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  1. Extremely happy to report that an Evernote Support agent provided directions of accessing the Legacy version & installation directions. After following those directions, the Outlook Clipper was restored to the system that I've come to use extensively. Hoping Evernote Development will review that many many comments & review their decision on Outlook Clipper. I like many of you, don't have the time to research a replacement for the Legacy version of Evernote! Dennis
  2. It seems very clear that those making the decision that the Outlook Clipper wasn't needed are not users and have NO idea how much many users depend on this. Without the capability, I'll be looking for a replacement for Evernote.. So sad that so many great features have gotten wiped out by a new pathetic update. UGH
  3. Excellent news, does anyone know if there is an legacy Outlook app? I use this heavily & the app is horrible, 1) it installs per outlook account(only MS that I've found) and 2) when you try to tag something it takes forever.
  4. - anyone research alternative systems/solutions I can't afford to wait for poor customer support to respond. Shame on me for put so much trust in them.. Of course for the past 6 years OK and them BAM everything is messed up. Just noticed that a large majority of my notes have be retagged incorrectly? UGH
  5. There isn't any CHAT available only an email that says your busy and may take up to 10 days to respond. That isn't support for a paying Premium user.
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