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  1. Windows tells me that elephant.exe is a suspicious file at download


    I'm not saying it's NOT a bad file.  But IME, Windows stating a file is "suspicious" doesn't necessarily mean the file is bad.  It just means Windows doesn't know about this file.  I remember this was discussed on the board previously regarding some other third party software. Let's say I write a Windows app that is virus/malware free, but is only downloaded by a (relatively) small portion of Windows users, Windows may not know that it is an ok file & simply reports it as "suspicious". It is then up to the user to do their due diligence (which is what you are doing) an decide to go ahead & download or not. In the case I mentioned above, the developer was a well respected member of the Evernote message board & so we all knew it was ok to download.

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  2. At iTunes, you start Penultimate description with:

    The best digital handwriting on iPad

    This is clearly a lie, and you know it! your current average rating since upgrade to 6.0 is 1.5 stars. There are more than a dozen of handwriting tools with at least 3 stars.

    So go to iTunes and change it!!!

    At https://evernote.com/penultimate/ you write:

    Penultimate is the award-winning digital handwriting app for iPad

    Again, this is a BIG LIE since with the current version you couldn't win a kindergarten award!

    Please either through to the garbage Penultimate 6 or CHANGE the descriptions.

    You are lying to people and this is not fare and should be prosecuted.

    Oh NO!!! Then I guess it's really not true that the survival of the angry birds is at stake...??? ARGHHHHH!!!! I've been hoodwinked!

    So, let me see if I have the Evernote business plan figured out:

    1. Take a product people generally love and re-design it into something that people generally hate (and lose some of the users data in the process)

    2. Stick your head in the sand and ignore your users as they clamor for help and for EN to give some sort of clue as to their next steps are going to be.

    3. Suddenly, reappear on the message board to provide snarky replies to users that have become so completely fed up with the service that they feel they have to vent.

    4. ???

    5. Profit

    Good luck with that. EN is becoming a case study in how not to run a company!

    FYI, this is a *user*s board. I do not work for Evernote.

    The original post is silly. Nothing he/she has posted and claims are LIES by Evernote is prosecution worthy. It's puffery & perfectly legal. Actually, the award winning part is accurate.

    Fed up users would be better served to post rational posts.

    Furthermore, I did not "suddenly reappear" (or even suddenly appear) on the message board.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes, though.

  3. At iTunes, you start Penultimate description with: 


    The best digital handwriting on iPad


    This is clearly a lie, and you know it! your current average rating since upgrade to 6.0 is 1.5 stars. There are more than a dozen of handwriting tools with at least 3 stars.

    So go to iTunes and change it!!!


    At https://evernote.com/penultimate/   you write:


    Penultimate is the award-winning digital handwriting app for iPad


    Again, this is a BIG LIE since with the current version you couldn't win a kindergarten award!


    Please either through to the garbage Penultimate 6 or CHANGE the descriptions.

    You are lying to people and this is not fare and should be prosecuted.

    Oh NO!!! Then I guess it's really not true that the survival of the angry birds is at stake...??? ARGHHHHH!!!! I've been hoodwinked!

  4. I understand there is an in-app purchase options that range from $5 => $60 /mo.

    Does the iOS Evernote app offer a free version, with syncing to the desktop version?

    The iOS install keeps nagging me for credit card info. Is an in-app purchase necessary to give syncing to desktop?

    Thanks in advance

    Evernote is free. Period. There is a premium version that allows more functionality in monthly upload amount, note size, etc. But the software is the same for free & premium users. The free version will sync to all the computers/devices you have. The free version may prompt you to upgrade to premium. But, AFAIK, it will NOT request credit card information unless & until you go to upgrade.

    When buying from iTunes, you still need to have payment info on file, even for free apps. BTW, I would advise against buying premium from iTunes (not that you asked). That method seems to be fraught with problems & has been for several years. I don't know why it has been so problematic for so long.

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  5. OneNote and EverNote are good professional things to have BUT for those of you who are more focused on working with a desktop environment you might take a look at FileOne the email client, note taking organizer. If you google for FileOne organizer you will find its website and a youtube introduction. FileOne is centered around the desktop and is not a real cloud aware app.

    There you may find that FileOne organizer with calendar support, is more powerfull and easier to use in a desktop environment. You use a treeview to access and structure all data in it and you can use it as a file storage engine. It can store and play music tracks, online radio stations, movies, images, photes, office files and it allows you to hyperlink anything to anything inside FileOne. All data is stored in a single file that is designed to hold huge amounts/gigabytes of data as well as tiny amounts of data. For small businesses or self employed there is even an invoice generator.

    Since all data is stored as in a single file, you can use FileOne as a rich distributable documentation vehicle to Windows and Linux users since FileOne runs in Windows and Linux (Gnome, KDE type of desktops).

