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  1. That's a helpful workaround. Thanks. It shouldn't matter which method one uses to create a note. Any method chosen should include a way to add a title. Now I just have to remember to create photo notes that way and not the other. Thanks for the tip.
  2. This has baffled me for years: After taking a photo note in Evernote, we're not given the opportunity to add a title (or descriptive text) to the note. All we can do is save the photo note—with no title. So, it's automatically entitled "Untitled." Then, in order to title the note, we have to first locate the note. But if we're currently viewing notes in alphabetical order, that note doesn't appear at the top. So, we first have to switch the sorting method, then scroll to the top, and then, finally, there's our new note—"Untitled"—which we can then edit and title. Why, why, why must we jump through so many hoops just to add a title to a photo note?! One wonders if Evernote's developers ever take photo notes, because if they did, surely they'd be aware of this unbelievably frustrating and cumbersome process—and presumably would seek to address it. And yet…
  3. What. Nicole. Said. Seriously… We've been asking for this for YEARS.
  4. For many years, macOS has featured Services which are available in virtually any application. Of particular use are the text-editing services, which allow instant conversion to lower case or title case, etc. I use them often—but I just discovered that inexplicably, they are completely absent in Evernote. The following screenshot shows what I see when I access Services from other apps. Why on earth would macOS' built-in Services be disabled in Evernote?
  5. Thanks for the reply. Over the years, I've had many responses to posts from Evernote staff. So, respectfully, you're mistaken. Secondly, the only way you can possibly suggest that "Maybe there was a point to the query" is if you didn't understand what I described. The answer to the question that the support rep asked me was in plain view. The thumbnails plainly visible in my screenshot would NOT have be there, had "Show Images" been unticked. I appreciate the suggestion. I had already toggled "Show images" before tweeting support. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to hear that it's at least supposed to work as expected. I wouldn't have denied access to my contacts. I've had Evernote on my phone(s) for many years and through many updates. So, I wonder if some code got corrupted at some point. I'll try deleting and reinstalling the app in hopes of forcing it to ask me for Contacts access again.
  7. Hello, and thanks for the reply. Here are the answers to your four questions: 1. Any audio files. 2. I'm confused by this question. :-) The issue I described occurs when audio notes are emailed from within Evernote (both iOS and Mac). So, it's unclear why you're asking about my email client, because it wasn't involved. That said, as I mentioned, I did use Apple Mail as a workaround to get the audio files to play properly for the recipients. But the source of the problem lies elsewhere. 3. No web browsers were involved at any point. Respectfully, did you understand the issue that I described? :-) This question and the previous one both cause me to wonder if perhaps you misunderstood the issue. If I didn't explain it well, please let me know, and I'll be happy to clarify it further. 4. No web browsers were involved at any point.
  8. When I email a note from my iPhone or iPad, why is there no connection to the native Contacts app, whereby we can simply type recipients' names and have their addresses pop up? Instead, I have to go and manually find each recipient's email address, then type them in manually! In 2017, this is simply mind-boggling. Part of the problem is that instead of using iOS built-in extensions for sharing via email, Evernote for iOS uses a proprietary email system, which is greatly lacking in functionality, such as the built-in connection to our Contacts list. My first screenshot below shows the standard iOS extensions (in a different app), the first of which is the blue email extension. Every iOS app that supports sharing via email (except Evernote) uses that blue icon for sharing via email—and by doing so, we have automatic access to our Contacts. But instead of using the built-in email extension, Evernote for iOS uses a proprietary email method (2nd screenshot), which is accessed via a white icon that's simply labeled "Mail." That brings up a completely different email window which does NOT provide access to our contacts and which forces us to manually locate and type each recipient's email address! Why, why, why are you using this antiquated method which makes such a basic feature so difficult for users to employ?
  9. Today I emailed an audio note to some recipients, but when they receive the email, the audio file says "Error" (see attached screenshot) and won't play. That is, it won't play in the body of the message. This happens whether the emailing is done from the Mac app or the iOS app. I've since discovered that if you download the audio file, it plays in the Finder. But downloading shouldn't be necessary. It should play in the body of the message. Also, if I drag the same audio file into Apple Mail and email it directly, it plays fine. So, it appears there's a new problem with the way Evernote is formatting its email. In spurts, I use this feature frequently—and of course I need it a lot, right now. Would love to see this quickly fixed. Thanks.
