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  1. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Are we children!? Today the F word is so common it has become useless as a swear word; few people give it a second thought when it is used. PC has gotten out of control!Are we children? This is the internet where anyone can be here and anyone can pose as someone they are not. I have seen some pretty nasty posts by supposed adults. I agree that PC has gotten out of control and yes, the F word is very common. That doesn't mean a board owner must allow it or allow potentially offensive words. As users of this board, we should respect that.
  2. Well, as you can see, my use of the word g-a-y got bleeped out...
  3. That word is often considered a slur against the ***** community. There are other acceptable words that get "bleeped" out since the filter can't determine the context used. IE. I think these words get bleeped: c-r-a-p, s-c-r-e-w. It's certainly easy enough to edit your post to use a different word.
  4. Poser. Agreed. The user's profile does not indicate he/she is an Evernote employee. Plus, to date, Evernote has never offered phone support except I think Evernote Business did...but am not sure.
  5. Version 2 files are definitely NOT compatible with later versions of Evernote. If you cannot find a copy of V2 through something like Filehippo, then it would seem your only option is to upgrade from a free Evernote account, if you haven't already, and submit a support ticket. I'm not 100% sure they would be able to get you a copy, since that version has not been supported for over six years. But if you do get a copy, then you would need to also get a copy of 3.x in order to migrate from the 2.x database. And there may even be another update you'd need to do, since I think the 3.x database is not compatible with the latest versions, either.
  6. I have been using Amazon S3 servers via Jungledisk UI for many years now (at least 7). IDK offhand how much space I use, but I think it's safe to say I use more than most of the average Joes b/c I tend to be a "virtual hoarder" and have documents, files, photos and even home movies I've been collecting for about 25 years now. What used to cost me ~$90/month is now down to $40.
  7. FWIW, you *can* put an encrypted container in Dropbox & open it as a virtual drive. I've done this in the past with a Truecrypted container.
  8. Evernote is free for everyone. OTOH, Evernote premium is not free for anyone, AFAIK. The exception of course, is if you get a voucher when you've purchased another product or something like that. You can still access your account & notes, but it would have reverted to a free account.
  9. I switched from Evernote to Onenote last year. I got Office 365 (annual subscription) which includes free updates of the Office suite software and one terabyte of cloud storage. Onenote doesn't work as well for me as Evernote USED to. But Evernote does not scale well. They are aware of this and have continued to not address the problem. It got to the point where EN simply would not work on my PC, iPhone or iPad due to the large number of notes I had (66,000+) I had. So for me, the $100/year for the version of Office 365 I signed up for was worth it, since I had two EN premium accounts. But as you say, that's a different discussion.
  10. Sorry, but if the data being sent to Evernote is not in a viable format (for whatever reason), it's still the third party developer's responsibility, not Evernote's. The third party dev needs to make sure the data they are sending to Evernote is in a viable format. IE, if the third party app is sending the date in an invalid format, Evernote may be using a default value of 1/1/70, when writing the record to the database. So the third party developer needs to correct the date they are sending. Also, Evernote does not provide support to free users either. This board is strictly a users board that EN employees only occasionally post on. So the chance of anyone here knowing how to fix the issue is possible, but slim.
  11. Eventnoted appears to be a third party app. You should contact the developer through the contact link on their webpage.
  12. Honey, you always are reinventing the wheel. Evernote does not need to get your permission to delete your posts. Nor are they required to inform you if they do. Having said that, this has been discussed with you here... https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/83222-where-are-my-old-topics/
  13. Every Evernote account has a default notebook, which is where notes that do not have a designated notebook go (IE if you email something into your EN account). When you are using an EN client, you can select a notebook to work in. IE, if you're clipping a lot of notes about a particular topic, this way you don't have to specify a notebook each time. Just go to that notebook in the client & clip away. Most users (including me) would hate to have to specify a notebook for each clipping, which is why there are these options. Hardly absurd. Many people use their default notebook as an inbox & then clear their inbox at a later date.
  14. Evernote has publicly stated they do not support networked drives. Some people have reported success while others have claimed problems. Additionally, Evernote's CTO has publicly stated that attempting to put the live Evernote database in Dropbox has a high risk of data corruption. I'm not familiar with Netdrive, but if it's similar to Dropbox, I would think the same warning would apply. And like Gaz, I would suggest against it. Please note that this differs from putting a BACKUP of your live database into a cloud such as Dropbox.
