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  1. I agree...

    Professionalism >>

    If the people behind Evernote handels customer feedback in a professional manner - Going through this tread, makes it very clear, that this issue has to be addressed.

    If a code-designer - in an effort to address this issue - considers a change in 'algorithm' - to simply selecting the first image - to be a task too complicated, either the code is a complete mess, or the code-designer is no longer acting professionally...




    The Reason and the Why >>

    I can only guess, as to what the possible causes for something like this might be, but imagine that whoever created the current 'algorithm', also promoted this idea in a discussion with his or her coworkers (since anyone using Evernote on a regular basis, would quickly notice this issue) - now that code-designer is emotionally involved in the final outcome of this discussion/request, and might regard a code-re-design, as a personal admission to failure.

    I find it very hard to believe, that the main obstacles are technical in nature. For a problem - apparently going back several years now - I would have expected a post from someone within the company, explaining the obstacles involved in a re-design of the code or algorithm, in order to get some concrete suggestions to possible solutions, or at least reassure free-users and paying customers that an effort is being made.

    Since a thorough & professional response - to the request of Change - has not been made, my best guess is that the obstacles are psychological in nature.




    Solution (The First Step) >>

    The code-designing of the Evernote software, is probably divided into several teams, where each employee is designated an "area of expertise".

    So bear in mind, that this discussion/request might very well be followed by only a few, or maybe just one Evernote employee.

    Since this tread - at the moment - appears to result in nothing, the best way to improve the chances of a fix, would be to increase the internal awareness - of this tread and the Picture-Preview-Issue - within the Evernote Corporation, by sending a link to this discussion/request to different areas of support, and ask why nothing is being done >>IMPORTANT>> you should only send the link and the question one time, to each different line of support, and make it as Short as possible, don't spam, and keep it constructive...

    The more Different people who do this, the better will the chances be, of creating a constructive internal pressure towards a fix, by increasing awareness, as to how many dedicated users (which you must be, if you read this far) actually recognize the current Picture-Preview-Function as inappropriate.

    Overall, I think their services include many great tools for organising, research and sharing, and a possible fix to the discussed issue, would be a very useful improvement to Evernote.

    Good luck (if you need it)

    The requests for this feature have definitely been noted and I appreciate the spirited discussion!


    Just as a point of reference, describing the complexity of this task as "small" or assuming that it would "only take half a day" is grossly underestimating the level of effort involved in modifying a database structure supporting 80 million users (and billions of notes) in a production environment :) Happy to discuss this further with anyone in a separate thread!

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  2. I guess I'm more frustrated with the lack of understanding.


    This IS an annoyance to you users.


    There exists proven methods of making this not an annoyance.


    Chrome updates constantly, but I neither know nor care.  I could understand major releases triggering a popup, but we as users don't need to know about your development process and how fast you fix/change things.


    I TRUST the devs to give me updates that won't break anything. 


    Is there any good reason to notify the every user that a bug was fixed if it affects only 2% of your userbase?


    I am only trying to be helpful. 




    This is a user's board.  Evangelists do not work for Evernote.  Honestly, I don't give a rat's behind if they update weekly, twice weekly or once a month.  I control when I update.  If I don't feel like it (for whatever reason) and don't need anything that was fixed/added in the update, I skip it & go on my merry way.  NBD.  If this is so irritating to anyone, I dread to think how they'd react when something truly crucial happens.


    Another POV is when other users want a fix or feature they've been asking for ASAP.  Who's to say they should wait for a couple/several months because someone else doesn't want to be bothered by update notifications...???  The takeway here is that you can't please everyone all the time.  Someone is always going to be annoyed.  And when you're the one who's annoyed, you should prioritize annoyances so you don't get up in arms over small things.  Life is too short.

  3. If you just want a program for taking quick notes, Evernote is probably overkill. Taking "quick notes" is a fairly minor feature of the program/service. You are also not required to update unless you want to. On the Mac version (and I'd bet the Windows version) you can turn off the "Automatically check for updates" and you won't see that pop up.

    Yup. Exists on the Windows client.


    Hey moderators, 

    Just saying it is easy and not a problem isn't really helping here. There are lots of people annoyed at this behavior. Evernote is for taking quick notes, but when i have to close outlook, word etc to get an update its annoying.


    The most annoying thing is the popup. I want to jot a quick note, I as a user don't care about whatever you are updating because I have a million things to do. So not not reading the relase notes. 


    As a software developer I'm all for scrum and fast iterations, but we the users don't really care that much, we just want to use the product.


    Please update on a less frequent schedule or make it silently update. 


    This is a very poor user experience.

