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  1. How do I make links within notes always open in mobile Safari (instead of the embedded browser)?
  2. Since Evernote for iOS is crashing in iOS 13 beta (not a complaint; just a fact), tonight I attempted to access the Evernote web client from my iPad (in mobile Safari)—and what I saw there rendered me nearly speechless. After creating a new note and typing a title, I kept tapping in the note-body area, but the keyboard wouldn't appear. Eventually (by accident), I realized the "tappable" area was at the far left and is literally one character wide. What do I mean by that? Well, after the keyboard appeared, I simply typed the word "Aurora"—but I was truly unprepared for what the web client did with my typed text. In this case, a couple of screenshots truly are worth a thousand words. Below is a screenshot of what the web client did with the word "Aurora." (The red arrow is pointing to the first letter.) Even more bizarre: The note synced and displayed in the exact same manner in the Mac client (2nd screenshot). This one's a doozy…
  3. My Evernote notes no longer show up in Spotlight searches. Over the last 3 days, I've reindexed Spotlight twice, as well as rebuilding both indices via Evernote's hidden Troubleshooting menu (option-clicking the Help menu). So far, the evidence seems to be pointing to v7.5 Beta 2 as having broken Spotlight-search support.
  4. Whenever I open a note via Spotlight search, this build opens that note in a new window, despite the fact that I have the preference "Open note links from other applications in a new window" unticked. I've toggled the preference to no avail. Everything opens in a new window. Even more perplexing is the fact that each time those notes open in a new window, they open with an old text search (that I executed, months ago), as if I had newly performed that search. To be clear: Every note, regardless of content, opens in a new window with an old text search already executed inside that note. This is truly, truly bizarre. (EDIT: Later on the same day that I posted this, my Evernote notes stopped appearing in Spotlight searches all together. Since that's a separate issue, I've described it in a separate post.)
  5. Did you investigate this before replying? Notes opened in fullscreen still have the bright, green Share button. (Regardless, we shouldn't be forced to open notes in fullscreen, even in theory, just to remove gratuitous distractions. Apps should always stay out of the user's way.)
  6. The green Share button is profoundly distracting. Respectfully, it's just a button. Why must it be "illuminated," as if announcing something urgent? Why does that particular feature need to stand out more than others? What's wrong with gray? How does one remove it?
  7. During phone calls, the vast majority of iOS apps scale vertically to allow for the green active-call banner at the top of the screen. Evernote doesn't. As a result, it's either difficult or impossible to accurately tap the buttons displayed at the top of Evernote's interface. (Screenshot attached.)
  8. The way I see it, the answer to both of your questions is "yes." The titles are being truncated and it's a display issue. But I suspect you're actually asking a different question. ? If you're asking if Evernote is removing words and characters from my titles, the answer is "no." But if I can't see the words that are there, the practical result is effectively the same as removing them, because they're invisible. Thanks.
  9. I've all-but stopped reporting Evernote bugs, because it seems like the developers are apathetic about fixing them (and have been for years). But this bug is a showstopper, so I'm going to try… On iOS, the titles of certain, "random" notes are truncated in a way that the titles of other notes are NOT truncated. Please see the attached screenshot: The first note (green box) has a long title which wraps to a second line for readability. (That's good!) But the second note (red box) has a title that's actually shorter than the first note, yet its title is inexplicably truncated, omitting the last two words. In this note, instead of wrapping the title to a second line (like the title in the green box), this title is just truncated with NO wrapping to the second line at all. I have literally hundreds of notes with truncated titles, while other notes' titles effortlessly wrap to a 2nd line. Why do some titles wrap, while others are truncated, preventing us from seeing the full title? I have many, many notes whose titles I've appended with bullets, like so: The Absolute Greatest Note Ever ⚫ That Company's Whiz-Bang Doohickey #7 ⚫⚫ I use the bullets to draw attention to certain notes among a list of many. But due to this bug, the titles of MANY of those bulleted notes are truncated, such that the bullets aren't displayed at all. So, the above examples become this: The Absolute Greatest That Company's HUNDREDS of my note titles are truncated in this way, making them unreadable. (By the way, this also occurs in Evernote for Mac, although to a lesser extent. On macOS, fewer notes' titles are truncated—and not necessarily the same ones that are truncated on iOS.) Is anybody at Evernote paying attention? Do you use the product? If so, I'd think you'd have seen this. Is there any chance of you fixing this?
  10. Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, when viewing any note, the name of the associated notebook is now inexplicably truncated and unreadable, despite tons of horizontal white space. This is not helpful. Also, dragging images from Evernote to the desktop is still broken. About 80% of the time, what gets dragged is an empty text clipping, instead of the image. I often have to repeat the dragging process 4-8 times before the image is successfully dragged. I reported this months and months ago. No fix.
  11. I like the way note lists in Evernote for Mac are now displayed in Apple's San Francisco font. But the iOS apps still display notes with that dated, serif font. (See screenshot.) Why can't the iOS apps also use San Francisco (at least as an option)?
  12. Thanks. That procedure does add fonts to the "subset of fonts" menu. However, Evernote still refuses to acknowledge Helvetica Neue Light. It literally ignores the choice and just uses Helvetica Neue regular instead. Is there anyone from Evernote who can explain why this is the case? Better yet, is there anyone from Evernote who can get this bug fixed?!
  13. 1. I have Evernote installed on four, different Macs (one running High Sierra, two running Sierra, and one running El Capitan), and on each one, I see only the small subset of fonts, not the long list of fonts in your screenshot. This is baffling. Did you do something special to enable that? 2. You didn't address my inquiry about Helvetica Neue Light (which is the specific font I need to use at the moment).
