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  1. As you can see, in my post toward the end, I've tried using Match Note Width with no success. Do you where I can contact Evernote to ask for help or at least a thread that I can ask for that feature? Thanks
  2. Hello, The last post I asked help about this, we got nowhere. My problem is with the table width inside notes. It used to be that when I would view a note with a table stretching across an entire note, it would span full width on any device I was viewing it on. This has changed for some reason, and I can't get it back. I've tried "Simplify Formatting", but that only lasts as long as I have the same note open and then reverts back after closing it. I've also try "Match Note Width" Within the table's settings menu. I'm at a loss. This is a very important issue for my workflow. T
  3. Hey Dave, Yeah, you are right, it works fine with the android camera software. I just wish it worked every time with the evernote camera. It's only a minor annoyance because I have to use the camera while I'm in very hot attics (sometimes over 140 deg F). My big concern is with the table formatting. It's killing my efficiency while working. I've seen the same problem multiple times on this forum, all the way back to 2014!! I hope someone can help me out, because I'd rather not switch to another app. This is literally my only issue that kills the deal. Thanks Dave!
  4. Hey gazumped, I'm using the latest build: (307671) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483). I tried the "Note width" option you suggested. It works for my desktop, but when I go back to my phone it stretched the note, as you can be below. It seems, Evernote just can't seem to figure out what formatting it should use, and normally picks the wrong one. This is turning me off to Evernote. As far as the camera problem. I have purchased new phones and reinstalled Evernote many, many, many times. The problem persists. I'm wondering if it is a Samsung/Evernote issue. Tha
  5. Hello, I've had no luck finding this problem in the forum, so here it goes. I'm having a problem with tables not stretching across the entire Evernote Windows desktop app. The only thing I can figure out is to stretch them manually, but this is very annoying! It hasn't been a problem until the last update, as far as I know. The "simplify formatting" option only works on my phone. Once I stretch them out, I then have to bring them back in on my phone with "simplify formatting". I have one other annoyance that someone can hopefully help with. When I use the android in app camera
  6. I have had problems with the Evernote Multi-shot, from the S3 to the Note 3 to the Note 5 and now the S8+. I've been using Evernote for over 8 years now and still have the same problems. I do appreciate your suggestion about taking pictures, then adding them to the app. The problem is that, it would just be a workaround and take that much more time to complete my job. Since they can't fix the camera issues, maybe I just need to ask for the feature to turn the recognition off.
  7. Hello, Thank you so much for your reply. The solution that you are talking about, is when you are using "active multi-shot." For some reason, Samsung phones don't play nice with the Evernote camera app, as I was eluding to in my original post. I need to be able to use Samsung's built in camera.
  8. Hello all, I need to disable the Evernote camera's document recognition. While taking pictures, the app, very aggressively, crops and turns most of my pictures black and white. I'm not sure if this happens when using the "Active Multi Shot" because when using it, it sometimes saves a blank picture or no picture at all (Samsung S8+). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Chris
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