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  1. I agree with s2sailor. Most of my 50-70 shortcuts are saved searches (time-based or topic-based or a combination of both (e.g. projects uncompleted ="tag:project* todo:false" or appointments current week = "reminderTime:week -reminderTime:week+1 -tag:"XYZ"). It would be great to structure those shortcut list by style.
  2. Correct, that is my intention. Let me explain in short how I handle thousands of notes in daily work. There are two steps: (1) selection and then (2) sorting Selection - mainly by using favorites 1.1. favorites with tags e.g "project_2015_compname_partname" = topic-based 1.2 favorites with search e.g."-remindertime:day+2 remindertime:day-7 todo:false" = time/date-based 1.3 favorites with search e.g. "tag:XYZ_offer todo:false" 1.4 and combinations of these... Sorting - preferably (default) sorting by creation date = chronological (current on top) The reason is very simple: selection a project I'm interested in the activities in chronological order, different e.g. alphabetical sorting would not make any sense. So (nearly) never there is the need for other sorting than creation date (exception my yesterday explanation). That might be different if someone has notes with e.g. person/comp. names in the title and wants an alphab. sorting from A... to Z... Thus said it's obvious that I had to modify the creation dates of emails which have been received/sent within a period of 2-3 years and imported together in one process and get current creation date by EN.
  3. Thanks for your proposal. That was my hope that there is a way within EN Win - but obviously there is not. Therefore I did the job with a keyboard macro tool as you suggested - I used Perfect Keyboard and it worked fine. Although it requires some special arrangement as - having the notes related in a separate table e.g. mail_temp in order to get proper selection like "August 2015" referring to the "Date received" within the note/mail. Sorting by creation date (when starting the process all notes have current date by importing action). - then run a macro in Perfect Keyboard like Xtrl+Shift+i - tab - tab - next - 08 - next - 2015 - ENTER - ESC - TOP this will change the creation date to XX.08.2015 ... TOP focus the next note to handle which now is on top of the selection continue by manual shortcut or loop process in the macro - then sync and change sorting to title - modify the day manually (sorting by title does not change the view during this action) Repeat this with all relevant months/years (adjust the macro!) - took about 2 hours for 500 notes Including the day in this precedure would - from my point of view - take much more time but can be performed as well.
  4. OS = W10 Is there a way to modify the creation date of a group of notes (=selection) in a single step? For instance 17 notes - creation date should be 02.05.2016 for all of them...
  5. A very useful new feature, which works as follows: Hit "Snapshot" will change window, mark the region to shapshot and - while marking - press Ctrl-Btn (copies to clipboard) Change to Evernote (or other app), position cursor and press Ctrl+v will insert the content of the clipboard This way you have the chance to position at a certain place after copying and/or insert several times.
  6. Never fear! There are logical reasons for the excistance of more than one notebook, they are for different purposes. Therefore there is no war but discussion in understanding the differences between tags and notebooks. See the brilliant explanation of JTMichaelTX on 2016/04/03 page 3 An example for the use of tags I dealt with this afternoon: I checked some documents stored in Evernote dealing with insurance of car, household, liability etc. I use 3 kind of tags: (1) kind of insurance e.g. insu_car (2) insurance company e.g. comp_safe (3) agent e.g. comp_Fischer or pers_Fischer. All docs in 1 notebook. By this means I can get all documents to (1) or (2) or (3) or a combination of all those tags. As you please and whatever you need (At the moment I'm frustated yet as Evernote V6 prerelease does not support tags with prefix - means doesn't find "Fischer" if it's not at the beginning of the tag. But that is not an argument against tags but against my naming or the change in V6. Hope this will be the same as in V5.)
  7. This is correct, of cource. I very much apologize for this slipshod piece of work. Some months ago I did some analyzing on the exb database using the SQLite prog. The note_attr has fields like notebook, notebook_uid and tags which indicates that it is a query/view with the table notes and related tables. And not a single-standing table. Do you have more information about htis matter? Even though it is "not relevant (except for technical constraints) in how a user decides to organize their notes using Notebooks and Tags" as you already mentioned. I agree.
  8. That's a good question, 4 weeks after starting this topic. Not very profound or momentous, only a reminiscence to "black humor". And a way to attract attention.
