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  1. I was just logging into the forums with the exact same questions as IdahoBob. What contact list is EN using for "Email a Copy" of a note? I few of my contacts show up to auto fill the "To" box; but not nearly all of them (and of course not the ones I'm sending to the most often!). How do I add addresses to whatever address source Evernote is using?
  2. THANK YOU for bringing back this feature! I'm having a bit of trouble with entering the email addresses to send too. Could you provide more information about where EN is looking for the contacts for the "Email To" field? For me, it's auto filling some contacts; but seems to completely ignore others. So I'm not sure what's going on.
  3. I agree with this 100%. I love the tables, but find the padding bulky in many situations.
  4. Another BUG that (thankfully) was fixed by a restart - but trying to switch between notes, the tags, and titles showed up, but the note itself was showing up as blank white.
  5. I'm also seeing buggy behavior when EN is left open: The "move to new notebook" button disappeared The notebook list didn't scroll correctly. Thankfully, a restart fixed it for me also, but it doesn't change that these are bugs.
  6. After having left EN open on my computer overnight, I found in the morning that the "move note" icon (to move notes to a different notebook) had disappeared. Switching notes, switching notebooks did not restore it. Thankfully - restarted EN, and my "Move Note" icon is back. But reporting the bug - it shouldn't have disappeared in the first place!
  7. Hoping this one is genuinely a bug - since EN shows the drag, shows the insert line... it seems like it is expected to work - it just doesn't. Hence - hopefully a bug to be fixed in short order and not (another) missing feature.
  8. When I drag a note (from the note list) into a note to generate a link - EN shows the drag and shows and insertion line, but fails to insert a link. Once I release the drag, nothing happens.
  9. Key Features for me that are missing in Ver 10 (the one's I've encountered so far...): Ability to share a note as an email to someone. (no longer an option in the share menu.) Drag and drop (from note list, to another note) no longer creates a link. Have to use the much more time consuming keyboard shortcut OR right click, menu choice to get a link to a note. Fonts... this one is mentioned a lot elsewhere - but I don't like the limited fonts at all. I want the specific look of my notes back! Still unclear RE offline functionality - Would LOVE to see an official EN clarification on that. On the Plus side - I'm appreciating that lists (bullets and checklists) can now be drag and dropped..
  10. I had this issue too - it's a known one it turns out (there's another post on the forum somewhere.). EN is working on it. In the mean time - close and re-open Evernote was the work around from EN support, and it did in fact solve it for me.
  11. This feature was also a key part of my work flow. Please tell us where this is, or if not yet in this new version - give us hope it's in development.
  12. Me too - very not happy about the limited fonts in this version. Please bring back my ability to use whatever fonts I have! Use Case: I use Evernote for a variety of templates with different kind of work - planning, writing, etc. Each one I have set up with specific fonts to help me settle into the "mindset" I want for that task. Taking away my fonts is very frustrating and inhibits my processes!
  13. I'm also very disappointed by this change. Evernote - if you're listening - please bring back my fonts.
  14. I realize this is an older thread, but I'm having the same issue and there doesn't seem to be a solution yet. I have notes with tables set to, "Match note Width" that look fine on the desktop aps, but I have to scroll the tables on mobile devices. Is there a fix for this?
  15. Old Thread, but want to chime in here to say THANK YOU DTLow for the script. I found myself in a similar boat as FireFish - I'd played with reminders in EN years ago, for different purposes (at one point experimented with attempting to use reminder as a "read latter" list), and therefore my "Reminders" were many and out of control, and therefore not useful. Thanks for the script to clean it up!
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