    I would not want a silent update. I want to know when something updates, not just Evernote.

    Sorry you think "Just saying it is easy and not a problem isn't really helping here. There are lots of people annoyed at this behavior."  But as they say, you can't please all the people, all the time.  That's life.

  4. The point of having a single note show up in multiple notebooks (and not multiple tags) is that maybe each notebook is shared with 4 separate people. However, I don't want to have 4 copies of the same note. I'd rather have and update a single note to be replicated for each of the other four shared notebooks.


    As far as I know, tags cannot do that.

    Then you can use the alternate methods...clipping four times or making four copies. It's doubtful EN would ever allow the same note to reside in multiple notebooks & may even be impossible...just as you cannot store a file on your hard drive in multiple folders. You have to make copies.

  5. There are many threads on the subject of a deeper hierarchical structure for notebooks.

    One of the reasons I signed up for a premium account is because I "hoped" that would give me a deeper hierarchical structure. Unfortunately I was wrong.

    If enough people keep asking for this feature, the EN management might just reconsider accommodating customer demand. After all, the customer is supposed to be king???


    Please don't tell me that the answer is Tags. Sure, tags are useful but they don't fit the way I work. I like to browse down a hierarchy as part of my personal search and creative process.


    So, Evernote management, please... a cry from a paying customer... please reconsider and allow us to add notebooks within notebooks within notebooks...


    Dave Britzius

    (Cape Town) 

    The customer is not always king. When two customers each want a feature that is mutually exclusive, who wins? Or a feature would negatively impact something about the product. Or there are higher priorities. Or the devs have simply decided to not incorporate a particular feature, for whatever reason. After all, they owe it to existing customers AND employees to make good business decisions so the company can (hopefully) remain profitable. Simply being a paying customer and expecting something you want changed to be changed is unreasonable.

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  6. +1000 on this feature request!!!

    I know the difference about tags and notebooks but sometimes notes just belongs in several notebooks!

    As mentioned copy and paste isn't a very good workflow. I want them to "link" to the same note and update everywhere as I change it.

    Coming from a Springpad workflow this feature is just a necessity :)

    Evernote is not Springpad. Given that Springpad has died & EN has over 100 million users, it seems EN has gotten some things right. Evernote's philosophy is a note lives in just one notebook. It's doubtful this philosophy will change any time soon, if ever. As has been stated many times, tags are the way to be able to retrieve/organize notes. You can look at it this way, tags can replicate notebooks & by using tags, a note can appear to be in "Notebook A" (a tag) as well as "Notebook B" (a tag).

  7. Any updates on this topic?

    I imagine that the implementation of encryption in the web client is a bit difficult as there is no client that encrypts the text.

    But I think this feature would increase security.

    Therefore +1

    1. EN does not publish their roadmaps or ETAs.

    2. Yes, some clients do encrypt text. The Mac & Windows clients have done this for about six years. (Refer to post #2 above)

  8. OK, here is my deal. I like to use EN to take down notes while discussing things with my team, and then if a more formal document arises from these discussions, I like to attach the file to the note so that it's there and I can have a record of this file. Cool? Well, normally these files reside in DB, however it seems that once you attach the file to the note, EN likes to keep a copy of the file in its own database. This would not be a major problem except for the fact that if I want to make any edits to the file, the file embedded in EN links to the copy of the file in the EN database, not to the original file in DB. Ergo, if I open the file from EN then the file in DB does not get updated with the edits and vice-versa. I found out the hard way when I had made edits to the file after opening it from EN, then going to the file in DB and discovering that this version did not have the edits.

    I realize that EN keeps its own copy of the file so that the copy can propagate to my EN account on various computers/devices. However, may of us work concurrently with EN and DB and integration would be a beautiful thing. I would much rather just link to the file on DB. EN is not really built for high-capacity cloud storage, for that I use DB. 


    Any thoughts?

    This so the way EN has worked from day one & is no secret. (There are at least a few threads on the topic). It's really very simple. Put the file in either EN or Dropbox. It's doubtful EN would ever do what you're wanting it to do.

  9. I am trying to recover a few months of missing log data from last year. Our Evernote data is archived everyday to a server. The archives seem to consist of .exb files, one of which is over 250MB in size. I can't seem to open the .exb files with Evernote. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?



