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  1. I really hate it when startups appear to have absolutely no HCI experts. Most of Evernote is pretty smooth and intuitive but this feature shows a severe lack of insight. Why do you think people even use your app?


    Without an electronic note taking system students need to organize bulks of printed class notes and jot down critical information into a notebook. The problem with this is you can't really copy and paste a screenshot into your notebook. Nor can you arrange those screenshots and notes into a system that follows your personal thinking process.


    For example, I'm studying and I keep coming across the same thing that was critical in Lecture 1. I want to take a screenshot and sort it into that information. How can I do that in Evernote? I can't! You've recreated the same problem that exists with paper notebooks but put it in an electronic medium. You've created a static organizational system where it doesn't even have to exist. Please fix this.


    Also, your Evernote peek App looks interesting but I have no idea how it relates to your main App. Do I have to create a separate notebook just for Flash cards? How would I be able to organize those flash cards when I have 100+ if I want to review only a subset that relate to a specific topic?


    You have the largest range of features but you don't know how to organize it properly so that it's user-friendly. Please get on top of this unless you want a competitor to bridge that gap.



    Well, as this is your first post, maybe you are in the wrong class.  Or maybe you need to learn more about the apps & what they can or cannot do before condemning them.  There are plenty of uses for Evernote that do not include arranging notes manually.  However, I'm easily able to copy/paste screen shots into my notebooks.  Or arrange the photos within the notes.  There is plenty of information here on the board about how to use EN, if you're interested.


    Good luck.

  2. but claims by evangelists etc. that one is not required is laughable.

    It's really tiring when someone attributes inaccurate info to other users. I'm pretty certain no evangelist ever said a diff is not required. Please link to any post you've found that does make such a claim. Unless & until you do, it appears you are twisting words to suit your own agenda & is just a cheap pot shot and, well, laughable. (To use your own word).

    Thank you.

  3. It is what it is?????

    What a narrow minded answer from an Evernote Evangelist....

    How about... 'we appreciate your feedback and will include it in our new version or it is not technically possible because.... !!'

    Well...maybe because I am not an Evernote employee and cannot testify as to what will or will not be included in newer versions of the software... As a user, just like yourself, I have no more (or less) influence on what EN will do. So yes, as far as how the software works, it is what it is. We can either learn to adapt to things we think are idiosyncrasies (like not being able to delete dozens of notebooks in one fell swoop) or find an app that better suits our needs.

  4. Well said, totochto!


    Some people just feel compelled to continuously object to everything they don't understand.  My solution:  just ignore them, and keep on asking for what you want.  These objectors have no say in Evernote's decision making process.  Many times now, Evernote has implemented features that these people objected to, or said it is not in the scope of the Evernote app. ;)

    JMichael, I don't know why, but you often (always) feel compelled to continuously object to & nitpick posts by the evangelists. I find this very sad b/c the evangelists are the ones who tirelessly help others, unlike those who find pleasure/satisfaction from belittling them.  Perhaps there's a bit of evangelist envy going on there.  I don't know.  But it's really very sad.  I'm sure this will come as a surprise to you, but I fully understand the feature request. If you were to read my post, you will see I was addressing the fact that another user considers this feature 'basic'...because you also regularly twist what we post to suit your agenda. Please cite where I (or anyone) has objected to this feature. I eagerly await your citations so that I know you are speaking the truth & simply not (yet again) twisting what was said to suit your purposes.

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  5. Ah yes, the clarion tone of monotonous mediocrity. The opposite of innovation in the (business) world of technology is not conservatism, it is stagnation. Perhaps if an automobile does not suit one, a horse-drawn cart would be better. After all, most people are probably not afraid of progress per se - such an abstract concept - rather of being left behind in the dung heap of history. But line sorting - seriously? So elegant, so basic, so handy (for some). When needed, I much prefer an alphabetized dictionary to a random word list. (Do I feel a flame approaching?)

    "There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home."

