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  1. For years, I've done a lot of writing in Evernote, and I use rich text extensively -- especially underlining. Unfortunately, a new bug was introduced recently, affecting the way text is selected. Normally, when you double-click a word, that word is highlighted and ready for commands. For example, if you double-clicked the second word below, then selected "Underline," you'd get the following: I love bananas. But a recent update broke the selection mechanism, causing the empty space following the selected word to be highlighted, as well. As a result, upon double-clicking a word, then underlining, you get this: I love bananas. For obvious reasons, this only affects underlining. But it's extremely annoying and now requires "jumping through hoops" to remove the underline from the space between the words. (You can't just backspace and type a new space, because the new space inherits the formatting of the previous word. So, there's a whole procedure, now, that must take place in order to correct this.) I'd love to see this fixed, please.
  2. What he said. This wasn't "broke" before. Default note titles worked perfectly well. Now they're inexplicable. I nearly just had a heart attack because I'd pasted into evernote some very complex text (lots of special characters, etc), saved the note, then did some other things on my iPhone. Then I returned to Evernote and looked for the note I'd just created — thinking the first words of the note would be the title; in fact I'd specifically placed those words at the top for that very purpose -- but it was nowhere to be found. I began to panic, switched to "all notes" (instead of the specific notebook I'd selected) and then I noticed the oddity of the most recent note's title: "Note from [proxy] [proxy] seminar in Los Angeles." I was like, WTH? It just so happens that I'd placed, on my calendar, a seminar I was considering attending tonight. But I decided not to go. Yet, Evernote "decided" to name my note based upon info that it pulled from my calendar for an event I didn't even attend!! Seriously, folks? Creepy much? Sure, I can see how that might be useful — if i've been asked if I wanted Evernote to name my notes in that manner, and if I'd said "Yes, do that." Otherwise? CREEPY. And more importantly, inaccurate. The note I took has nothing to do with the seminar. Nothing! Even worse, Evernote asked to have access to my location, which I granted — but then, if it's accessing location, calendar, and (presumably) contacts, it should have "known" that I'm at home, not at the seminar!! Now, I've just learned that somewhere there's a setting for turning this "feature" off — but then we're left with "Untitled Note" as the default name for every note. With all due respect, who is deciding that these are good ideas? Who decided that taking away first-words-as-default was a good idea, and that replacing that with (probably inaccurate and irrelevant) location-based names was a better idea? Seriously, folks, I'm deeply troubled by this. 1. The default name should be the first few lines of text. I think 99% of users would find this intuitive and agreeable. 2. Naming notes by location should be available on an opt-in basis only (not the other way around). If you make a change like that, ask us if we want it! Don't make a huge change like that, then just expect us to want it. Especially when it. doesn't. work. We all love for apps to have new features. But these features are not being thought through and/or you're not beta-testing them with enough users who can give you real-world feedback on their usefulness, friendliness, or practicality. I've loved Evernote for years, but honestly, it's getting more and more and more complicated — in an unfriendly way. I didn't intend for this to be a rant, but I'm really beginning to lose "faith" in Evernote. With each new version, things become harder to locate and harder to do. And yes, I'm a paying user — and have been for years — so this is very serious to me. Please make default titles useful again.
  3. Great news! Thanks! Now that I'm able to draw a straight line, I've noticed something else: Is it also possible to adjust the degree to which the highlighter "masks" the original text? I may not be using the correct term, but instead of just colorizing the white space around the text the user is highlighting, the highlighter lightens the black text, making it look "gray" and "washed out." Other PDF highlighters (including that in Preview.app and others) do not do this. They colorize the background, while leaving the black text black.
  4. Thought I'd open a scanned PDF and use Skitch to highlight passages. But it's virtually impossible to draw a straight line of highlighting across a line of text. Sadly, for anything other than free-hand drawing, the highlighting feature in its present incarnation is completely unusable. Highlighting should (optionally) work the way it works to draw an arrow: You click at point A, then drag across to point B, and once you're satisfied that the line is straight, you hit enter to confirm and have the line drawn. Better yet, it'd be great to click a checkbox that constrains all lines horizontally (or vertically, as may be needed). (And though i'm posting this in the Mac section, similar changes should be implemented on iOS devices, as well.) Thanks.