  9. As already explained I have 3 notes with titles "Task today", "Task weekly", "Task monthly". They are tagged with "periodical". And this tag is set a shortcut and positioned on top of the shortcut list. A click to this shortcut is sufficient to list these 3 notes. In there I have a table with column "topic", checkbox, "description". At one glance you keep track of the jobs which have to be done daily, at the end of the week, at the end/beginning of the month. The topics do normally not change, they are static. Therefore I handle this by tag and not by reminder Example with Task daily: Online banking, Check meetings, work on orders etc... You might check this note at the beginning and at the and of a day.
  10. no sorting of the reminder list : I confess, that I lost sight of this option. Anyway. My sorting ist due to reminder date and this is part of my philosophy: When set a reminder date this is equivalent with priority. notes with reminders in a fortnight have less priority than those of actual week. And if priority of a note changes - I modify the reminder. That might be a rough system concerning priority but - in comparison with your way of manually sorting - somewhat more pragmatic. I don't see the need of a tight priority listing (no 1,2,3 ...). Priority grouping answers the purpose. In the moment a group of notes is listed (Today!!) you have the chance to decide what are the most important ones.
  11. Thanks for this detailed description of your workflow handling jobs with reminders and notebooks. I don't know Agile Methodology but will inform in the near future. At the moment I'm involved in some difficult preparations which will need my attention till the end of April - therefore I only try to give you some idea how I do this job, you mght be able to evaluate Pro & Cons. One question only: how does this manually sorting of the note list work ? I'm not able to disable sorting (title, creation date etc...reverse sorting order). Might be Windows (10)? My way to manage this: (1) I do 95% of my work in Evernote with 1 notebook only, rest is local and for archive purpose. (2) I use a couple of shortcuts=favorites to manage notes refering to tasks and/or date. ------- TASKS -------- (= title of a note, set as shortcut) tasks--7 till today+1 = "-remindertime:day+2 remindertime:day-7 todo:false" (saved search) tasks undue = "todo:false" tasks partly undue = "todo:true todo:false" task - without date = "todo:false -remindertime:*" tasks - completed = "-todo:false todo:true" --------- DATES ------- date - -30 till today = "remindertime:day-30 -remindertime:day" date - today + 1 = "remindertime:day -remindertime:day+2" date - act week = "reminderTime:week -reminderTime:week+1" date - next week = "reminderTime:week+1 -reminderTime:week+2" date - act month = "reminderTime:20160401 -reminderTime:20160501" (has to be modified each month) date - 2 months = "reminderTime:20160401 -reminderTime:20160601" date - act year = "remindertime:year -remindertime:year+1" date - act year done = "reminderDonetime:year -reminderDonetime:year+1" date - next year = "remindertime:year+1" date - all = "remindertime:*" There is some overlapping but that's not a problem. This works with checkboxes and reminders (tasks have both, dates have reminder only). The first shortcuts in every group are used more often=daily, others for controlling purposes only sometimes Sorting is done by creation day, reverse sorting order. New notes get a checkbox and/or reminder. date of reminder sets the priority according to my rating Work on a note is finished by marking the checkbox (or not) and modifying the reminder (or set done) (e.g. this note will be listed somewhere next week... or never, if the the job is done) That's all. Last point: "I'm currently using a 'Today' notebook to plan what I intend to do each day in the morning." I have 3 notes (task daily, task weekly, task monthy) with have the tag "periodically". And this tag is as a shortcut on top of the list. (The notes contain a table with items to be done daily etc.) You probably realize that I do most of the organization using the shortcut list (tags, searches, notes). This has to be arranged once only and then used every day. I'm a lazy guy, I know.
  12. Arguing for reminders vs bucket-tags does not implicate the specific day, but split the bunch of notes for work on somewhere in the future into smaller pieces. Regarding different relevance in time and importance. Some should be done next week, some with lower impact might wait a month etc. Viewing 10 notes at a glance vs 50 or more ...
  13. That's exactly what I'm arguing for all the time. (I have been using tags for decades in different progs) What I still do not understand is this item "pseudo notebooks". They are obviously just tags with prefix NB ?- in this case it seems to me like a vehicle introducing the NB again.
  14. Quite so! Not to forget one point: the bucket "Later" grows and grows and grows - sooner or later you loose the survey...Unfortunately it's very easy to have 3 buckets only ("out of my brain"), to make a decision for a precise date needs more precise thinking.
  15. You might be rihgt, it's a crazy talk in a certain way. The problem we are discussing is not a question of the database structure. In this Evernote database the notebooks, notes, tags etc. are just objects, stored in records (rows), the database does not care what they mean or used for. For the front end however it does not mean that all these objects are of equal value. A notebook is not the same as a tag. And a tag is not a reminder or vice versa.
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