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  1. I realize this is an older thread, but I'm having the same issue and there doesn't seem to be a solution yet. I have notes with tables set to, "Match note Width" that look fine on the desktop aps, but I have to scroll the tables on mobile devices. Is there a fix for this?
  2. Old Thread, but want to chime in here to say THANK YOU DTLow for the script. I found myself in a similar boat as FireFish - I'd played with reminders in EN years ago, for different purposes (at one point experimented with attempting to use reminder as a "read latter" list), and therefore my "Reminders" were many and out of control, and therefore not useful. Thanks for the script to clean it up!
  3. Agree with others here stating a general idea of, "Good words, but I'll believe it when I see it." I've been an EN user since the beginning. The feature set of being able to dump all kinds of data here (current note count: 23,360) and find it again is what brought me in to start, and what has kept me here. I really hope Small is able to deliver on improving the basics, and stabilizing the core functions of Evernote. In the process, I really hope a few things stay in the focus too: Please don't forget about individual users! Businesses are not the only customers. Keep High Quality Desktop Apps. I've been saddened as much of the software I use seems to be tending toward a focus on web and mobile apps. While this is handy, desktop is still my base for serious work. Please don't neglect that! Please do some prioritization of features that are frequently requested. I realize that, as Small acknowledges, there's no way to make everyone happy; and the EN Development is balancing priorities most of us as users are likely unaware of. However, common features that have been requested by hundreds of users over many years do seem like they'd be worthy of some attention. Thanks for the update Ian, and as others here have expressed - I hope you're able to make it work. EN is a great tool, great product - we'd like to see it fulfill that potential.
  4. I love the table of contents feature, and note linking features. I would love them even more however if there were an option to include the snippet image along with the note. A couple possible use cases: Menu Planning - My menu plans would be much easier to scan and much prettier to use and re-use if they were not just text, but also included the snippet image of the recipe I've linked to. (Note the difference between the images below - one just text menu, the other with snippet images!! ) Drag and Drop menu planning with attached images would be my dream come true! Mood Board / Idea Boards - The ability to gather a group of related note links into a single note WITH their snippet image would help make specific data easier to find, scan, etc.
  5. Another long time, premium user here - continually frustrated by the lack of this feature. Well over 5 years now users have been asking for this. One of Evernote's powers is the ability to visually scan notes, but that power is useless when the wrong snippet image is chosen by the default algorithm. Please Evernote, fix this - add this feature. A couple use case examples: Recipes - I use Evernote as my recipe book, menu planning headquarters. I clip recipes from all over the web. It's really frustrating when an irrelevant image is chosen as the snippet image. Journal entries - I often send images, text, notes, thoughts, etc. of my day to Evernote. It's really frustrating to view my journal and have a document scan (for example) be the snippet image instead of a photo I choose to represent my day.
  6. This is an old thread, but I also would like this feature or something similar. Specifically - I would like Evernote to email me a random note from a specific notebook, tag or stack on a set schedule. I have two main uses for it. #1 - Daily Quote: I use Evernote to store quotes that are meaningful to me. I would love to get a daily email containing a random note from my "Quotes" notebook. #2 - Daily Journal: I also use Evernote as a journal, and I would love to get a daily email with a random journal entry from the past. I love looking back at notes and such from the past. For this, I would want an email containing a random note from my "Journal / Writing" stack. Anyone have any ideas how to do this? EVERNOTE TEAM - any possibility here? I've looked at various services (IFFT, Zapier, etc.) but none of them seem to have the ability to email a note OUT of Evernote. Lots of options to get various content into Evernote, not many options for getting it out.
  7. As others: I'm excited to see the editor, and consistency of the editor getting attention. As someone who works on 4 different platforms (Mac at home, Windows for work, Android tablet, iPhone....) I'm excited to see some consistency coming! It's been frustrating to try to do something on one platform, only to realize, "Wait, I need to be on the ____ to make that work..." So nice job! YAY! One of the features that USED to be in Evernote that I sorely miss is the, "Paste and remove tables" command. That feature helped a TON in removing annoying formatting (from the web and other sources) to make text (especially recipes) easier to work with and more readable. I'd love to see that option return to Evernote's editor.
