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  1. Lightning recently took out my computer and printer. As I set up my new computer, I thought I would be able to access Evernote and see my notes. This is the free version. There are six notes showing - nothing, of course, I really care about. I am just wondering/hoping if there's something I don't know, some way to recover my notes. Thanks to Carbonite, I retrieved ALL of my files, just not the ones I had thought were secure on evernote. Any thoughts?

    It's always helpful to mention what client(s) you're using, when asking for help.

    Log into yout account with the web client at Evernote.com to see what notes are on the EN servers. Are they all there?

    If you were using the Mac or Windows desktop client and...

    - didn't sync your notes to the EN servers and/or

    - had most of your notes in local (non-synced) notebooks...

    ...they would not be on the EN servers and you would be responsible for making your own backups. (Please search the board on backup to see how to backup the database for the desktop client you were using.)

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  2. They should it's not a good practice and if i needed to upgrade to a premium account because i needed more space i would pay.... I'm not paying for something when i don't need it.



    Stop spamming me evernote you'll be loosing customers potential customers this way if you keep this up i'll never upgrade and i'll probly just stop using evernote.

    I always find it ironic when free users complain about something and threaten EN will be losing customers, if they continue. Losing non-payng customers is really a non-issue.

    Good luck with finding an app that better suits your needs.

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  3. I know this is a relatively old thread,but am facing the same issue.

    The EN databases should be stored in an encrypted container (like TrueCrypt, BestCrypt), so they cannot be opened/read before first opening the container.

    I do this with almost all documents, .pst, pdf, doc, xlsx, but also screencaptures, clips databas, etc.

    Applications are launched after opening the container.


    I suppose(!), have not tested it, when relocation is done by using tools/options/general tab/change, there may be a small drawback once -in the above scenario- EN is launched

    before opening the container: it will not find the database and probably resort to its default location.


    Q: in such cases, will EN prompt user to correct the path before proceeding, i.e. warn that no database could be found on the given location?

    In that case I could quickly open the container and point EN to the database stored in it.


    Example: Outlook warns users that it cannot find its .pst file(s) and shows a pop-up dialog so users can browse to the correct location, select the .pst files and Outlook will continue the launch.



    I used to have my EN database in a TC container. Since I no longer use EN, I don't know what the newer versions do, but it's easy enough to test it yourself. IIRC, when you've not logged out of EN (simply CLOSED it), upon reinvoking, an error is generated, since it cannot find the database. If you LOG OUT, then upon reinvoking, you are requested to enter login parameters. If you proceed, a new database is created. But as I said, I no longer use EN, so I may not be remembering correctly and/or newer versions may behave differently. The way to know for sure is to test it yourself.

  4. I just received an email that is the transcript of a chat session for ticket #1139064. The EN support person is Dorothy and the ticket was regarding changing the column width of a table. Since I have not even submitted a ticket, it would seem there is a serious flaw regarding security/privacy here and is a bit unsettling.

    FWIW, I did start the process of a ticket in order to see where one is able to start a chat (in response to this post:

    https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86121-chat-support-with-evernote-team/)but did not click on the chat button nor did I submit the ticket.

  5. I am a newbie to Evernote, I am a premium member, I wanted to know if there is a way to contact support team. 

    I tried everything hyperlink on it, google search, forum search but could not find any recent information. Can premium member contact Evernote team for help?

    thanks for your help

    Did you fill out this form that is reached by clicking the support link at the bottom of Evernote.com? It will take you to a page with the option to chat. Also, chat is only available during certain hours.


    http://evernote.com/contact/support/ then click Contact Us

  6. I have a complaint and I don't know where to send it. Everytime I go to log into Evernote on the web there is a banner on the main page, like these contrived looking case study uses with a persons picture there. I don't know if they are fake or real and I don't care. My complaint is that there are roughly 5 male pictures and 1 female that I get from refreshing the page a number of times. It's offensive to women who use the product and I believe it is a form of covert sexism. Please look into diversifying this message. Thankyou

    I am a woman and do not find this offensive. In fact, I didn't even notice it. I do find it offensive when people try to make something so trivial into a BIG DEAL.


