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  1. Tell me: How do I do a checkbox with the markdown syntax in Evernote? Until now this was simply "[ ]" which now converts it into a checklist item. IMHO the syntax for that would probably better be something like "- [ ]". And then also I want to put a series of checkboxes into a single row. Up until now I could just enter "[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]" and it converted all of them to checkboxes. Not the first is ending up as a checklist item and the rest are checkboxes. And I have no QUICK way to put a checkbox other then going through the menu. Evernote for me is about productivity and having to move my hand from my keyboard to the mouse, up to the toolbar to put a simple checkbox is just something they made a lot worse to solve a problem that didn't exist for me personally (strikethrough of list items). And if there are plenty of people complaining about it, it seems to be a problem for us. And a checkbox is not always something that needs to be DONE. Now I am [x]
  2. It is a feature. There are two kinds now: the green "checkboxes" and the grey "checklists". The alter are with strikethrough. What's anoying me is that the default behaviour seems to be "checklist" and not "checkbox".
  3. That actually helped for me and I can see the button in the note again. Is there a way to replace the templates in the dropdown or are they the same for everyone?
  4. I updated to the latest evernote version and now I cannot apply my templates to my notes anymore. In the dropdown next to the button, there are just some templates made by evernote and when I try to recreate my templates (luckily I have all of them still stored as a note) the option in the Notes-Menu to create a template is deactivated. Got that feature removed, too!? 😠
  5. And how can I add checkboxes without having to go through the menu? Before I could add those by writing "[ ]" but now this creates a checklist item. IMHO a simple checkbox and not a checklist should be the default. Why separate that anyway!? Evernote is not a todo-planner!
  6. I seriously don't understand how they can release a new version that removes a feature and say it will be added back soon. Just hold back the update until all old features that people have been using are available. I can also not create any templates anymore... what's wrong with the EN devs, seriously angry right now! //EDIT: I never had to write something here since I'm using evernote (and thats quite some years) and this new version now made me do this... bad work EN!
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