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  1. Posted under my other account.  But rest assured, it is ME!


    (Another thing JMiU can appreciate!)


    Carry on!




    To BNF, I thought they removed you from this forum, but your are still here, disappointing.

    Nope, they never removed. me. Sorry to disappoint.

    what you said

    Yeah. Ok. Whatever. Right. You win. Not really. I'm just not interested in continuing this dickering with you. But hey, it's just like old times...

    One last parting word...


    (JMiU can appreciate that.)


  2. It is not clear what your measure for "a little late" is, but a 4 hour gap between the OP's post & his answer does not seem unreasonable in terms of timing.

    Be that as it may, JM did pick up the essential point from the OP's post, which is "from" and not "to" his account. So the OP did have a point in his answer to you regarding your proper reading of his message. And there is nothing unclear about his message. 




    A little late to the game, JMiU. But thanks for playing.





    Sorry, you are late to the game as well. Perhaps you & JMiU could get a group rate on tutorials on how to read a thread. Clearly you missed this post (emphasis mine for those who find it difficult to follow a thread):


    Oh, sorry, my bad.



    But thanks to you, too for playing!  Better luck next time. 


    WRT OP's post being unclear...again, if you thoroughly read the post, you would see that *I* was not the one saying OP's post was unclear... 



  3. AFAIK, the Evernote user does not receive any response when they attempt to send email to their Free account.

    I've seen many complaints from Free account users, but none (as far as I can remember) said they got a rejection notice from Evernote.  In fact, not received notice was a major issue.


    AndreasM also clearly stated in the second line of her post that the email was *from* her EN account, *not* to the account.  AFAIK, sending email from your EN account is still supported in the Free account plan.


    Here is an example, how stupid a service can be.


    Recently I sent and email from my evernote account to myself, email address on aol.com.

    I have never received that email, however few days later I received an email from evernote service stating the email (from my evernote) is not deliverable.

    A little late to the game, JMiU. But thanks for playing.

  4. You better read the details of my post and then respond.

    Oh, sorry, my bad.


    Nobody asked you to respond here anyway.

    No one needs to ask me. I just do it. You're very welcome.

    Yeah, as CSHilling says...check the email address you typed in. Sounds like that's the problem - typed in wrong. User error. How silly would THAT be!

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  5. Here is an example, how stupid a service can be.


    Recently I sent and email from my evernote account to myself, email address on aol.com.

    I have never received that email, however few days later I received an email from evernote service stating the email (from my evernote) is not deliverable. The most stupid thing ever is:

    that the email addresses on both emails are the same, meaning the email from my evernote to myself is not deliverable, but the email from evernote service to myself is deliverable.

    For some reason I cannot attached the screenshot of the email, but it looks so, so stupid, embarrassing for evernote!!!!. Give me a break!!!!!



    Ummm....if you have a free account, it's not stupid at all, since you can no longer email to free accounts. It's undeliverable not b/c of the email address, but because it's not a part of your service. 

  6.  , but it appears it's not a priority for them

    Regardless of your opinion on Gaz's replies, right there is your answer. It's Evernote's product and if they choose to not implement any stronger/better encryption, it's certainly their choice, If it's a deal breaker for anyone, then it's the user's choice to use an app that better suits their needs.

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  7. It is integrated. The request is to pool resources and/or market them together, making each more valuable. That way people that are clueless (like you) can comprehend their collective power making both products more profitable.

    Hey! Even better! So put your money where your mouth is and do it your own darn self, if you think it's such a great idea! There are all these people posting in this thread that I'm sure will back you up financially.

    Make it happen!!!

    Git'er done!

  8. Any of you measuring the cost of integrating the 2 products? Who will pay for this?


    Given that IQTell can't survive on it's own and Evernote has it's own struggles, seems to me that a load of cost would be added to satisfy a pretty small use case/number of users.


    I'm not in the decision chair, if I was, this is probably one I'd stay a million miles away from.

    Indeed. How about instead, those who think that one already struggling (and clearly troubled) company buying a defunct app is a recipe for success, buying IQTell themselves and doing the integration, using Evernote's API???

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  9. This is *****. I've been an Evernote user since it first came out, and I've been forwarding emails to Evernote for as long. Now that it's a paid feature, I've lost the ability to do a simple task that I've been doing for years. Thanks, Evernote. Way to treat your valued, long-time users. If you think I'm going to start paying to use a feature I've used for free for years, you're ignorant. My typical routine has been to buy Evernote premium for 2-3 months a year to upload some of my larger files, but I won't be subscribing to it permanently to get my workflow functionality back. I'll just find a different product and adjust my workflow to fit it.


    Can anyone recommend a good Evernote alternative that syncs with Mac/Web/iPhone? Preferably a company that cares about its users.



    Oh good grief.  This topic has already been discussed to death. It's doubtful you'll find sympathy from anyone here except for other users who don't want to pay $3.08 $2.08 per month for a feature they consider "valuable".



    People have become so accustomed to free software that they have developed a sense of entitlement. Why should they have to PAY for software???