  10. I've discovered a bug in yesterday's new version of Evernote for iOS. So, yesterday I tweeted @evernotehelps about it. I have a notebook in which every, single note has an image. Yet, the iOS app (on both iPhone and iPad) is correctly displaying the thumbnails for some notes, while flat-out ignoring the images in other notes. I described this in my tweet and included a screenshot (attached below). I chose this screen quite deliberately, because it shows: (a) That most messages are correctly displaying thumbnails; and (b) That two messages are NOT displaying thumbnails. (I also selected one of those messages, so the body of that message would be displayed, demonstrating that there is in fact an image in that note whose thumbnail is NOT being displayed in the sidebar. (c) Finally, I highlighted the two places where thumbnails should have been displayed. Yet, despite the thoroughness of my tweet, @evernotehelps replied: "Please tap the three dots in the upper righthand corner of the "All Notes" screen. Is "show images" checked? /AT" Seriously?! The screenshot clearly shows that images are being displayed! As such, how could anyone officially representing Evernote see that image, read my tweet (also attached below), and then ask me if "Show images" is checked? Respectfully, someone isn't qualified for his or her job.
  11. What he said. This thread is approaching 2 years old (I started it), and we still don't even have the option to disable presentation mode. I, too, have been paying for Evernote for years. The Mac client has years-old bugs that have never been fixed. The developers clearly care nothing about what users want or need.
  12. [Not quite sure where to post this.] I'm following the fairly active thread, linked below, but I'm getting too many email notifications each day. So, last week, I changed my notification preferences to "One email per day with all new content from that day." Yet, despite doing so, I continue to receive individual notifications for each, new post that's added. Whenever I log in and view my settings, the correct option is still selected. The software is simply ignoring the option I've selected. Admin or moderators, can you please look into this?
  13. It's been nearly two years since I started this thread. Yet, not one change to tabs—a fundamental feature. The Evernote team doesn't care about user requests nor does it care about fixing long-standing bugs. But remember: They're raising prices! Enjoy!
  14. Don't hold your breath, sir. Evernote is infamously apathetic about feature requests, no matter how reasonable, logical, or productivity-enhancing said features might be.
  15. I'm actually reporting two, distinct-but-related issues, here: (1) In notes that contain more than one image, the algorithm that determines which image will be displayed (in snippet or card view) produces unpredictable results. (2) In notes that contain more than one image, the image that's displayed in Evernote Mac is typically (and frustratingly) NOT the image that's displayed — for the very same notes — in Evernote for iOS. Details: (1) I have many notes that contain multiple images. I usually have to do a little "dance" to get Evernote Mac to display the image that I want displayed (in snippet or card view), because the algorithm is unpredictable. If there's only one image, no problem. If a 2nd or 3rd image is added beneath the first image, the first image usually remains the one displayed. But if there are 3 images, and you then delete the uppermost image, sometimes the uppermost of the two remaining images is displayed, and sometimes the lower of the two is displayed. Or if images are placed above existing images, again the results are unpredictable. This is very, very frustrating. Furthermore... (2) Once you get Evernote Mac to display the desired image in a note, if you also happen to use Evernote for iOS, you're in for a surprise, because Evernote for iOS typically displays a different image for thumbnail display than Evernote Mac displays. This has burned me more than once. I know what image I'm accustomed to seeing on the Mac. Then later, when visiting that notebook on the iPhone or iPad, I'm scrolling up and down, looking for THAT image — only to discover, eventually, that the note I'm seeking was right there, all along — but was "disguised," because in every note that has multiple images, Evernote for iOS displays a different image as the thumbnail than Evernote for Mac does! And there seems to be no way whatsoever to force Evernote for iOS to display the same image that Evernote Mac displays. Has no one at Evernote noticed this flagrant bug? It's infuriating.
  16. I have dozens of notebooks, some of which contain notes that need to be sorted by date created, others that need to be sorted by date updated, and others that need to be sorted alphabetically. But as far as I can tell, Evernote is "one sort fits all." There's only one sort setting. As a result, I'm constantly digging into the nested menus to change the sort order, as I switch from notebook to notebook. I do this many times a day. Why can't each notebook have its own sort setting?
  17. So, I finally, finally discovered that we can remove Work Chat on the Mac client in View > Sidebar Options. (Because, naturally, allowing it to be removed via contextual menu—like every other section in the sidebar—would have made removing it too convenient for users.) Anyway, Work Chat's finally gone! Awesome! Except… A recent update (6.2 beta 1) has added a new item called "Upgrade Your Team" to the sidebar. So, there's now yet another UNWANTED, UNREMOVABLE item cluttering our sidebars. (Although control-clicking "Upgrade Your Team" does display a "Remove from Sidebar" command, selecting the command does absolutely NOTHING. So, it's unclear whether it's supposed to be removable or not. Holy ****, Evernote! What part of "We don't want UNREMOVABLE items in our sidebars" don't you understand? You want to add new features? Fine! But why must they be forced upon us, whether we want them or not? Why must they be impossible to disable? Honestly, you guys are becoming the Adobe of note-taking apps: Makers of capable products, but unwilling to fix long-standing bugs (see my other posts), while insisting upon intrusive, nagging features and remaining apathetic to users' feedback and needs. It would be understandable (though still regrettable) if users of your free service had fewer options for customization. But how long do you believe premium users will continue to pay to be consistently annoyed? If this turns out to be simply an oversight in the beta build, then fine. But you have to understand that because you've routinely ignored our concerns in the past, we're now hypersensitive to these intrusions. Let's see if you do the right thing, this time.
