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App cannot connect to internet

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Since an upgrade I noticed my notes weren't synced, so I tried to disconnect/reconnect. I couldn't connect anymore after that.
I get the message (in french) that it is "impossible to connect to the server, please try again later" when I try to log in with my email

I tried to connect as a new user and then I get the message that I "need to be online to subscribe... check the internet connection", it's weird as I am online of course.

Yes I've reinstalled the latest version, checked the firewall settings (it's fine), what do I need to do next?


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Seems like an update issue - try a clean reinstall?

 (Short version)

  • Sign out of Evernote / don't save your data locally / use Revo Uninstaller Free (Win) or Appcleaner (Mac) to uninstall the app.  Power off and back on,  then re-download and reinstall and leave Evernote running to rebuild the local data files and indexes.  It's usable but initially a little slow - things get better after a few days.

More detailed description _ 

To fix occasional errors with installs or updates on laptops or desktops - plus issues with speed or lag or corrupted data.

1 - Make sure your notes are synced up to date (check the web client or another device)

2 - Exit Evernote (if you can) / delete data from device

3 - Uninstall app with Appcleaner (Mac) or Revo Uninstaller Free (Win)

4 - Power device off / allow 10 seconds / power back on

5 - Download latest Evernote from Evernote.com

6 - Reinstall. It will take a little while for the app to be fully operational

If that hasn't fixed it,  check your local housekeeping - how much free storage space?  What other processes are active?  Do you have good network speed?

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Thank you Gaz for your answer. Properly uninstalling with revo did the job, I'm now logged in and fully sync'ed.
The login screen is night and day with the one I had until then though, all black and grreen, weird.

Case closed, thank you so much

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