    Maybe a possible alternative for EverNote (or OneNote)?

    In addition to the points brought up by subsequent posts, I would add that probably a majority of Evernote users are not limiting their use to a single Windows computer and not interested in making distributables. (Duh). I'm sure there may be a few...but in general, not so much. Which was the initial allure of Evernote and now Onenote with Onecloud.

    And to reiterate, developers are welcomed warmly on the board...so long as they are clear about their involvement with the app. But those who pose as "satisfied customers"... Not so much. So if Regatzo is (the sole) employee/dev of the app he/she is promoting, he/she would be wise to own this.

  6. Is there a way (other than being a premium member) that I can make a request for a feature directly to Evernote? There are features in any software that not everyone uses. That doesn't make those features useless or senseless. I'd like to make the suggestion to someone who has either the power to implement it or the ear of someone with the power. It seems I'm searching for a tool in the wrong drawer. I thought this was the 'here's an idea I'd like to see drawer.' Turns out this is the 'maybe a lot of things' and 'I really don't get why' drawer. My mistake. Can someone direct me to customer service?

    No one has said your request is "useless or senseless".  The main point is that that the main determinant is with Evernote.  It's a fact of life with any software.  Those who are responsible for it must make a determination if they want to add it (or not).  And if they want to add it, it must be put into a priority list. 

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    Or Evernote could make it a feature. iPhoto (Mac) has such a feature: individual photos can be hidden and the hiding for all (hidden) photos can be turned on and off with a hiding master switch. Simple and great.

    They could. They could do a lot of things. Whether they do or not is an entirely different matter. It may be they plan to do it but it's a low priority. Or they may decide they simply don't want to add it, for whatever reason.

  8. On my Mac, I created a notebook NB1. I left NB1 empty.

    I synced and then I synced my iPad.

    On my iPad, NB1 showed up, empty as expected.

    On the iPad I set NB1 so that it is not an offline notebook.

    I synced the iPad and the Mac.

    On Mac, I inserted a Note into NB1 and then I synced the Mac and the iPad.

    On the iPad, when I open NB1, Note is in NB1.

    Did I overlook a step? I am pretty sure that the content of Note should not be in iPad's NB1, but the content is in fact there.


    Offline refers to the details of the note not being synced down. It does not mean the header information will not be synced down. Header formation for all notes is always synced to mobile devices, regardless if the notebook is set for offline access or not. If the notebook is set for offline access, the body of the notes will also be synced down. If the notebook is not set for offline access, the body of the note is not synced down unless & until you try to call up the note on the mobile device. When you synced the iPad, only the header info/meta data for the note was synced to the iPad, not the full contents of the note. IOW, if you create a new note on Mac, sync Mac, sync iPad, but do not call up the note on the iPad...then exit the app in the iPad. Now put iPad in airplane mode, go into Evernote and try to call up the note, the contents should not be there. As Stuhrer said, mobile devices use a cache. So if you created the note on the iPad or had previously called up the note on the iPad, the note may still remain in the cache & be accessible when you do not have internet connectivity.

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  9. Been a long time user of evernote and I was considering upgrading to Premium but I was a little confused by the feature of "working offline". With the free version I can already use my tablet in a meeting, make notes, add audio or pictures...whatever and when I next have a wifi connection I can sync everything I've done. I can also edit existing notes and upload the changes later.


    So I guess the question is, what does the "working offline" feature of Premium add to the functionality? As far as I can see, the free version already has the ability to work offline. Did I miss something?




  10. Out of respect to Evernote, a few months ago, I started a message board where alternatives to Evernote could be discussed and discussed NOT on Evernote's message board.  I do not use Penultimate.  But if Penultimate users would like a place to freely discuss options, I will set up a segment on my board for this.  It's not a board to trash talk Evernote...just a board to discuss alternatives.  PM me, if interested. 

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  11. Thank you.  I saw that but figured there may be a way as others may prefer to store certain notes locally on mobile device (only). 


    IMO, it's very risky to store anything important on only a mobile device.  It's risky enough to have something stored only in one place anyway (IE on your desktop computer with no backups) b/c devices fail.  You'd better have a backup somewhere of the important stuff.  And of course, small, mobile devices are even riskier since they are more easily lost, stolen or broken. 


    If the info isn't important and/or sensitive, then the only reason I could think of why someone wouldn't want to sync is data charges.  In that case, simply use a notes app that is restricted to your device.

  12. So when I am typing and stopping and the webpage says (synching), the ENTIRE note is being saved and using up the data allowance? This could happen several times a minute. (NB I am referring to when I am using the webpage, not the phone app.)

