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  1. Precisely. Version 10 is an utter disaster. Nothing is where it used to be—and the new locations aren't better than the old locations. Other things are gone completely. Sorting options were removed from menus (where they could be easily selected via keyboard shortcuts). The whole thing is an utter embarrassment. One wonders who's making—and approving—these god-awful decisions.
  2. The search field in the Help menu has been standard in virtually every macOS app for what? 10 years? The search field allows the user to search for menu commands without having to manually scan each menu individually. Why on earth would this be missing/omitted from Evernote 10.12.6?
  3. I created a note full of "to-dos" on my Mac. Later, when I went to modify that note on my iPhone, I discovered that: The checkboxes are displayed differently on the two platforms. Furthermore, when I went to add one item to the list on iOS, an entire group of adjacent to-dos changed their formatting: They indented and changed color. Yet, other to-dos in the same note remained unchanged: Horrified, I opened the note on my Mac, only to discover that there, the strangely modified group of to-dos now inexplicably had bullets added in front of them—before the checkboxes: This is truly unbelievable. Bugs abound.
  4. I appreciate your willingness to help. Thank you. That said, I don't understand why your suggestion is necessary. This forum is called "Evernote for iOS Issues," so that's why I posted my experience here. If no one from Evernote reads these posts, why does the forum exist? I don't know that I need a "specific response." I just need apps that work. I highly doubt that they can magically cause my deleted note to reappear. So, I'm not sure why I should take the time to open a support ticket, when I've already posted the issue here. Again, I realize you're trying to help, and I do appreciate that. But if Evernote employees aren't reading these posts, the forum shouldn't exist. Evernote shouldn't have to rely upon well-meaning, thoughtful users like yourself to direct us elsewhere. I used to love Evernote, but those days, sadly, seem to be over. Thanks again.
  5. 20 minutes ago, I created a new photo note with Evernote for iOS and took two photos of an item. I named and saved the note (using the new, cumbersome interface), then moved it to another notebook. Finally, I hit the green checkmark to save it (which in previous versions was unnecessary). 10 minutes later, I sat down at my Mac—and the newest note is an empty note called "Snapshot." I went back to my iPhone, and sure enough, the photos are gone, and the newest note is simply called "Snapshot." After photographing this item, I disassembled it and placed in the trash. I had photographed it for posterity. Now it's gone. In all the years I've used Evernote (release and beta versions), I've never had notes just disappear. Ironically, in the past notes were saved automatically. But now that we have to tap a button to save notes, saving isn't working. These new versions (both iOS and Mac) are complete disasters in every way.
  6. Before v10, after scanning a document, we had the option of selecting "photo" to save that document as a full photo if desired. But in v10, when we choose "photo," instead of seeing the full photo, I'm being presented with a cropped version of the photo, which isn't helpful. Furthermore, it seems the only workaround for this is a new option when beginning a scan: We're now asked to select either "auto" or "photo"—which is ironic because the previous procedure was in fact automatic! Now, if we don't care for the way the scan looks, we have to delete the scan, choose "photo" and scan the document again. In other words, the procedure is now far, far more complicated because we're asked to make a decision before we even see which type of scan might look best. Scanning was automatic before. Now it's not. Now it's fiddly and unpredictable. In what way or ways is this an improvement upon the way scanning worked before?