  18. If Dropbox can do it, Evernote can. It also seems you're failing to understand that selective sync will result in less data being pushed, not more. I look forward to hearing Evernote's thoughts on this, rather than users' speculation on what Evernote can and cannot do.
  19. I use Evernote extensively. I create about 50% of my notes on a MacBook Pro, 45% on a Mac Pro, and about 5% on MacBook Air (MBA) that I primarily use for travel. Unfortunately, each time I launch Evernote on the MBA, it can take 30 minutes or more for it to sync -- bogging down the processor and slowing the machine to a crawl -- because I haven't launched Evernote on that machine in a while. I fully understand the reasons for this and am not being critical of syncing. The problem, however, is that 90% of what's being synced to the MBA is stuff that I simply don't need on that machine. Not only is it taxing the processor unnecessarily, it's unnecessarily taking up precious space on the MBA's hard drive. Dropbox brilliantly allows us to specify which folders get synced to each computer. Don't need that folder full of movies taking up space on a certain computer? Just disable syncing of that folder on that machine. Done! Why can't Evernote do this? The UI implementation could be super-simple: At the left, we have a list of our notebooks: Notebook 1 Notebook 2 Notebook 3 There could be a menu command (with keyboard shortcut of course) to "Select Notebooks to be Synced." Upon invoking the command, checkboxes would appear next to the notebooks, allowing us to easily enable or disable syncing of individual notebooks: ▢ Notebook 1 ▢ Notebook 2 ▢ Notebook 3 When finished, we'd hit "Done," the checkboxes would disappear, and Evernote would sync — adding or deleting files, as necessary. Evernote already "knows" the names of our notebooks and knows which notes belong where. Adding Selective Sync would not be that complicated... C'mon, guys... Please!!
  20. To clarify your post, when you say "Double-clicking on an image should behave just like double-clicking on all other EN attachments," are you saying that: ( a ) That's how it currently behaves on your Mac, so that's what I, too, should be seeing? Or… ( b ) That's how it should work, but doesn't?
  21. While I can understand Presentation Mode being a feature that many would appreciate, I don't understand why we're forced to use it, whether we want it or not. I have many notes containing images of one type or another. Large images -- like screenshots -- are understandably reduced in size significantly in order to be displayed within a note. So, to view an image at full size, I simply want to double-click the image and view it. (Better yet -- we'd select the image and simply hit the spacebar for a "QuickLook-style" view.) Instead, double-clicking any image now automatically invokes Presentation Mode. The image is blown up to the full size of the screen, and everything else is obscured. I don't want that! Who could have thought this was a good idea as the default -- and only -- behavior? Presentation Mode is a great feature to have -- if or when needed. But it appears there's now no way whatsoever to simply view an image within a note at the image's default size -- without having to enter Presentation Mode. In other words, every image opens in Presentation Mode -- whether you like it or not. Ugh. Bottom-line: How does one simply view an image at normal size without everything else on one's screen being obscured from view? If I've overlooked a method for simply viewing an image, please let me know. Otherwise, please, please rethink this, so we can simply view our notes' images!
  22. Today I launched Evernote on a secondary Mac, and while it was updating and migrating notes to the new version, I created my document temporarily in TextEdit. It's a simple list with two columns, separated by tabs, and I was able to create it effortlessly. Then, after Evernote was finished updating, I copied the text from TextEdit and pasted it into Evernote. And anarchy ensued. :-/ And yes, both apps were using the same font: Helvetica Regular, size 13. But...anarchy! (Please see attached screenshot, showing the difference between TextEdit and Evernote.) So, I began positioning my cursor in front of the 2nd-column lines and hitting Tab to correct the discrepancies. But that doesn't work either -- because in Evernote, tabs are not really tabs. It's difficult to describe Evernote's implementation of tabs: Sometimes, tab aligns the cursor with previous columns, but often it does not. So, the user is then forced to experiment with various combinations of tab, plus-or-minus a few spaces, in an attempt to get items to sorta line up. I say "sorta," because it's often simply impossible in Evernote to get tabbed columns to align perfectly at all. Why, after all these years, hasn't this been addressed? Sure, I'll admit I don't use tabs every day. I probably use them once a month or so. Perhaps most users don't need tabs frequently. But is infrequency of use a reason for a feature not to work properly at all? :-)
  23. Mac software (at least that which is authored by Apple) is intelligently written, such that one is never left with double spaces. If you highlight a word and delete it, the software is smart enough to know that the double space would be undesirable. So, it's automatically removed. But when the goal is to select and underline a word, there's no universe in which it makes sense to also underline the trailing space (as demonstrated above). Thanks.
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