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  7. My employer blocks Evernote at work. The only way I could save scanned documents to Evernote was to email them. Now, I have to pay for that. Sorry, but Drive and Dropbox don't, so you've lost me as a very long time client. Not to mention your lack of Linux support... Ya, I could pay and move on, but this new upgrade smacks of a cash grab.

    Yes!!! The audacity of a company actually wanting to get paid for their work!!!


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  8. People have become so accustomed to free software that they have developed a sense of entitlement.  Why should they have to PAY for software???
    Developers do not often write software wholly because they are being philanthropic and feel inclined to gift the world with a wonderful, useful, FREE piece of software.  They do it because they want an income in order to pay their rent, buy groceries and shoes for their children.  Most software that has much value has some sort of limitation, unless you pay.  Sometimes it's a trial version.  Sometimes it's a version with ads.  And sometimes, it's a free version with limited features. 
    I do understand it's upsetting when a feature you have been using in one version requires you to upgrade to another version.  But it happens ALL THE TIME.  I have used ACDSee Photo Manager software for about 15 years.  And every year or two, I have to pay for an upgrade b/c there are new features or else b/c the old version doesn't work under my new OS or...whatever. 
    But it is the developer's right to revoke some free features.  In fact, any good dev has an obligation to their paying customers (and employees) to do their best to stay profitable.  Why?  Because the paying users have found value in the software and most times will want to continue to use it and have invested their $$$ in the app by supporting it financially.  And of course, the employees want to have a regular income.  Most of us do not want to devote a lot of time & energy into our jobs and then not get paid. 
    If the complainers will please note, no one (i repeat NO ONE) has stated you cannot or should not voice your opinion that you are upset by this decision.  However, for those of you who show a sense of entitlement (draconian???  seriously???), I would simply say, if it's not worth a years worth of a paid version of Evernote to you, then it would appear that feature really wasn't that useful to you.  If money is tight, there are creative ways such as asking family & friends to gift you with a subscription for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.  Or referring friends in order to get points. 

    I don't get why notes would then be abandoned. As in, one just gives up. There are many ways to get the content of emails into Evernote, not to mention copy-paste. I guess it's purely a case of semantics here. Was just curious.

    And yes, the thread title is laced with drama.  It would seem to me if the lack of this one feature on the free version of Evernote is dramatic enough to cause one to abandon Evernote, then one would instead be willing to pay for it.  But I'm not into drama...  So it boils down to this...if it's worth a few bucks to you, then fine.  If not, that's fine too.  Good luck with finding an app that better suits your needs.

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  9. The problem is that Metrodon is unable to see other people's viewpoint


    As per usual, you are making incorrect statements.  To reiterate, here's exactly what he said...



    It's not a problem, it's the way it works.

    He does not make the rules, since he is a user here, just like you.  But then you already know this. 


    Please stop attributing incorrect statements to other message board users. 

  10. I find it very strange that now is the time you slam all members by deprecating you basic membership.

    I get it. You want to raise revenue and profits.... but to do it on the back of the minor user is just a turn off!!!

    I would gladly accept a limit of 5- 10 emails a month, just like the size limit.

    Then as I naturally use the feature more I would feel like paying for that service.

    But to shut it down completely for paid only subscribers is kind of harsh!!!

    You have set a president from which you cannot return. Now if I go the paid route and choose plus...


    Whats next no hyperlinks without a paid subscription. P

    So the trust I had for you is now in question, and where I was thinking about paying for the service, I am now on pause wondering if I should put anything more in Evernote.

    I used to love a service called "Delicious" that has past.... I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for Evernote.

    PLEASE reconsider this draconian policy.

    Déjà Vu all over again. (Sigh)

    If you overlook the posts that exist for the sole purpose of insulting users, you may find this thread informative...


    A word to the few who posted personal attacks in the above thread (or those new to the topic who are so tempted)...I would caution you to refrain from it in this thread so that this one does not get locked...