  7. I've made this observation in other posts about individual features, but this is clearly now a recurring theme in v10: Every action I attempt now takes *more taps* to complete than it took before. Every. Single. One. The following is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list; just some examples off the top of my head: Creating a new note Naming a new note Selecting the type of new note to be created Scanning a document (the thumbnail of which later fails to appear, and the interface of which is very "blinky" and erratic) Completing a note and returning to the note list (which is now, inexplicably, "saving" a note—which used to happen automatically, but now requires a separate tap) Accessing Shortcuts (to favorite notes) The row of icons that previously existed at the bottom allowed QUICK access to most features. Now we have to dig into a stupid menu. More taps! Accessing the list of notebooks Moving a note to another notebook ADDED: Before scanning a document, we must now select "Auto" or "Photo" before scanning—when the entire process used to be truly automatic. And if you select "Auto," see the scan, then decide to go with a photo instead, you can't just switch to "Photo" like before, because that's broken. You have to delete the scan, start again, and select "Photo." What used to be truly automatic (and kind of amazing) is now complicated and frustrating. Task after task after task now takes *more taps* to complete. And this is supposed to be an "upgrade"? Was ANY consideration given to this concept during the development of v10? This is NOT a rhetorical question. I'm asking it sincerely: Were the designers and coders tasked (no pun intended) with arriving at a fresh, new design while also (a) considering the number of taps that has always been required to complete each task and while (b) making sure that the number of taps was NOT exceeded in the new design? Clearly the answer is "no." They were NOT given this mandate. (Or if they were, they failed spectacularly.) Actually, they failed spectacularly either way, because even without being given this mandate, as designers and coders they should have known—instinctively—that this was an important component of the job. They. Failed. They failed themselves, they failed their bosses, and—most importantly—they failed every Evernote user. To be clear, I love and welcome fresh, new design, and I do like the look of v10. But functionally (and remember—Evernote is a productivity app), this update, along with its macOS sibling, is an unmitigated disaster. I truly hope the team will address these issues quickly—across all platforms—so we can like (love?) Evernote again. —A paying user
  8. I love updates and new features. I often run beta versions of various apps (but wasn't aware of a beta cycle for v10, if it existed). That said, Evernote 10 is an utter disaster. Feature after feature after feature is either broken or missing. Not obscure features, MAJOR features. Too many to list. (I've posted a few in other threads. I'm a paying user, and this is one of the worst updates of any app in recent memory. Many of us have reported numerous bugs that went unfixed for years. (Literally.) Instead of fixing bugs, you devoted resources to creating this massive update—which is broken from head to toe. I'm reverting to v7, which can easily be found here: https://filehippo.com/mac/download_evernote_for_mac/history/ v7 is buggy, but at least I know where those skeletons are. v10 is downright unusable.
  9. I've used it for years. Copy some text (or whatever), then hit ⌃⌘V. Evernote is launched, and a new note is created with the contents of the clipboard. Well, in 10.1.7, Evernote launches, but no new note is created, and nothing is pasted. (Incidentally, this and other shortcuts were customizable in one of the tabs of Evernote's preferences—but v10 has NO preferences at all, which is weird and disconcerting. How else are we to specify these and other other settings?)
  10. I wants my notes in Helvetica Neue, as they've been for years. Why would you take away custom fonts and force us to use fonts you've preselected? What's the downside of letting us use whatever fonts we want? I'm not against updates. I like new features! I like fresh design! But so far, all this "update" seems to do is (a) take away features we've used (b) make it harder to do things we've done for years. (Or in the case of iOS, requiring additional taps to do what we used to do with fewer taps.) Taking away features is NOT an upgrade. This is getting more and more disappointing. —A paid user
  11. When I create a new note, I want to start with the title, not the body. That's how it's been for years. Why would you change this? If you believe some users want this new behavior, please, please make this a preference we can specify. (Speaking of which, what happened to preferences? Now there's no centralized place for settings? WTH?)
  12. In the previous iOS version, when we were finished creating a new note, we could simply hit the back arrow to simultaneously save the note and return to the note list. (Otherwise, the note was automatically saved without an explicit "save" action.) Now, there's a green checkmark that saves the note—but we aren't then returned to the note list. After saving, an arrow appears, and a 2nd tap is now required to return to the note. While it's just one extra tap, that's one extra tap per note—and when creating many notes, that's now twice the work. This is questionable design. When notes are saved automatically (or they have been for years and years), what is gained by now requiring this extra step? (It's clear what we've lost.) Why must saving and returning to the list now be two, separate actions? When designing updates, is no thought given to whether the new design creates MORE work for the user than the previous design?
  13. In the past, the iOS app always respected the orientation of the camera when the photo was taken. After rotating the phone, I always watched for Evernote's icons to rotate to match the phone to make sure that photos had the correct orientation. As a result, the image would be properly oriented in the new note. But that's now broken. In the new version, after rotating my iPhone to landscape orientation and taking a photo, the note is created with the photo improperly rotated. Yes, there's now a rotation button, but if the app is behaving properly in the first place, we shouldn't need to use the rotation button unless we change our mind about the desired orientation of the photo.