  15. Yup. Or certain cases where there were very few changes to local notes & the user has a lot of links in local notebooks that they don't want to break. That whole pesky "not one size fits all" thing again.
  16. I disagree about always importing local notebooks when restoring. See my post above yours wrt full restore of local notebooks from an exb file.
  17. Restores are not one size fits all. As Csihilling pointed out, it depends upon what has transpired since the last backup & what you are wanting to restore. I only backup the EXB file. I don't export to ENEX b/c if you have a good exb file, you can open it & then create the enex file, should you need/want to. JMO. And they are NOT required. To restore your local (non-sync'd) notebooks (in the event of a hard drive crash) or to move your database to a new computer (upgrading and/or computer loss/theft), the local notebooks would need to be in a recent backup of your exb file. Simply install Evernote & restore from the good exb file: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22426-how-to-backup-your-windows-client-evernote-database/?p=158514 Then sync: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21977-location-of-locally-stored-notebooks/?p=162582 This is similar to if you did not use the Windows client since your last backup, which was last week. Instead, you used the web client to add/modify/delete sync'd notes using the web client. Then today, you use the Windows client & sync. Same exact scenario, in essence. This does NOT break note links or go against your upload limit. Importing from ENEX files DOES break links & goes against your upload limit. Another reason I prefer to avoid enex files.
  18. JMiU...AS IVE TOLD YOU AT LEAST TWICE IN THE PAST...ON THIS BOARD...(I would highlight that in blue like you like to do but I'm on my iPad) restore is not a one size fits all. (Feel free to search the board). Your above exchange is simply one example. I don't know why you fail to comprehend this. (Or why you are compelled to nitpick with so many people on this board - now, there's your nonsense!) There are instances where a restore absolutely does not break links and no, enex is not required. Again, I don't know why you fail to understand this. The very fact that after all the years you've been using Evernote and don't know how to restore notes is proof positive that you do not understand the process of restore & should not be advising other users about it. That. Is. All.
  19. Good grief JM...will you PLEASE STOP WITH THE NITPICKING???? It only adds UNWANTED NOISE. Get a hobby or something. You do a darned good job of making yourself look like the bad guy. Let's see...this week alone, you've nitpicked with csihilling:https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80104-manual-sorting-and-the-design-objection/page-2#entry345419 Jefito & GM:https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41178-evernote-annoyance-creating-sub-folders/page-3 And Gaz. (And I've not even linked to the various threads - this week alone). Maybe you should step away from the keyboard & take a lot of deep breaths, since you seem to be a huge contributor of (to use your term), noise. And the madness continues...JMiU please stop arguing about and nitpicking EVERY SINGLE THING THAT someone you don't like says. MOVE ON.https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80104-manual-sorting-and-the-design-objection/?p=346772
  20. Absolutely not true, as you & I have discussed a few times before. There IS a way to do a restore via Mac and/or Windows clients that is a true restore & does not break links or go against your upload limit. Not going to go through this with you yet again. Please do not confuse the OP with your misinformation.OP, again, search on backup/restore. Or, if you have a premium account, you can submit a support ticket. BNF, I wish you were right, but you are not. If it can be done, then you can easily provide a link to the detailed steps to achieve a true restore. I won't believe it until you do. @daphoenix7207: Don't accept BNF's statement on blind faith. Do your own research and be convinced you know how to do a true restore before you select a backup strategy. JMiU, I have already provided info for you in the past. At least twice. Like I said, I'm not going around & around with you yet again. The fact that you don't understand how to do it doesn't mean it doesn't work or is confusing to others.
  21. Absolutely not true, as you & I have discussed a few times before. There IS a way to do a restore via Mac and/or Windows clients that is a true restore & does not break links or go against your upload limit. Not going to go through this with you yet again. Please do not confuse the OP with your misinformation. OP, again, search on backup/restore. Or, if you have a premium account, you can submit a support ticket.
  22. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/82129-ios-evernote-suddenly-way-to-slow-typing-delays/ And...
  23. Backup has been discussed on the board at great length. It's also helpful to mention what client you are using. In a nutshell, for the Windows desktop client, you backup the your-user-name.exb file. Please search the board for Mac and/or for more info on backup & restore.
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