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  11. Sorry I meant locking it down. I am working and multitasking so not always using the correct words. My computer locks after a few minutes. As on my phone - I wanted to source an app locker to lock certain apps whilst leaving other things on my computer available for the family. Despite you not being able to imagine why, you have recommended an app that does just that. i suggest you google Gameprotector and read the list of reasons it gives as to why it might be useful.


    I have not misremembered a password I thought of literally 30 seconds before using it. I used the app to lock Evernote as soon as it was downloaded and then used the password I had , only moments before, set up, to unlock it again. Oddly some apps are rubbish and go wrong.


    Can you please stop calling me ridiculous and silly. The fact that my lifestyle isn't one you can "imagine" doesn't make it "silly", thus the existence of apps such as Gameprotector and the CM app locker on my phone.


    I got some genuine good advice from Gazumped, thank you very much for recommending Gameprotector.

    i suggest if you have any more insults for me you don't stick them on here to make an already stressful work afternoon more so, but go shout them to your cat or something.

    First, I did not call you silly.  I did say leaving an unattended computer running w/o locking it down...is silly, if you have concerns about someone getting into the data on it.  And it is. 


    Second, I did not say I could not imagine why an app locker was silly. My statement above clarifies this.


    Third, if you could set your emotions aside for a moment, you might be able to see that I am not insulting you.  I am offering suggestions. And since you seem to be confusing so many issues in this very short thread, it would seem to be even more probable that you are misremembering the password. 


    I don't make this stuff up.


    Once again...good luck.

  12. Mine shuts down after so many minutes as well. I'm not talking about shutting down the PC, I'm talking about password protecting one particular app. I need to have my PC open at times with no access to certain apps. I'm sorry your imagination cannot accommodate my particular lifestyle.



    I shall google Gameprotector. Thank you


    I'm not an idiot and do memorise my passwords, the app I downloaded has decided the password I memorised is incorrect.


    I hope you do not take such a hectoring tone with all the comments you moderate - I am merely looking for help.



    We are not talking about shutting down your computer. Locking it does not turn it off. It simply requires a password. This prevents any guests in your home from being able to access the apps and it's silly to not do this, if you leave a computer running.

    FWIW, it's more probable that you are misremembering the password rather than the software has decided the correct one is incorrect.

    Good luck.

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  13. Please search

    Thank you, I wanted more like an individual app locker, its impractical for me to lock down the family computer :/ I downloaded an app locker now and it's locked Evernotw and WONT LET ME BACK IN - so Im miserable :/

    I can't imagine why it's impractical to lock down your computer. Mine shuts down after so many minutes of inactivity. It takes about three seconds to sign back in & IMO, it's ridiculous to leave a computer running in your home and not have it lock after a while or not lock it when you walk away. Authorized family members can easily & quickly unlock it in a matter of seconds.

    Another option is Gameprotector. It's free. Please Google it or search the board on it. I have posted about it in the past.

    As you can see, when using a password/PIN, it's important to make sure you know & remember the password/PIN.

    Good luck.

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  14. Hey Frank.dg please remind me how it is any of your bloody business whether I come here or not. It is my post and if you don't want to read it then F-off troll. If you don't want to talk about the topic in hand don't try getting personal. Where do losers like you spring up from. Get a life man.

    An Evernote employee actually posted early on in this thread and posed a question to YOU. Subsequent to his post, you have returned to post six (so far) posts for the sole reason of insulting other users. And yet you have never once addressed the Evernote employee's question to you. It's pretty clear who the troll is and who is the one who needs to get a life, "man".

  15. Yes JMichael EN is free to withdraw anything offered for free. We all understand that. In fact after a few months of free use I have already suggested to our bank's IT department to get EN for our users who are mobile and out of office often. Mine was just a comment as a personal user. I often test software myself before deploying. I did not expect rude moderators to start attacking me. People frustrated with their own sorry lives take it out on others online.

    No irony in this post.