    - Ken Olson, President, Chairman and Founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC),

    "Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a @#$%@#@ sharp knife to it."

    - Banksy, Wall and Piece

    "Innovation, being avant garde, is always polemic."

    - Ferran Adrià i Acosta

    Yes, well nice try at diverting attention from the issues at hand by using broad (and inaccurate I would add) generalizations.  But no cigar. 

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  6. What a great product!  I can use this for almost everything.  Wait...I cannot sort my lists like within the note?  OK, I will just export, sort and import.  Wait, why don't I just use an application that does sort.  OK.  Sounds good.  Wait, why do I use EN now?  I guess i don't now.  Bummer.


    It has been said that there are a low number of users.  Wonder why?


    It has been said that it EN does not re-invent things.  How can you re-invent things when they are already invented and only need to be implemented?


    Sorting is basic.  Can use say alphanumeric?  You don't provide a car without seats.


    And finally, sorting is integral to EN.  Notes are nicely sorted.  It is just the notes themselves are not.  Strange.

    Things that are "basic" differ for each user. I've been using EN for six years, have over 63,000 notes in my main account (I have a few other EN accounts), use EN every single day, pretty much every single hour I'm on the computer & then some) and have yet to find the lack of being able to sort text in a note a detriment. I can't even say I would have ever even used this feature, if it existed. Maybe if you need a motorcycle, you should get a motorcycle instead of a car.

  7. Hi, I have exactly the same problem. My user account was created on a 7th, and yesterday the limit reset should have happend. But it didn't!

    If I go online to Account, there is my full limit available. If I go on my local app, it says my limit is reached and I have no credit left. The bar is fully in the red. Since I'm using Fuji ScanSnap I need my local app.

    Any hint?

    Many thanks,


    Since the EN servers are where the upload is controlled, you must sync your desktop client so it knows there has been a refresh.

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  8. Hello, thank you in advance for your help. Our account has reached its upload limit for the month of April. (We must have had a lot of fun things happening in our classroom to document! ) it's a new month now and I thought we would get a new limit but that hasn't happened, the sync is still not working, it still says we have reached our full limit.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this other then buying the premium account which is not an option on a school device?

    Nothing in the trash....if I remove files and download to my computer will this help??



    Log into the web client & check your usage there. 


    Since the EN servers are where the upload is controlled, you must sync your desktop client so it knows there has been a refresh.


    It may be that you added/modified enough notes that you already maxxed out your new monthly upload limit.  (Which is why you need to check via the web client.)

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  9. I dont understand this... It seems the note that is critical important to me "disappeared".  I use iPad evernote and Laptop evernote and desktop Evernote....


    this note disappeared!!! I looked in trash and its not there....its not emptyied yet. and i dont understand where it went.    That note was already added to shortcut list.... I noticed the disappearnce when i saw it is not on the shortcut list anymore.


    I looked in all my device and dont see anywhere at all!!!!!


    This desktop started to sort of freezed or slowed down...so I decided to reboot  knowing that evernote is already safe in the cloud and all other device... after rebooted and I upen up the evernote and that note not there anymore.... this is the possibly the worst day of my life..thsi one note VERY VERY Important.


    HELP  how do I recover it... is there 'file history' on evernote to recover previous version ?

    If a note is deleted but the trash has not been emptied, the note can be restored from the trash. Once the note is restored, any note history is available as well. (Note history is a premium feature. If you are not premium & need/want access to note history, you can pay $5 for one month of premium & then be able to access the note history.)


    If a note is not deleted but rather modified, note history may be the answer.  Note history is only taken once about every eight hours, so any recent changes may not be included.


    Notes do not randomly disappear into thin air, so either the note was modified and/or deleted.  It is always (ALWAYS) recommended to have EN Mac or Windows desktop client running on a computer & regularly make backups of that database so you have another option to retrieve important notes. 