    Developers do not often write software wholly because they are being philanthropic and feel inclined to gift the world with a wonderful, useful, FREE piece of software. They do it because they want an income in order to pay their rent, buy groceries and shoes for their children. Most software that has much value has some sort of limitation, unless you pay. Sometimes it's a trial version. Sometimes it's a version with ads. And sometimes, it's a free version with limited features.

    I do understand it's upsetting when a feature you have been using in one version requires you to upgrade to another version. But it happens ALL THE TIME. I have used ACDSee Photo Manager software for about 15 years. And every year or two, I have to pay for an upgrade b/c there are new features or else b/c the old version doesn't work under my new OS or...whatever.

    But it is the developer's right to revoke some free features. In fact, any good dev has an obligation to their paying customers (and employees) to do their best to stay profitable. Why? Because the paying users have found value in the software and most times will want to continue to use it and have invested their $$$ in the app by supporting it financially. And of course, the employees want to have a regular income. Most of us do not want to devote a lot of time & energy into our jobs and then not get paid.

    If the complainers will please note, no one (i repeat NO ONE) has stated you cannot or should not voice your opinion that you are upset by this decision. However, for those of you who show a sense of entitlement (draconian??? seriously???), I would simply say, if it's not worth a years worth of a paid version of Evernote to you, then it would appear that feature really wasn't that useful to you. If money is tight, there are creative ways such as asking family & friends to gift you with a subscription for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas. Or referring friends in order to get points.


    I don't get why notes would then be abandoned. As in, one just gives up. There are many ways to get the content of emails into Evernote, not to mention copy-paste. I guess it's purely a case of semantics here. Was just curious.

    And yes, the thread title is laced with drama. It would seem to me if the lack of this one feature on the free version of Evernote is dramatic enough to cause one to abandon Evernote, then one would instead be willing to pay for it. But I'm not into drama... So it boils down to this...if it's worth a few bucks to you, then fine. If not, that's fine too. Good luck with finding an app that better suits your needs.


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  10. @ab1kenobee, thank you for the congratulations!

    Yes, I've become jaded wrt Evernote and realize this is just a part of life. But I'm not a negative person in general. I've been coding for the past 40 years. I've been very "computer bound" in the past 20 years due to work and doing more things on a computer (like most of us) such as bill paying, meal planning, grocery lists, photos, social networking, budgeting, etc. But I'm looking forward to being less computer bound, now that I am retired. And the time required to migrate back to Evernote (should I ever want to) is not something I envision wanting to do because I'm enjoying life beyond sitting in front of a computer. ;-)

    Thanks again!

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  11. I can't believe this has NOT already been posted in this thread!!!

    That may be an indication of how apathetic many of us have become wrt to Evernote.

    Good chance Chris is the kind of lead to breathe new life into Evernote... this could be exciting... we'll just have to wait and see!

    I'm not going to get my hopes up. I do keep haunting the board to kind of monitor what's going on at EN. I suspect for me, it is too little, too late. Because if they were to address my main point of contention (scalability on all platforms), it would take a major overhaul and at least a year or more. Since I am newly retired, I will be spending less time on my computer and less willing to migrate back to Evernote. When I started my first migration to Evernote (June 2009), I really thought that would be the last time I'd have to do this (after years migrating from various PDAs and their associated desktop apps to another).

    Onenote is not nearly as useful to me as Evernote (before EN became totally useless due to the scalability issue). But...Onenote WORKS and 60-70% useful is better than zero percent useful.

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  12. I am writing multiple ebooks and have a notebook for each one -- the problem is when I create a new note by dropping photos from iPhoto into evernote they first go into the general "notes" section.  Then when I move them into the appropriate notebook it seems to be moving a COPY of the note into the appropriate notebook but still leaving a copy in the "notes" section.  This is getting maddening because I can't tell which ones have been moved into their appropriate notebook and which ones haven't! Any ideas out there?

    Please read post #6.

  13. So how do you handle this than? Let's say you have an email that states something like this....

    Thank you for your time today. (blah blah blah)....

    As discussed, can you please send me over that manual on how your product works.

    Much thanks,


    So now you want to put this inside of Evernote. That's no problem with the forward email feature. It's now a note so you can easily add a todo to it, again, sweetness. Finally it comes time to complete the task and all you need to do is reply to the email with the document attached. How do you do this from Evernote?

    This is kind of a lame example because it would have just been easier to have replied right away with the attachment and called it a day :) Still, it was the best I could think of fast and kind of gets the point across. I'm a fan of Evernote and a paid customer so please don't think this thread is about me complaining. I'm trying to learn best practices here and get MORE into Evernote. It's an excellent product, but this one area has always gotten me stuck and I was just hoping for some advice :)

    As I said, the only way to share Evernotes is to share the note (or notebook) or email the note, since Evernote is not an email client. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best way...I would simply use your email client, reply, add attachment, send.