  14. 1. Create a new note, and place the cursor in the body of the note (not the title). 2. At the upper-left, there's a fonts menu. (It probably bears the name of the currently selected font.) 3. Click it. What do you see? Here's what I see: That's what I call a tiny, arbitrary subset of even the "stock" fonts. If other fonts are available, why isn't there, at the very least, a "More fonts" or "Show fonts" option in this menu? The absence of such is why I believed these were the only fonts available. But the plot thickens: Although it's nice to know that the big Fonts window can be opened, surprise! Evernote actually ignores some of the shown fonts. For example: Try to select Helvetica Neue Light, then let us know how that goes. Ironically, if text in Helvetica Neue Light is pasted into Evernote, Evernote displays it. But if you select some text, then try to select Helvetica Neue Light, Evernote refuses. Why?
  15. Why does Evernote ignore the fonts that are installed on our Macs, forcing us to use only a tiny, arbitrary subset of even the "stock" fonts that are available to every other 3rd-party app?
  16. Agreed. I have many notebooks, and between Favorites and Recents, etc., I'm always struggling to maximize the number of notebooks I can see in the sidebar. Now this. Please, please, PLEASE—just give us the option to hide this new, obtrusive, sidebar button. That way, people who like it can still have it, but for those of us who don't like or need it, just let us hide it.
  17. Good grief, you're pedantic. And your tone is pompous and unfriendly. 1. The fact that I posted this in the Mac platform is in no way an indication that I'd want the feature to be limited to Macs. If you can't vote for the feature because I happened to post it here (where I thought it belonged), why are you even bothering to read the Mac forums in the first place? I don't know what features the Windows version has or doesn't have. I posted this here, because that's the client I happen to be using. Had I posted something in the general forum that should have been posted in the Mac forum, no doubt you'd be complaining about that. 2. Since my description was detailed, you know exactly what I meant. Why be snide? You could just as easily have referred to, "folders (or what Evernote refers to as 'stacks')." You seem to have a childish need to word things in such a way that they prickle. 3. I don't need to rethink anything. I constructed an analogy to illustrate a point. For illustrative clarity, I even began my post with that very word. Perhaps you're unfamiliar with its meaning. There are ways of communicating that don't come across as critical or scolding. You seem wholly unfamiliar with them. Ironically, not one word of your reply was instructive. Your "helpfulness" is exceeded only by your lack thereof. I'm disabling notification of replies, because I don't care about anything else you have to say. (Moderators, some forum software allows users to hide all comments by specific users. If this forum software doesn't support that feature, please ask its developer to add it.)
  18. Analogy: Say you have 50 stacks, one for each of the 50 US states, and in each stack, there's a notebook for the 20 biggest cities in that state. Many times a day, when I open the stack for Washington or Wyoming (at the bottom of the list), the 20 notebooks, contained within, are displayed beneath the lower edge of the sidebar. So, before I can view those notebooks, I have to grab the scroll bar and scroll down before I can see the contents of the folder that I just opened. It may seem like a small thing, but now, imagine having to do this hundreds of times a day. It's excruciating. When we click a stack's disclosure button, why can't Evernote be smart enough to know that since we want to see its contents, it should scroll the sidebar to display that stack's contents? FEATURE REQUEST: An option, in preferences, to do just that: To have the sidebar automatically scroll to display the contents of a stack, once its disclosure button is clicked. As always, to protect users who prefer the current behavior, it would seem best to make this an option that could be enabled (or not), per users' needs. Thanks.
  19. I catalog a lot of images in Evernote, and I frequently have to drag a given image from Evernote to the desktop for further processing. I've done this for years and, Evernote's frustrating way of handling images aside, dragging images to the desktop has never been an issue. Until now. For the last few weeks, I now have to drag an image at least 3—and as many as 10—times before the image actually appears on the desktop. The unsuccessful attempts result in the placement of a generic, white text clipping on the desktop, instead of the image I dragged. So, I routinely end up with 3, 6, or 9 of these text clippings on my desktop before the identical dragging action finally results in the actual image appearing there. I've seen this behavior on both a MacBook Pro (running macOS 10.13.1) and a Mac Pro (running macOS 10.11.6). At the moment, both are running Evernote 6.13.1 Beta 1, but I always update as soon as new builds are released, and I've been experiencing this for several weeks, perhaps even a month or two, so the behavior did not start with this build. (I'm simply finally getting around to reporting this, after putting up with it for some time. I kept thinking it was so "obvious" as to be addressed in an upcoming build, but no...) Please, please address this. It's excruciating.
  20. This screenshot shows a toolbar icon—at the upper right and to the left of the sync icon—that I don't see. It appears to be an image of a bug. Perhaps a bug reporter?
  21. Somehow, in 6.12 beta 1, my view spontaneously changed from Side List View to Card View. (I never touched it.) Now, when I attempt to change back to Side List View, Evernote crashes. 100% of the time. So, I'm stuck with Card View—which I do not want. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app to no avail. I should note that I'm running the public beta of High Sierra, but I don't see how the OS could affect a view command within Evernote. It seems more likely that this is an Evernote bug. ALSO: I tried reverting to the non-beta, released version of Evernote, but I can't, because this beta has updated the database and is not backward compatible. So, again, I'm quite literally stuck with Card View with NO options (to my knowledge) except a fix from Evernote. Can we please, please get a fix?
  22. That's illogical. Anyone can always decide to NOT add a title if they don't need a title. But why prevent users who need titles from doing so if they wish to? Sorry, but that rationalization doesn't fly.
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