    When you say "log data", are you talking about notes in Evernote or Evernote log files?  If you're talking about notes in a different exb file, you would:


    1. Fully exit EN, making sure there are no elephants in the task bar.
    2. Temporarily rename the live exb file. 
    3. Disconnect from the internet
    4. Copy (not paste/move) the desired exb file to the same location as the live file & make sure it's named your-login-name.exb
    5. Invoke Evernote.  This will have you using the old exb file.  Since you disconnected from the internet, it will not sync any changes down.  IE, if it contains notes that were subsequently deleted or modified, if you are connected to the internet, those changes would be sync'd & you'd end up where you were before starting this.
    6. Select the notes you want to move to the live database & export them to enex file.  (Please search the board on the tips for doing this so you are able to retain tag & notebook info.)
    7. Fully exit Evernote again.
    8. Delete the exb file you created in step 4 above. 
    9. Copy (don't paste/move) the file created in step 2 above to your-login-name.exb
    10. Invoke Evernote & import the enex file(s) created in step 6 above.
    11. If everything looks good, connect to the internet.


    I say to copy files, rather than paste/move b/c if something gets muffed up along the way, you still have your original live file and your original archived file.


    EDIT:  When I say paste, I mean don't CUT/paste.  You would COPY/paste rather than CUT/paste in order to retain the original file.  So you do still have to paste.  Sorry for any confusion... ;)

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  10. I think Evernote seem overly biased towards Apple. Why do inferior Apple devices seem to get new features first.

    Surely Evernote can make a Linux client very easily since Apple ripped off Linux as the basis of its Mac OS.

    TeamViewer seem to manage very easily to accommodate Linux users. It secretly and seamlessly uses WINE underneath but it works perfectly.

    I feel disheartened that every time want to make full use of Evernote I have to boot into an inferior operating system :-(

    Come on! Evernote should be promoting their image to one of Open Source and collaboration.

    You seem to think because you think Apple products and Windows OS are inferior that that's a fact. Well guess what? It's not a fact & simply your opinion. Each has their own pros & cons as does Linux. WRT Evernote, you can always use the web client.

    Would you settle for the web client? Isnt the fact that this topic has been hashed and re hashed so many times generally point towards there being public interest? I understand that they have said "NO" they are not doing one and we realise that you personally cannot do anything about that however.....

    Isn't expressing our interest to them either directly or in the forums the best way to get our views across? Customer feedback? If we just simply say nothing then that confirms that "No linux client" was a good decision. I imagine converting their "FREE" members to "PREMIUM" would be high on their priority list and creating a linux client would be as good way to do that.

    No one is objecting to anyone expressing their desire for a Linux client. But all the conspiracy theories regularly posed about why EN has made that decision are fair game for debate, even if it is strictly academic.

    And to answer your first question, yes, I use the web client every day.

  11. Please confirm or clear up my ignorance.

    Am I correct that the Windows version of Evernote does not permit you to create more than one window?

    Please note I'm not referring to opening a Note in its own window.

    I mean, e.g.: having one window showing Notebooks and another window showing tags or the Note list.

    I know that the Mac version allows you to do this but cannot find it on the Windows version. Have I missed something?

    It is correct that you can only have one "main" window in the Windows client. You can use the web client as a second window, though.

  12. Hello Heather,

    Thank u for your response.

    Well i have a little problemen because i don't have Iphone. I'm an android user.

    So if i understand this correctly, i can't buy Evernote premium.

    Dear Evernote, maybe it's handy to upgrade your possibilities on this. I think i'm not the only one who wants to upgrade, but don't have the possibility.

    With kind regards,


    In the eight months since Heather's reply, I would have thought you could have gone to Evernote.com (even on your Android phone) and purchased a premium account...??? Or through iTunes.com. I don't think you have to have an iDevice to buy things from iTunes. People buy songs & movies from a PC all the time.

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  13. I use my ScanSnap 1300 to scan pages into Evernote. Occasionally, I scan in a doc that was printed in landscape format. And 90% of the time the ScanSnap program figures out that it needs rotating, and will place the pdf in the EN note in the correct orientation. (I *do* have the box checked in the SS program to "automatically rotate the image".)


    However, sometimes the pdf will be placed into the EN note in it's native orientation (ie. it's needing to be rotated 90 degrees to be read correctly).


    Using EN I can access the pdf in adobe reader, and then I can rotate the image the 90 degrees, but I cannot *save* it back to EN in this new orientation.


    Question: I know adobe has different software packages (reader, acrobat, etc.). Anyone have any thoughts on which is the most cost effective (ie. "cheapest") package to purchase if I simply wish to rotate a pdf and save it back into EN in it's new orientation?




    Don't give Adobe any money if all you want to do is rotate a PDF. (I'm not a fan of Adobe...) Several PDF viewers allow you to rotate & save.  The free version of PDF Xchange viewer not only allows you to rotate, but you can password protect AND...password encrypt a PDF too.



