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  1. You know what: I think my 10.1 on iPad Pro works a lot better after uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote the other day. I mean, there are still "10.x" glitches here and there, but the app feels much more responsive now. For example, I was able to open Evernote, swipe from left to get to my shopping list and enter new data there just like earlier with 8.x (or whatever was the version earlier). Let's see how it goes... Update: still not able to complete the offline folder downloads though. For example, a 1-note notebook download never completes after editing the only note in it.
  2. I deleted a note, the note is still shown in the right, and I can scroll the note list on the left, but no button works, also unable to open any other note. So just the note list scrolling works, nothing else.
  3. Updated to 10.1. No apparent changes to any of the problems: still slow, and still unable to offline sync for example a notebook with three (3) small textual notes. Markku
  4. I must also say that I kind of feel personally cheated because just one or two weeks (or so) before this Evernote on iOS catastrophy I was exceptionally targeted with several email and in-app ads about upgrading my Plus subscription to Premium. Supposedly a major campaign just before the rollout of a major rewrite of the app with apparently inadequate testing. Must have been a major misalignment of the resources and situational awareness between marketing and engineering. Markku
  5. Hi @Shane D., can you tell us any positive comments about progress in getting Evernote on iPad back on track and usable? You know, for myself I can say that the power of Evernote has been the direct and easy way to write any kind of memo right on the spot, and this capability has now been taken away abruptly, and this has continued for weeks now. This is not a good situation at all, and I'm sure you know it. It must be tough time to be part of ground-level staff at Evernote right now. Markku
  6. I can see that there are other posts on this as well, so the fact remains that Evernote app is currently practically unusable on iPad Pro. 10.0.4 did not change anything. Markku
  7. I was finally able to get some of my notebooks to be offline-synced. The process involved killing Evernote several times, and toggling the offline folder settings several times, both the global settings and the notebook-specific. Marking a new folder to offline still does not make the few small notes downloaded, so the underlying problem is still there. Markku
  8. Also, the offline notebook selection list is sorted reverse alphabetic, so apparently there haven't been application testing for that feature at all, that kind of bugs would have been detected in those for sure. Markku
  9. My offline-marked notebooks are still loading after these two weeks or so. There are about 100 short notes in those in total, maybe some 20 still downloading. And, if I go to notebook settings and disable the offline sync for some notebook, it asks about removing the downloaded content, I say yes remove. Then it enables the offline setting automatically again. So there you go, still waiting for the downloads to complete. Markku
  10. Btw the network connection is very stable and clean, all other software work fine just like before.
  11. [Sat Oct 03 2020 09:38:52:0839] WARN: neutron: auth Unable to persist state restoration [native code] [Sat Oct 03 2020 09:38:52:0984] WARN: neutron: auth Unable to persist state restoration [native code] [Sat Oct 03 2020 09:38:52:0985] WARN: neutron: auth Unable to persist state restoration [native code] [Sat Oct 03 2020 09:38:52:0987] WARN: neutron: auth Unable to persist state restoration [native code] [Sat Oct 03 2020 09:38:53:0140] WARN: neutron: auth Unable to persist state restoration [native code] [Sat Oct 03 2020 09:38:54:0078] WARN: neutron: auth Unable to persist stat
  12. On iOS client 10.0.3 (1104765) (just like in previous 10.x as well) it is very slow to start the client on iPad Pro. It takes some 10 seconds before I'm able to do anything useful. During that time some of the touch gestures tries to go through but not correctly. Basically the current 10.x series has ruined the user experience due to the enormous delays in various places while trying to use the app. Feel free to like this if you have the same comments, or post constructive hints how to get rid of the problem. Thanks! Update on 4th of November 2020: now at version 10.1, still the same
  13. Correct, even in 2020 the non-ASCII character handling seems so strange in Windows: PS C:\Users\Markku> & 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe' listNotebooks Inbox ... Test-åäö PS C:\Users\Markku> & 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe' listNotebooks >tempfile PS C:\Users\Markku> type .\tempfile Inbox ... Test-├Ñ├ñ├╢ PS C:\Users\Markku> Someone with more PowerShell skills could try to improve that aspect of the code if possible. Markku
  14. For supporting space characters in the notebook names, I changed that line to: "notebook:""$name""" | & $ENscript exportNotes /f "$BackupFileName" Works for me. That was the only way I got the quoting right in Powershell... Markku
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