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  1. Hi, this is currently " (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641)". Markku
  2. Hi, just to be sure: Do you mostly use the Ctrl-Alt-N hotkey, or just occasionally? I'm asking because I'm using it several times a day (that's the main method for me to create a new note on Windows) and sometimes it works but mostly not. Before the departure from 6.5.4 it worked 100%, nowadays it only works occasionally for me. I haven't yet found any pattern in the behaviour when it happens. (And to be clear in the discussion: the problem only concerns the use of the hotkey, not any other method of creating a new note.) The reinstalls on the same laptops or installing on a new laptop haven't made any difference, the behaviour is consistent on all the systems for me. Thanks @VanDelfin for writing a new post about this issue. Markku
  3. This problem started already last year (when upgraded from 6.5.4 to, there haven't been any comments or attempted fixes from Evernote yet. I'm also very much waiting for the resolution on this. For Dave-in-Decatur: There is no Exit in the File menu in a new note window, so that did not work as a workaround. Markku
  4. Starting with version 8.3 there is no Evernote icon shown in the quick note item in the notification menu. Using Samsung Galaxy S9. This is an old problem, but saying anyway: In the phone lock screen there is always an empty notification icon for Evernote quick note. I think it started with Android 8.0 update on Samsung Galaxy S8, also present on S9. Markku
  5. FYI, ticket# 2505216 opened about this, referring to this discussion thread. Markku
  6. Nice, and here is another test case (the "Set new note focus to title" is unchecked): Evernote main window is open Click New Note The cursor is blinking in the note text, type "Testword" (do not press Enter) Click on the title (to edit the title text) See that the title is updated to "Testword", but cursor is still blinking in the note text, not in the note title. Note: This bug is not triggered on my laptop if I have to click on the new note window to bring it front, so pressing Ctrl-Alt-N or selecting New Note from the context menu in the taskbar does not necessarily trigger this bug (depending on the focus bug that was also introduced in the last 12 months or so). If I have to click on the new note window to activate, this happens instead: Write "Second testword" in the note text Click on the title to edit it The title changes to "Second testword" but the cursor is positioned in the beginning of the title, not in the end (where I clicked). Overall, the editor changes in the Windows client and the window focus bug have only made my Evernote experience worse, not better. I hope some of the Evernote employees would start using the Windows client, now it looks like us users are the only ones triggering the bugs.
  7. This problem is still present on my " (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829)" (on two different Windows 10 laptops) so let us know if your upgrade fixed something. It is really annoying when the cursor/focus changes by itself without any apparent reason. It happens for example like this: Create new note (= press Ctrl-Alt-N on my hotkeys, then locate the opened window as needed and click on it to get focus there) Write title "testnote" (do not press Enter) Click on the note body to start writing, cursor flashes briefly in the note body See that the cursor is now blinking again in the title Click on the note body again, now the focus stays in the note body. Note: This problem does not happen if the setting "Set new note focus to title" is not selected. Now, let's see how hard is it to get this fixed.
  8. Thanks for the information, looking forward for the official release. Markku
  9. Hi, for those who are brave enough to go beta, is this Ctrl-Alt-N bug already fixed in 6.8 betas? Markku
  10. Thanks for the comment, but I don't see that kind of situation here. Both of the computers are different with different AV implementations, and the problem started on both computer with the Evernote update (which I did different time on both of the computers). Also, this problem does not happen with any other software. Markku
  11. Has this been reported already: Since upgrading from 6.5.4 to (the latest non-beta version), pressing the hotkey Ctrl-Alt-N (which is "New Note" at least in my setup) creates a new note but the note is not necessarily in the foreground anymore, so I cannot begin writing in it without first bringing it front manually. This happens maybe 90% of times, and happens with my both Windows computers. This was not a problem in 6.5.4.
  12. These experiences sound promising, thanks for sharing. Markku
  13. Hi, I see that Evernote 8.3 has appeared yesterday. Does anyone have any experiences about it yet? Markku
  14. 8.2 available in app store here. Am I feeling lucky enough? Markku
  15. Ok let me update my situation with 4th gen iPad. I had already done the reinstall two times with version 8.0.x and 8.1, until I opened a case in EN support. They suggested reinstall (surprisingly). Well, I did that once again, because I hadn't rebooted the iPad after deleting Evernote (and that step was listed in the email from support). So I deleted Evernote, rebooted iPad (shutdown + start), and reinstalled Evernote (still 8.1). And I didn't select any notebooks for offline use yet (if that matters). And guess what? Now Evernote is much more responsive than ever during version 8.x. So does it require three reinstalls, or does it require rebooting iPad before installing Evernote again? I don't know, but situation is pretty good now. Evernote still occasionally crashes right away when starting it (it crashes two times and then resets the note view and asks if I want to send the error report), there are some issues in note list scrolling, and editing note is still laggy (a pause every few seconds). Those are the main problems in my Evernote right now. Markku
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