  16. Bigfella you are wasting your time with SebR. I am a new user hence my first post. My post was to EN and not to him. Although he says it is a waste of time to discuss with me he still found the time to send in a cheesy answer. I am General Manager at a multinational Bank and he is calling me a paid Microsoft stooge foolishly and that I am not a real user. I have bought (worth millions of usd) more software already than this man with a twisted face will ever buy in his entire twisted lifetime. I think he should find somewhere else to troll.



    It's great that you are so impressed with yourself.  I would expect someone of your (supposed) caliber to exhibit more class & intelligence.  But again, whining b/c you can no longer use a feature for FREE is childish,  So is calling other, well respected users of the board, trolls.  I suggest you become better informed about the contributors before making knee jerk judgments, just because you didn't like the answer you got.


    Good luck with Onenote.

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  17. Hello Evernote,

    I took a basic membership recently for this useful feature of emailing myself on Evernote. As you are cancelling it I will move to Onenote. Thank you.



    Free users who complain that they cannot (or can no longer) use a feature that has been moved to a paid account are whiners, IMO.  If you like an app and you use it often, one should be willing to pay for it so that the devs will continue to develop the app and still be able to pay their rent & buy groceries.  I'm guessing that may be what elicited SebR's sarcastic response.  If you are not willing to pay for a particular app, then most of us don't give a darn that it's causing you to move to another app that is free & works for you.  In fact, it's your right and obligation to use what best suits your needs both work flow & financial. 



    You're welcome.

    Excellent response. SebR.. I take it that you are an aspiring Evernote Exec..... 


    I have always been taught that customers opinions are something to be valued.... possibly not the case here...

    I send 1-2 emails to Evernote pm - and there is no value paying for Premium features that are not used...  What value does Evernote get from me?... Some may ask...

    I 'have' been a strong advocate and proponent of Evernote and regularly spruik its features.  Thanks saifahmed2 I too will investigate the use of OneNote...




    SebR is just another user, just like you & me & most of the rest of us here.  Evernote employees are identified by the words "Evernote employee" in the profile info that is displayed on each post. 


    Hi SebR - unfortunately I do not get paid to sit on forum's and play (oops post 200+) comments...


    That's one of those "defenses when you have no defense".  Any successful message board is powered by users, who volunteer their time & energy to helping others.  Notice the operative word is 'volunteer'.  Trying to minimize someone's contributions by intimating they have nothing better to do is very lame. 

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  18. I'm not surprised at all. Compare the essence/flavor of Evernote in the past couple of years to the Evernote of the previous four years (although I beta tested Evernote in 2008, I didn't
    really get into Evernote until mid 2009).  There has been a huge disconnect, during the past couple of years on several fronts.  IMO, it was just a matter of time.

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  19. We've had a lot of request lately for Evernote iPhone wallpaper images and we've worked to make them available for you.

    I don't recall seeing a single request for this on the board. Perhaps I've overlooked them??? Odd that the single "much requested" thing they choose to add has absolutely no impact on the product - it's wallpaper...

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  20. Hi, I am a hardcore Evernote evangelist. I have used it to manage every part of my life across two careers and more than 6 years. I started using Evernote around the summer of 2010. I have used it everyday since.


    At this point I am totally frustrated with Evernote given the inability to sync and use it across devices.  About 3 months ago I received the error "Sync Failed Because you Have More Than 250 Synchronized Notebooks". I deleted many note books and now I have 234 notebooks but the same error occurs.


    Evernote customer service has attempted to identify the notebook that may be causing the error but nothing has worked.


    Please let me know if anyone has discovered a solution. I am considering switching to OneNote if I am not able to correct this.



    Try deleting some of the notebooks using the web client. Then try syncing.

  21. Well, as you can see, my use of the word g-a-y got bleeped out...

    Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Are we children!? Today the F word is so common it has become useless as a swear word; few people give it a second thought when it is used. PC has gotten out of control!

    Are we children? This is the internet where anyone can be here and anyone can pose as someone they are not. I have seen some pretty nasty posts by supposed adults. I agree that PC has gotten out of control and yes, the F word is very common. That doesn't mean a board owner must allow it or allow potentially offensive words. As users of this board, we should respect that.

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