    When you rebooted when EN was running, that may have corrupted your note.  Rebooting when an app is running can do this & not wise to do unles it's your absolute only option.  Once this change was synced to the EN servers & subsequently to your other devices, it may be the note is not able to be recovered unless you have a Mac or Windows EN client backup.


    You could try submitting a support ticket.


    Good luck.

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  10. I have watched a number of tutorials on You Tube that show how you can simply drag a note and drop into an existing note to ( then rename the note) create a stack...but this is not an option for me? I have tried and it doesn't drag...



    You do not drag a note onto another note to create a stack & I doubt there are any Youtube videos showing this. What you do is drag a NOTEBOOK onto another NOTEBOOK to create a stack.

  11. I LOVE the product but holy cow, every 3rd time I open it on one of my many devices there is a new update that requires closing everything out.  I'm good with the latest and greatest, but seriously can't you reduce the update frequency to monthly or something less than 3 per week!


    First, the more devices you use it on, the more updates you're going to have since it would be foolish for Android or iOS to hold off on an update until all the other clients are ready for an update.





  12. The problems is not the developers, it’s the management.  And yes they have lost focus: Evernote worked far better for me a few years ago than it does today, actually.  The search box on the desktop client is USELESS, search is pretty much incapable of highlighting search terms (especially if it is not in latin script) — these things used to work fine a few versions ago.  Not to mention quality issues and various bugs.  Add to that all the unannounced, unwelcome, unnecessary and no-choice changes made: I’m still smarting over changes to the window behaviour from a couple of years ago; and now this.  Meanwhile the developers found the time to create a market place to sell socks and put a button for it in the desktop client.

    The search box on the (Windows) desktop continues to work perfectly fine for me.

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  13. Hi, 


    My computer crashed recently and I am trying to recover my local evernote notebooks. I have access to my old hard drive but I can't seem to find the evernote local notebook files. Could anyone please indicate what would be the default path and extension for local notebooks in Windows?



    You would need a good copy of the your-user-name.exb file. All notebooks are stored in that file. I suggest you do regular backups in the future. Please search the board on the topic, since it's been discussed a lot.

  14. I know this is IOS, but just in case someone is looking form an ANDROID phone, I found my lost recordings here:


    \Internal storage\Android\data\com.evernote\files\unsaved_notes


    they are saved as .amr files, not .wav.  They play in VLC media player in the least.  Maybe other programs too.


    Happy hunting!

    Yes, this is the iOS section...please do not post Android information in the iOS section. Thank you.

  15. I just found that I lost my Note data too.  I am a casual user and simply put my note and data into one file called reference.  I collected quite a few important data in there.  The Evernote software were updated a few days ago.  Today, I went to add new data into my reference note, and nearly scream....all my data that I collected in the past months are gone.  The note still there, but has old contents of 4 months ago.  What happened?  I went online and found the same thing there.  I use it on my Window 7 machine and occationally on iPhone.  Is it possible that the contents of the iPhone got uploaded and overwritten the one on the server and on the Window 7?  I don't even know what I have lost, just a lot.  Do EverNote back up data somewhere that I can request them to restore it back to a month ago data?


    If you have a premium account, you can pull note history, which is taken once about every eight hours. If you are not premium, you can get a month of premium for $5 USD.

  16. What you guys say here is a bit like Apple saying, no, you cannot have music album covers - there is no need for it, you can search for your music just by typing in the search field.



    People here seem not understanding that there ARE people who have DIFFERENT way of working, and they do need to have an overview of notebooks.

    What is wrong with that?! What is wrong with at least giving it as an option, and if you don't want it, you stick to your brown square, that's fine, too. 



    Someone says "cannot think" of any use where you need a reason for notebook covers.

    Well. Here is one, and I can give you another 100 examples.


    Imagine an elementary school teacher, who has let's say 2 classes each with 23 students.

    In many countries, there is only one person teaching all subjects up until age 9 - and only then they have separate teachers for each subject.

    So that is really a lot to manage for one person: 20-40 students, elementary math, art, language etc..


