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  1. Yo tuve la misma duda hace un par de años. Son pesos argentinos. Yo pagué recientemente $220 por un año.
  2. Many thanks JMichael for this very usefull (for me) script It works very well, and the installation instructions are very detailed.
  3. Hi CalS, sorry for the delay to reply, No, it is not a lag. After many days after the update, the problem continue and yes, I have web access.
  4. In the list of notes, many images thumbnails are not shown. It is just a gray square. iPhone 6 with iOS 10.3.3, and Evernote version 8.7.1
  5. DTLow I'm really very angry, precisely because I have to delete and reinstall the app.
  6. CalS I can confirm this issue. Update to 8.7 and now EN not sync any more. I am really very angry!
  7. Hi, I see the option of add a "New Meeting Note" on the sidebar of web versión, and it is very useful for me, but I notice that it only recognizes meetings from my main "Personal" google calendar. Is there any way to make it also recognize meetings in other calendars? My main calendar is for personal matters, and I schedule meetings on another ('Work') calendar. Thanks in advance for the reply ...
  8. And now, on iPad/iPhone with iOS 10.1.1 and Evernote v7.18, this happen also with AES128 encryption! So, I can´t read any PDF with AES 128 encryption on my iPad or iPhone. I must do it on desktop only...
  9. Estimada Giovanna, es posible renovar la suscripción premium antes de que expire el período actual? Es decir, pagar por adelantado dos o tres años?
  10. If possible for third party applications, then it should also be possible for Evernote... See this link https://eatags.com/feat.toc
  11. Nancy M, I'm a fan of Evernote, and I have a Premium account from some years ago (even when I did not need to). My current suscription is valid until jul 10, 2017 Argentine Pesos $220/yr is equal to $15 dollar/yr at current currency exchange. Is a third of the price in USA, is why I say that is cheap. I asked the question in the forum because I thought it was 220 dollars which is, however, very very expensive (@ current currency exchange). Also, note that at the bottom of www.evernote.com, no matter what country I select, the price is always $ 220, but it does not say what currency. I would be very happy () if the price is 220 argentine pesos, but do not want to have a surprise on my credit card when I renew my subscription.
  12. DTLow I don't belive it, if it were my money, then it is very cheap. $ 220 in my currency (argentine pesos) is equal to 15 dollars
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