  14. All new notes containing newly scanned documents have generic icons instead of image previews. I rely upon these preview images, so this is extremely frustrating.
  15. I'm talking about the button to the right that displays a menu of the different types of notes. It sometimes doesn't respond. iPhone XS Max, iOS 14 (always up to date)
  16. Please don't tell other people what to bump and what not to bump. And please don't make generalized assumptions about what issues or features other people care about. There are numerous issues that many of us continue to care deeply about. But since the Evernote team ignores the majority of our requests and bug reports, some of us have simply grown tired of posting about them since our posts appear to fall upon deaf ears. Rest assured: Presentation mode remains a MAJOR annoyance.
  17. It seems you each missed this part of my post: "Furthermore, since as a last resort I literally copied the full contents of the note, pasted them into an email, and sent the email to each recipient with no problems, this proves that there's nothing inherent about the note's content that prevents it from being emailed." If Mail.app can email the contents of that note—and the recipients' servers did NOT complain—why can't Evernote?
  18. Thanks. Please see the update I just posted.
  19. UPDATE: The note I was attempting to email (that resulted in the error messages) contained a combination of text and ~65 images, totaling ~25MB. I've since determined that smaller notes do in fact email successfully, so there's something about emailing this larger message that is causing the errors. I have not determined a particular threshold at which the emailing of notes begins to fail, but clearly the wording of the error message that we're sent—particularly the suggestion that email addresses may be incorrect—is problematic. Furthermore, since as a last resort I literally copied the full contents of the note, pasted them into an email, and sent the email to each recipient with no problems, this proves that there's nothing inherent about the note's content that prevents it from being emailed. This suggests a bug in Evernote's emailing protocol.
  20. The "Email a Copy…" feature is broken. (UPDATE: I've posted a clarifying update in the original thread. In short, the email bug appears to be related either to the sending of larger notes or sending notes with multiple images.) Since this was originally posted one level up in the forum hierarchy, and since certain members are keen to admonish other users about forum protocols, I'm simply including here a link to the original thread, lest I then be accused of "double-posting." 🙄
  21. I received the attached error message after three failed attempts to email a note to three, different recipients. In each case the referenced email address was correct. I stand by my bug report.
  22. I'm in 7.14 Beta 2, and every time I use the "Email a Copy" feature, I get an email stating that the email (the shared note) was returned (to Evernote) as undeliverable and that I should check for typos and such. Ironically, the email address that ostensibly failed is listed at the bottom of that notice—and the addresses listed are correct every time. I'm not typing the addresses; they're auto-completed in Evernote from my contacts. I've now tried sending this note to three different addresses, and I get the same results each time: The "undeliverable" notice with the correctly spelled address listed at the bottom. Incidentally, in lieu of this broken feature, I tried using "Share Note…" instead. I happened to be on the phone with the recipient, so I could hear his reactions in real time. He's very tech savvy, but doesn't have an Evernote account. He was immediately put off by the invitation to create an account, so he opted to sign in with Google. After that, he was still invited to download the Evernote app, which he did not want to do. (I wasn't taking notes, so I may not have the exact sequence of events exactly correct.) Finally he was attempting to load the note in his browser, and he said he saw a green progress bar making its way slowly across the top of the screen. But ultimately he became exasperated with the entire process and gave up. In the end (5 or more minutes later), I just copied the note's contents and emailed it to him. I think this is useful feedback. Sharing a note (for read-only, not for editing) should NOT be so cumbersome for the recipient. Based upon this experience, I'm far, far less likely to attempt to "share" a note in the future, not wanting to make anyone jump through such hoops. But if "Email a Copy" had worked as expected, I wouldn't have had to bother with sharing at all.
  23. Thanks for the reply. Helpful. Not helpful. Is it "easy" when you have to do it over 100 times in a session? No. If it were that "easy" I wouldn't have needed to post the question. Your factual information is helpful and appreciated. Your opinions are not. Once again Evernote fails at the basics. Every other app I have that includes a built-in browser also offers a way to bypass it. I have several of them. But Evernote? No. Of course not.
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