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  1. This morning I tapped tasks beta on my android phone and it requires an upgraded subscription. I already have a premium account. I can access task notes directly, just not from the Tasks in the sidebar which is where all the sorting and viewing happens. I tried logging out and in. Same result. This was working before today and the Windows desktop is working so I don't believe it really is an account issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Not sure if this is has been posted. Clicking a note link to jump to a note, the new note is not in focus in the note list. Example: Contents note has a list of links. Jumping to a link will open the note and leave it selected, however, the note is not in view in the note list column.
  3. Didn't see this posted. Spellcheck works on v10+ but unable to add words by right clicking.
  4. It should be possible to right click a notebook and have options such as Move, Rename, Duplicate, Shortcut, Delete. The only way I have found to modify a notebook is in the Notebook view. This is not convenient having to change views instead of drag and drop quickly rename.
  5. Web clipping to Windows desktop creates a snapshot of an article that is not editable. Editing requires clicking on the magic wand at the top to "simplify formatting and edit". This loses images and text formatting. It's no longer clipping. The function is parsing text only. After the note linking problem I was willing to wait for an update but this issue is unacceptable and forces me to install the previous version.
  6. Ctrl-Click opens the linked note in a new window instead of jumping to the note. So the solution to moving between notes is to continue opening new windows? I open notes in a new window to keep it onscreen. Why would I want it to be default? I don't pull pages out of physical book if I flip to a page referenced in a footnote. I go to the page. If I want to link or jump back I put my finger as a link. Signing off on this behavior appears to be pushing for a release to stay in the public eye. Maybe its a trying to adopt a new workflow, but you don't go backward in order to setup a delivery cycle. If someone felt this was optimal behavior for note linking then it should have been made an option not default. I don't want to click a link to see the link address. I already know its a link. Its underlined in blue. Just take me there.
  7. Internal note links don't seem to be working as efficiently as before: Clicking a link pops up a link (evernote:///) instead of going directly to the note as in previous versions. Requires two clicks to move between notes. Copying internal note link by rt click, Ctrl+right click "internal note link" OR in the note options, copies the HTTP:// link. All new links open in a browser.
  8. FYI, I reinstalled windows on my laptop, basically a new system. I setup Evernote to import from a new folder and it's been freezing every time. I'll try creating a new folder to import from when I get home tonight to see it fixes the problem.
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