  8. I am also very disappointed to find I cannot store my offline Evernote notebooks on my Android's SD card. Add me to the list of folks who would REALLY appreciate this as an option. I travel overseas into developing countries quite a lot. I use Evernote as my default storage location for everything I need access too: things to read (web articles, PDF files, etc.), travel documents - itineraries, emergency information, backups of important documents, meeting agenda's... and more. Most of my travel is into places with non-existant or extremely limited internet. Without being able to store my Evernote offline notebooks on my SD card, I'm filling up to much space on my tablet's internal memory - This is a big problem! Please work on this Evernote team! I agree with others: Make the default to leave all data on the internal card, but for those of us with good reasons to WANT to move our data to the SD, and being willing to accept some performance loss in the process, PLEASE make this an option!
  9. Bug Report: In the new Beta, when I click on a Note Stack, it only shows notes that have been edited since I installed the new beta. It does not show all the notes in the stack. **Update: It also will not search the whole stack - only notes updated since installing beta** The individual notes in the notebooks in the stack appear to display just fine. PM me if more information is needed.
  10. Hey Everyone - When I try doing this to insert a link to a file, Evernote does fine with the link, but when I click the link I'm told, "Application not available." I get this error no matter what type of file I'm linking to. Any ideas what's going on?
  11. Been to long in replying but wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Eric & LosManos for the reply. With the information you guys provided I was able to track down the problem, and after digging around in terminal for awhile I gave up on manually changing the link and found a little freeware program: RCDefaultApp. Worked liked a charm to let me re-map the Evernote URI's. Thank you so much guys!
  12. I've also been using this trick for some time. No idea where I first discovered it. One more tip to make this trick even more useful: If you sort your note lists by "Date Created" the table of contents note can get lost further down the list as you add to the notebook. To prevent this, set the "Created Date" of your table of contents note to something WAY in the future to keep it ALWAYS at the top of the notebook - no mater how many other notes you add. To manually edit the Date Created or Date Updated - click on the little "i" in the upper right of the note (mac version - sorry, I dunno where it is in the windows version) and manually change the dates to whatever you like. I use the same trick to keep "templates" on the top of the notebooks I use them in, or on any other note I want to make sure stays on the top of my notebook list. (Though it occurs to me, reminders would now let me do something similar... hrm... more to ponder...)
  13. Thanks so much Jackolicious! Glad to hear its on the radar screen. I will eagerly await it's arrival! Thanks for the keyboard shortcut in the mean time. Smiles, Laura
  14. One of the things I am really missing from the previous Evernote version is the ability to have the tag list in the side bar show only tags that are active on my currently selected notes. Yes, I realize I can see currently active tags by clicking on the tag icon at the top, but this extra step just does not work into my thought process nearly as well as the more visual ability to watch my tag list shrink as I chose notebooks, tags or searches. That very visual "drill down" ability from having the tag list in the side bar be active tags only is seriously missing for me. I have LOTS of tags, many of which are associated primarily with one notebook. (No need for me to see all my recipe tags for example when I'm working in my writing inspiration notebook). Before this feature of having the tag list show only assigned tags was introduced, I had my tag list divided out and nested more or less by notebook (all recipe tags nested together.) This worked, but was clunky. When show assigned tags was introduced I went through the process of un-nesting all my tags to create a single alpha list - MUCH nicer to work with when the show assigned tags was working. However, now the program has taken a step back for me - much to my frustration! Please consider bringing back the option to have the side bar show only assigned tags. Thank you!
  15. As others, I also see this bug occasionally (and sometimes more than occasionally) and haven't been able to figure out what exactly is happening so I can reproduce it. I was getting this bug before ver. 5 though, so it's not something new in this update.
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