    Let's say, this teacher then wants to follow the progress of each student in each subject for 2 years.

    He/She wants to save all their tests, drawings etc. for later, easier annual review with parents etc.

    So each student = one main notebook

    each subject = one sub notebook.


    This teacher also has let's say a small weekend freelance business, household to manage, bills, car maintenance and holiday plans and other areas of interests.

    That's a lot of notebooks. We are already at 40-50 notebooks.


    Wouldn't it be SO MUCH easier if he/she just looks at the notebook covers and straight away you know where is "Tom's" files, and where are holiday plans?

    I still insist, it is EXACTLY the same as music album covers. No music album cover = struggle to find your music.

    Human mind identifies shapes / pictures hundreds times faster than going through text OR you need to remember you tagging etc.



    The fact that some people may have 3-5 notebooks doesn't mean others have the same way of managing works.

    I think it is a really big mistake not giving people the option to put a picture on their notebooks, you simple cannot manage larger database.



    Just give make it at least as an option

    That's all many-many people ask for.

    Please point out where *anyone* has said "no, you cannot have music album covers - there is no need for it, you can search for your music just by typing in the search field." I"m pretty sure no one has said that. I suggest you re-read the posts.  The fact that some people could not care less about them is as legitimate as others asking for them.  Additionally, it doesn't matter what anyone says unless it's an Evernote employee, since everyone else is a user & has no more or less input on the direction of the product than any other user.

  17. Yeah, although I have more notebooks than many long time users with a lot of notes, I could not care less about notebook covers. I do miss the days when local, synced & shared-to-you notebooks were visually different. But other than that, pfffft...

    There's a reg hack for that, in the WIndows client at least (understanding that this is a Mac-tagged topic): http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41705-everreghack-colors-for-notebooks-names-in-evernote-5-for-windows/

    Wow...I totally missed that!!! Thank you!

  18. I'm kind of surprised the Notebook cover view is such a large part of so many people's workflows. I always saw it as a view to just sort and organize the notebooks themselves, not an efficient way to navigate through them. Same with the Tag view. Of course, I only have 3 crucial notebooks and 7 shared ones, so I'm not a large notebook user, as tags are a much better way to organize content in EN IMHO. Why don't you use the simple notebook list in the sidebar? That way you never have to navigate out of the main sidebar + note list + note content view. Anyway, the notebooks sort alphabetically in the notebook view anyway, right? The desktop icon analogy doesn't really apply, though, because desktop icons can be arranged randomly. These notebooks automatically adhere to a strict grid and are only in alphabetical order. Still seems like an easy way to sort them to me, but of course YMMV. I just, personally, disagree.


    Springpad lets you customize your notebook covers, and frankly, it's one of my least favorite features. Because Springpad's tags only work inside notebooks (another despised feature), I need a ton of notebooks in there for the items I store, and it's a chaotic blob of images I'm sorting through to find what I'm looking for. The much cleaner layout of Evernote is leaps and bounds easier than this. Setting EN up with the Notebook list and Tag list in the sidebar is the bee's knees. I do have my gripes about how some things, appearance-wise, work in Evernote (I could die happy if we'd just get the ability to set different card view settings per notebook), but IMHO the Notebook/Tag view will never be ideal ways to sort content, regardless of their screen appearance. Lists are cleaner and faster.

    Yeah, although I have more notebooks than many long time users with a lot of notes, I could not care less about notebook covers. I do miss the days when local, synced & shared-to-you notebooks were visually different. But other than that, pfffft...

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  19. Evernote staff read all posts on this message board. I'm sure they understand the issue. However, many changes/feature requests (including this one) are not platform specific & would need to be something that will work well across all platforms Evernote lives on. Additionally, there are tens or hundreds of feature requests & they need to be prioritized. This particular feature request may be something EN has decided not to do. Or it may be on the list but a low priority. We do not know, since EN does not publish their roadmap.

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