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  1. How come I can't +1 this for feature request? I concur completely with jyc23's sentiment. It's a bit annoying to have a note open that you want to shortcut, and not be able to do so straight from within the note.
  2. This would be fantastic as I'm currently using the two independent of one another and screen capturing to annotate when needed.
  3. I completly agree! I'm new to Evernote and have spent practically the last two days soaking up best practices, tips and tricks to fully utilize Evernote to its (and my) full potential. I'm a heavy note-taker, so the faster I can create and manipulate notes the better. Keyboard shortcuts are essential to cutting down time. I realize Evernote is succesful in part due to it's simplicity and ease of use (for such a robust platform), but adding some advanced keyboard shortcuts would be much appreciated for noteaholics like me! Thanks in advance, Evernote Team!
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