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  1. I realize this is an older thread, but I'm having the same issue and there doesn't seem to be a solution yet. I have notes with tables set to, "Match note Width" that look fine on the desktop aps, but I have to scroll the tables on mobile devices. Is there a fix for this?
  2. Old Thread, but want to chime in here to say THANK YOU DTLow for the script. I found myself in a similar boat as FireFish - I'd played with reminders in EN years ago, for different purposes (at one point experimented with attempting to use reminder as a "read latter" list), and therefore my "Reminders" were many and out of control, and therefore not useful. Thanks for the script to clean it up!
  3. Agree with others here stating a general idea of, "Good words, but I'll believe it when I see it." I've been an EN user since the beginning. The feature set of being able to dump all kinds of data here (current note count: 23,360) and find it again is what brought me in to start, and what has kept me here. I really hope Small is able to deliver on improving the basics, and stabilizing the core functions of Evernote. In the process, I really hope a few things stay in the focus too: Please don't forget about individual users! Businesses are not the only customers. Keep
  4. I love the table of contents feature, and note linking features. I would love them even more however if there were an option to include the snippet image along with the note. A couple possible use cases: Menu Planning - My menu plans would be much easier to scan and much prettier to use and re-use if they were not just text, but also included the snippet image of the recipe I've linked to. (Note the difference between the images below - one just text menu, the other with snippet images!! ) Drag and Drop menu planning with attached images would be my dream come true!
  5. Another long time, premium user here - continually frustrated by the lack of this feature. Well over 5 years now users have been asking for this. One of Evernote's powers is the ability to visually scan notes, but that power is useless when the wrong snippet image is chosen by the default algorithm. Please Evernote, fix this - add this feature. A couple use case examples: Recipes - I use Evernote as my recipe book, menu planning headquarters. I clip recipes from all over the web. It's really frustrating when an irrelevant image is chosen as the snippet image. Jo
  6. I am also very disappointed to find I cannot store my offline Evernote notebooks on my Android's SD card. Add me to the list of folks who would REALLY appreciate this as an option. I travel overseas into developing countries quite a lot. I use Evernote as my default storage location for everything I need access too: things to read (web articles, PDF files, etc.), travel documents - itineraries, emergency information, backups of important documents, meeting agenda's... and more. Most of my travel is into places with non-existant or extremely limited internet. Without being able
  7. I'd also like to add a vote for a way to manually say "make this image the thumbnail". (A right click on the image option would be really nice.)
  8. I would like to request that we again have the ability to "Auto Tag" that the early (ver. 2) Evernote had. I REALLY appreciated that I could set tags that automatically picked up notes that fit into their scope. For me this was especially handy for recipes. For example: I set up tags so that every note that was added and contained the words "ground beef" or "hamburger" got added to my Ground Beef tag. I would really like to see this feature become part of Evernote again. I miss it very much. Smiles, Laura
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