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  1. Awesome! Thank you SO much for this! I was using Safari and I did not have the developer tools open. I will definitely give this a try. Who, knows- maybe some of my favorites can be resurrected! Thank you again for the detailed walk-thu. I REALLY appreciate it! 🙂
  2. Yep! I am a font loving frickler 🤣. But in all seriousness, there are actually more than a few people upset by this. This update effects a lot of people and NOT in a good way. Everyone uses Evernote for different purposes and you can’t please everyone...
  3. Hi Pink, I understand there are "work arounds" but I don't want to use a layout program. I am a Graphic Designer and already have a ton of page layout programs. Evernote WAS great because I was able to create all of my personal notes in ONE program and I had complete control of fonts, colors, layout, etc. without resorting text boxes, "stylized pages", etc. With Evernote's latest update, Evernote is just like every other boring "preset" note program (ie. Apple Notes, etc.) Having control of my fonts, colors, layout, etc. was what made me choose Evernote. I don't want all of my notes
  4. Hi T, Question- how do you enter fonts manually in the web inspector? When I am in Evernote Web (Mac) and I select "CMD + OPTION + I" A tiny pop-up window appears like this. That is it! Obviously I am doing something wrong. I am not familiar with the Evernote Web App as much, I usually access Evernote though Mac Desktop and my iPad. Thank you!
  5. Nice! Why didn’t I think of taking a “screen shot” of the fonts? 😏
  6. Hi Adam, Yes- there are only 6 font choices- Serif, Slab Serif, San Serif, Monospace, Script and Handwritten. They are just generic fonts like on every other boring generic note app or browser. Ugh. SO disappointing ☹️. They are not awful fonts but VERY bare bones and basic. I am a Graphic Designer and I have over 150,000 fonts. Not that I would activate or need that many choices all at once 🤣 but I should at least be able to select anything that is already activated in FontExplorer or Suitcase Fusion. I mean I understand WHY Evernote did this- so the formatting would be the sam
  7. PLEASE bring back custom fonts!! This was one of the many reasons why I love EVERNOTE . I LOVE Evernote but the lack of being able to choose a custom font on the new 10.0 Mac Desktop App is highly disappointing and frustrating!! Only having 6 fonts to choose from is SO archaic!! I can understand this update on the WEB version and even on the IOS versions but NOT on the desktop version!! I am a graphic designer and this is CRITICAL to my business!! One of the reasons I chose Evernote is because I had the freedom to choose my own fonts, colors, styles, formatting, etc. and I was able to import
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