  14. I really want to push all my email into Evernote. Right now the thing stopping me the most is being able to reply to an email that is stored inside of Evernote. So if I push an email into Evernote and my goal is to get back to the person via email, how do I do that inside of Evernote? Also, if the email (now note) needs to be sent to someone else is the only option to share that note with a person? I really just need to forward the email off to someone. I'm sure this is addressed some way and I'm just not getting it. Could I please get some advice on this? Thank you very much!

    What you're wanting is for Evernote to be a mail client (IE - reply) & AFAIK, this is not possible. You can share or email Evernotes to others.

  15. It would seem their previous "business model" was not all that successful, if they are needing to be more aggressive about getting paying customers.  Lots of people have threatened to move to Onenote...if the ads are so bothersome but you're not willing to pay for EN, then I say go for it.


    As someone who paid for Evernote for several years and has since moved away from it (to Onenote), I would say it's annoying as heck to see so many free users complaining about having to pay for the service b/c of ___  (fill in the blank with your grievance).  Do you honestly think any company is going to lose sleep over losing non-paying customers...???

  16. how about I don't want to sign up for your stupid cloud service. I don't want to download your friggin app. 


    I just want my notes that were LOCALLY STORED on MY DEVICE. I don't want your *****. 


    how can i get the notes off my HTC one without having to share EVERYTHING with your stupid app? 


    why do you need access to: 







    EVERY DOG DAMNED THING about a person? 


    you people are whats wrong with the internet. Go away with your intrusive, pervasive, sh1tty application.

    Since he doesn't want the toaster, can I have it??? Mine's on the fritz.

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  17. They should it's not a good practice and if i needed to upgrade to a premium account because i needed more space i would pay.... I'm not paying for something when i don't need it.



    Stop spamming me evernote you'll be loosing customers potential customers this way if you keep this up i'll never upgrade and i'll probly just stop using evernote.

    I always find it ironic when free users complain about something and threaten EN will be losing customers, if they continue. Losing non-payng customers is really a non-issue.

    Good luck with finding an app that better suits your needs.

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  18. Sorry I meant locking it down. I am working and multitasking so not always using the correct words. My computer locks after a few minutes. As on my phone - I wanted to source an app locker to lock certain apps whilst leaving other things on my computer available for the family. Despite you not being able to imagine why, you have recommended an app that does just that. i suggest you google Gameprotector and read the list of reasons it gives as to why it might be useful.


    I have not misremembered a password I thought of literally 30 seconds before using it. I used the app to lock Evernote as soon as it was downloaded and then used the password I had , only moments before, set up, to unlock it again. Oddly some apps are rubbish and go wrong.


    Can you please stop calling me ridiculous and silly. The fact that my lifestyle isn't one you can "imagine" doesn't make it "silly", thus the existence of apps such as Gameprotector and the CM app locker on my phone.


    I got some genuine good advice from Gazumped, thank you very much for recommending Gameprotector.

    i suggest if you have any more insults for me you don't stick them on here to make an already stressful work afternoon more so, but go shout them to your cat or something.

    First, I did not call you silly.  I did say leaving an unattended computer running w/o locking it down...is silly, if you have concerns about someone getting into the data on it.  And it is. 


    Second, I did not say I could not imagine why an app locker was silly. My statement above clarifies this.


    Third, if you could set your emotions aside for a moment, you might be able to see that I am not insulting you.  I am offering suggestions. And since you seem to be confusing so many issues in this very short thread, it would seem to be even more probable that you are misremembering the password. 


    I don't make this stuff up.


    Once again...good luck.

  19. Mine shuts down after so many minutes as well. I'm not talking about shutting down the PC, I'm talking about password protecting one particular app. I need to have my PC open at times with no access to certain apps. I'm sorry your imagination cannot accommodate my particular lifestyle.



    I shall google Gameprotector. Thank you


    I'm not an idiot and do memorise my passwords, the app I downloaded has decided the password I memorised is incorrect.


    I hope you do not take such a hectoring tone with all the comments you moderate - I am merely looking for help.



    We are not talking about shutting down your computer. Locking it does not turn it off. It simply requires a password. This prevents any guests in your home from being able to access the apps and it's silly to not do this, if you leave a computer running.

    FWIW, it's more probable that you are misremembering the password rather than the software has decided the correct one is incorrect.

    Good luck.

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  20. Please search

    Thank you, I wanted more like an individual app locker, its impractical for me to lock down the family computer :/ I downloaded an app locker now and it's locked Evernotw and WONT LET ME BACK IN - so Im miserable :/

    I can't imagine why it's impractical to lock down your computer. Mine shuts down after so many minutes of inactivity. It takes about three seconds to sign back in & IMO, it's ridiculous to leave a computer running in your home and not have it lock after a while or not lock it when you walk away. Authorized family members can easily & quickly unlock it in a matter of seconds.

    Another option is Gameprotector. It's free. Please Google it or search the board on it. I have posted about it in the past.

    As you can see, when using a password/PIN, it's important to make sure you know & remember the password/PIN.

    Good luck.

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