  5. When I write lyrics in Evernote, I make extensive use of font colors and sizes to indicate whether lines are final, tentative, discarded, etc. In TextEdit, Mail.app, and various other apps I routinely select text and use Copy Style (⌥⌘C) and Paste Style (⌥⌘V) to instantly apply the font, size, and color of the source text to the destination text. Those keyboard shortcuts are second nature -- yet they don't work in Evernote. In Evernote you have to manually adjust font, size, and color individually. I'd love for these (arguably standard) commands to be added to Evernote. Since extensive rich-text support is already implemented, I can't imagine this would be a difficult addition. Thanks.
  6. math was one of my college majors. i began my college mathematics courses at the age of 15, and i ultimately graduated summa cum laude (valedictorian) with a 3.98 GPA. it was one of our math professors who taught us that "the language of mathematics is exact, concise, and precise." if you're comparing only two objects (or concepts), the word "smallest" simply cannot, and does not, apply. the fact that you believe with all your heart that it does does not change that. that's all i have to say on the matter. i didn't write "insults," per se; i simply stated facts. but, aware that they might bristle, i added smileys to indicate friendly disagreement. i'm sorry you didn't appreciate that approach. with that in mind, in the purest sense -- meaning "possessing a lack of knowledge on a subject," as opposed to lacking intelligence -- i'll just say: you're ignorant. (no smiley. better?) we're at an impasse... there's nothing more i can add, and nothing you can say that will change the facts. at this point, you'll be tempted to digress into pure insults, and i'm not going to participate in that. so, i will read/post no further, and i wish you the best of luck. (again, no smiley. i hope that's to your liking.)
  7. with all due respect, you just don't get it. if you understood grammar, you'd realize your statement was nonsensical. you can't just decide to use the wrong word because it "sounds right" to you. though you may think the two words are interchangeable, they simply are not. the smaller of two items is NOT the smallest. it's the smaller. the word "smallest" is grammatically incorrect. period. if you use the word "smallest," the fact that someone will understand what you "mean" doesn't change the fact that it's grammatically (and mathematically) incorrect. unless there are at least three items being compared, "-est" is ineligible for use. there are no exceptions.
  8. ...except it's somewhat ineptly named, because at least 3 items (in this case, "dimensions") are required for the suffix "-est" to be applicable. therefore, since an image has only 2 dimensions, 1 dimension would be the smaller of the two, not the smallest. so, it should be the "largest smaller" dimension. but i don't think jeff coined the phrase, so it's not his fault.
  9. Yeah. For example, if you have 3 images with the following dimensions: 75x100 100x400 200x300 The "smallest" dimensions are 75, 100, and 200, respectively. We're going to use the image with the largest of those "smallest" dimensions (i.e., 200). There are probably better ways to describe that algorithm, but that's how we've been describing it internally. with all due respect, what you really mean is the "largest smaller" dimension. for the word "smallest" to apply, you'd have to be comparing at least 3 items -- or, in this case, dimensions (such as the 3 sides of a triangle, or 3 or more of anything, really). but images are two-dimensional; they have only height and width. therefore, neither dimension is the "smallest" of the two; it's the smaller of the two.
  10. i assume you're being sarcastic. but without a smiley or some other indicator, your intent is ambiguous. to most of us, the endless scrolling back and forth is completely unacceptable. i suspect that's your opinion, as well, although stated perhaps a bit too subtly.
  11. i received a word document (all text), which i clipped into EN. but now, viewing it on the ipad, the text is so small that it's nearly unreadable. so, in EN/mac, i enlarged the type by 3 sizes and synced. however, after syncing on the iPad, the text remains tiny. of course i can unpinch to enlarge the text, but EN/ipad doesn't rewrap the text, so i then have to slide the page back and forth, just to read the text. have i overlooked the solution to this on the ipad? :-) (by the way, the synced note is perfectly readable on the iphone, because the default font-size is considerably larger.) if there's no current solution, may i suggest: • the default font-size on the ipad should be larger. • it would be fantastic if EN/ipad would rewrap text after we've resized it.
  12. Often, when filling out web forms, a section will contain several paragraphs. Before submitting a form, I like to save the text in case I need to refer to it later. So, in Safari, I'll select all and copy, then switch to Evernote and paste. But when I do so, all paragraph or line-break info is stripped from the text, resulting in everything getting pasted as one, large block. This happens whether pasting manually (⌘V) or using Clip to Evernote (⌃⌘V). I'd have to classify this as a bug. If the copied text contains paragraphs, they should remain intact in Evernote. I'd love to see this fixed. :-)
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