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  14. Is there any way to generate a list of "local" notebooks?  I use over 150 notebooks and discovered that two or three had been inadvertently set up as local notebooks which obviously resulted in them not synchronizing.  My note count is off slightly from my web evernote data.  I suspect there may be one more local notebook.  Is there any way of checking without manually going through each notebook and checking its properties?


    For some reason unknown to me, EN has chosen to remove the clear & obvious indications that notebooks are local/sync'd or shared.  :huh:

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    I use them very often on iOS & do not find the experience "horrible".



    Would you say that you have a positive experience or just that you don't have a horrible experience?  


    Personally I find them hard to work with – perhaps my fingers put me at a disadvantage here, but they aren't particularly big fingers!



    I would say my experience is positive and I use them (checkboxes) several times a week.  I would say that if someone has large fingers & is using an iPhone that that could be a disadvantage.  ;)    But my point here is that not everyone has this same "horrible" experience.

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  16. So are we saying that "zero knowledge" encryption is too much to ask from a Premium EverNote offering?


    Zero Knowledge would mean that EverNote would need a password that only the user knows to decrypt and access the data......essentially the data would be encrypted on the local computer or device before syncing to the cloud......emailing in notes may not be encrypted until later or never at all in this scenerio as the EN servers would handle the processing via email.


    To re-reiterate & be extremely clear..."zero knowledge" encryption is mutually exclusive from one of Evernote's main draws which is indexing your data.  So although they may add this in the future, it's not their main focus.  If you want total zero knowledge encryption, you should seek out a backup program.  There are several very good ones out there.  Evernote is not a backup program, nor are they striving to be.


    There really is nothing more I have to add.

  17. The post about data mining is not mine. I wrote:


    Evernote, please add full-notebook encryption. 


    I'm a psychologist and use my iPad for therapy session notes.  The law on psychologist-client and HIPAA requires me to keep client information confidential.  If there's no encryption, and my notes are in plain text, I cannot send them to Evernote which is one of three options for exporting notes that my note-taking program allows.  


    This is the case for every medical professional in the US, so until you add full-notebook encryption, using your product for serious work is unacceptable. I realize that many users do not need this option and agree with others that I would be glad to pay an additional fee for encryption at the notebook level. Ideally I would be able to transfer the file to Evernote locally and then add it to an encrypted in Evernote to allow access wherever I am.

    I don't believe anyone said you wrote about data mining...???

    Evernote is not & I doubt they ever will be HIPAA compliant, which I believe is a requirement for the medical industry.

  18. BurgersNFries - Are you saying that my data on the EN servers is only accessible to me? Are you saying that if someone hacked an EN server and grabbed data they would not be able to access the data without first breaking the encryption?

    I want some level of comfort that the data is safe from all prying eyes but properly authenticated access via username/password. I use complex passwords and am willing to take the risk of someone hacking that password......I just don't know if the data is encrypted "at rest" on the servers, data in transit is encrypted, but what about at rest?

    If someone grabbed the database from an EN server, would that database require years of computing power to decrypt?

    These should be simple questions to answer yes or no.....there are many cloud backup providers, some provide users with the ability to use personal encryption password keys to ensure that the data is encrypted at rest......of course if the users forget these passwords, the data is not accessible by the user or the vendor.....this is the type of security we are asking for and willing to pay for.

    We all love EN and want to put more and more data there, but we need to be sure that the data is properly secured.

    Please read the thread I linked to above. It's thorough & I'm not inclined to rewrite what I've already written. If you want a simple yes/no answer, then it's really simple...if you don't want a hacker getting your data, then don't put it in any cloud unless it is encrypted with an encryption key that is not known to the hosting company. I use Amazon S3 servers for this. But Evernote is not a backup app...it indexes your data & cannot do this if the data is truly & securely encrypted.

  19. I will be clear as to what I want:


    I want my data synchronized with the online (cloud) version in a way that only I can access while logged in. I want the data to be encrypted on your server in a way that no one can access the data without the encryption key. You can use an encryption algorithm that uses the login password to create the encryption key.


    I want the data at rest on your servers to be encrypted and secure so that if there is an EverNote security breech, I will know that my data is safe. If that means that EverNote can't use data mining against my data, so be it, but that might limit EverNote's revenue if they are monetizing our data in ways similar to the way Google does....i.e. targeted Ads

    Evernote does not data mine.

    If your data is encrypted on the EN servers, it cannot be indexed, which is a big part of Evernote's appeal. If you say to use your logon password as part of the encryption password, then that's not much more secure than no encryption. You may find this old thread informative.

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