    IME, it is unclear if the entire note is uploaded or just changes.  It may be the entire note, since the software would need to know what has been changed compared to what's on the Evernote servers...IDK.  Most people actually think this is a GOOD thing.  If you've ever spent a long time composing a letter or working on a spreadsheet & then have something go wrong & you lose all that work, you quickly learn to save your work often.  Clearly, a web connection can be tenuous either due to computer going down or the internet going down.  So that's probably why the work is saved often on the web client.


    But if it's a concern for you, you can either switch to a desktop client (Mac or PC) and either sync less often or sync only manually.  Or, you can spend the $45/year ($3.75/month) to go premium, which gives you 4 gigs per month.  FYI, there is an anticipated rate increase for new premium users.  So if anyone is thinking of going premium, now is the time to do it.  There used to be an option to disable autosave in the web client, but it looks like that's one of the features that has been removed.

  13. I am older and less technically inclined! Help! I have old, Livescribe Pulse experience. I want to take meeting notes with sound and upload to to laptop where I can edit, print minutes of meetings and save sound to disk and mail out minutes and CD? Does Evernote manage that? Old system allowed that through livescribe desktop and Microsoft word.


    I have a Pulse & Echo.  The LS site allowed you to share notes/audio via pencasts.  Is that no longer supported?  IMO, that would be the fastest, easiest way to share.


    If you are wanting to EDIT the notes and/or audio, I don't know if LS software supports that.  IME, you'd need third party software to do that.  Maybe the newer software allows that.  Evernote software will not allow you to edit the audio & the only editing you could do to the notes is annotations. 


    For archival purposes, you should be able to use the LS software to pull the audio from a pencast & burn it to CD.  The burning may require third party software, rather than simply using the LS software, I don't know. 



    Just starting out with Evernote and using the web version (not Beta).


    I've noticed auto-sync whenever I stop typing, but wonder if this means I'm using upload allowance each and every time I stop to think, by re-saving the work so far.


    I've also downloaded the app for my iPhone and my online account states I've used about 15 MB this month (difficult to comprehend), yet the iPhone app states just 25 KB has been used - what gives?


    I hope more experienced users will be able to help me.


    Many thanks - in anticipation

    Each time a sync occurs, any new or modified notes get synced & yes, go against your upload limit. If you have not synced your phone after making changes from the web or another computer/device, then the phone doesn't have the latest upload used, which is maintained on the Evernote servers.

  15. WRT prefacing the note titles with numbers...



    I use numbers as tags to order notes - 1, 2, 3, etc.
    And, although I haven't yet tried, decimals might help to insert new notes rather than re-tagging everything!

    The following is discussing notebook names but applies to titles, tags, stacks, etc.


    Anticipating the number of documents amassed in some projects can be tricky and I'd rather not have to create unnecessary placeholders in anticipation (for example, 00001) (that's a lot of keyboarding just to be safe).


    If you think you will have less than 100 notebooks, use numbers 001 through 999 followed by the title.

    You can have 250 notebooks. And if you used numbers incremented by 1, that would be 001-250. Using 001 - 999 would be 999 notebooks.A better alternative, if you were to use this method, would be to use say, 00100, 00200, 00300, 00400, etc. as the prefix. That way, you can add notebooks in between 00100 & 00200 by using 00120 or 00150 without having to renumber all the subsequent notebooks.


    I use this method often, for one particular hobbyist project I have., where I want to force the files to sort in the order I want them.



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  16. Has no one here ever used Google docs? The document is essentially "live" and can handle changes from multiple users simultaneously, even if they are signed in to the same Google account.

    I'm sure some folks here have used Google docs. Not sure what your point is, though. Just b/c one app does something one way doesn't mean all other similar type apps need to do the same thing. Google docs does what you need/want & Evernote does not. Sounds like you should stick with Google docs. As Jefito has said, "That's why there's chocolate & vanilla."

  17. Hi all,


    Our small team of 4 users all share the same Evernote account and update notes on a daily basis, sometimes adding to the same note simultaneously.  Our problem is that when we have multiple people adding to the same note, there is almost always a conflicting change in the note.




    Why is there not a live updating feature that allows multiple people to be working on the same note, very similar to the way that Google Drive/Docs works and you can see who is editing in real time?


    It's my understanding EN is rolling out "note locking". This would not allow "multiple people to be working on the same note" simultaneously.  And as Gaz said, I'm not sure this avoids the conflicting note problem if you're all logging into the same account.  It may require the note to be shared & users accessing that note from multiple accounts.


    Seems like a pretty simple idea, but does google hold a patent on live cloud updating or whatever you want to call it???

    This may SEEM like a "simple idea". But I doubt the implementation is not.

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