It's different every time https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/crhhVQVe82G The TAGs are with the notes but Evernote Search can't pick them up nor can it pickup ALL the notes with that word. Hence I was hoping that an offline solution might fix that issue. regards Paul
  10. Thank you both. I noticed that in v10, the tags are not downloaded. Sometimes when I search for notes with a specific tag [Tag Search], v10 IOS does NOT find them on the first go. I have to find a note with that TAG and do a TAG search again and All the notes with that tag will appear. not sure if either of you have come across this issue with Searching for TAGs. regards
  11. @buckethead @PinkElephant My experience in the pre 10 IOS was that the Sync button would perform a complete download and I could see my notes filling up. Are you saying that this new version 10.9 IOS now does a complete sync? Its' been months since ALL my notes have completely downloaded on my iPad air 3 even though Its not on sleep and plugged in all night. thanks for both your clarification. Ice
  12. @PinkElephant I guess we are still waiting for the missing sync button so we can offline all our notes as a solution for ios/android devices. Do you think that’s the solution? ice
  13. I always have WiFi and 4G. The issue was my IOS not always finding the notes when I enter the TAGs - this is when I have WiFi or 4G access. Hence I suspect it's the notes/tags not being updated. Thanks for the hint. I'll give it a try again. Ice
  14. The problem is I have to do that every day as I add and change a lot of tags/notes every day... Surely there is a better long term solution. ice
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