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  1. FYI, support says this is a known issue expected to be resolved in next update.
  2. Me too. This was a change with one of the recent updates. My current EN version: (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494). Running Windows 10. Here are the two traits that started driving me bonkers since version ~ 6.8.6: 1) Cannot drag PDFs from EN (using EN Business btw) to emails being composed in Outlook. Instead, I have to save to desktop. (There is a workaround: put the mouse cursor next to the PDF image in EN; shift+arrow to "select" it; copy it to clipboard; paste into application. But it is -- what's the word? inelegant? clumsy? stupid?) 2) Cannot drag PDFs to
  3. I'm familiar with this function, but it's only one-way -- i.e., there's no way to get them back into EN, except dragging them in one by one.
  4. Feel free to tell me if I'm straining the limits of Evernote, but here is what I'm trying to do: I am preparing a brief to be filed in an appellate court, and I am using EN to prepare the supporting appendix -- basically, several hundred PDFs that I will be citing to in the brief. I have the individual PDFs in separate notes all in a separate notebook in EN so I can easily find them and work with them. But now that I am nearly ready to prepare the appendix itself, there are some preparations I need to perform on the PDFs, e.g., OCRing them and numbering them. Sure would be nice if there's
  5. Not sure what you mean by "tabs for each notebook." I can also open a note from one notebook in its own window and then work in a second notebook. What I need to be able to do is CREATE new notes in the first notebook without toggling back each time.
  6. I'm using EN Business in my law practice to help synthesize facts from a case file. I keep case file documents in one notebook, and build case facts in another notebook. The limitation is that it is difficult to toggle back and forth between my documents notebook and my facts notebook. To open a document, I have to go to one notebook; but to create a fact, I have to go to another notebook. Back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes I will use the web interface. But that is limited because the shortcut keys are different or unavailable, there is no highlighting function, sorting functions a
  7. The Evernote desktop application for PC frequently loses consciousness, and displays the message in the title bar: "Not responding." It regains consciousness within 30 seconds, almost without fail. It often stops me from typing, but usually will capture most of my keystrokes and display them after it wakes up. The regularity of the behavior suggests Evernote ought to employ a simple "hourglass" message asking the user to wait, rather than exposing the user to the unsettling worry that Evernote has fallen and can't get up. This happens on my laptop. It happens on my desktop. It h
  8. @phils -- thanks for confirming. @gazumped -- yes, spaces in the notebook name following the @ work ok. I had tried putting the name in quotation marks -- I think that's the way EN used to require you to do it, no? -- and it did not work. But I just tested without quotation marks and it did work. That's good enough for me. And if I do want to move from my default notebook to a Business notebook, it's easy to do that using the mobile app. Thanks!
  9. I make frequent use of the email account Evernote assigns me to add emails and other documents to my personal account. Is there a way to get another @m.evernote.com address to send to my default Business notebook? I COULD append the subject line with @[NameOfBusinessNotebook], but my Business notebook names have spaces and numbers and so are not easy to send to by this method, especially since I'm usually using this method on a mobile device. Thanks, Tim
  10. I rue the lack of this ability on a daily basis. I spend a lot of time curating my notes, and it is a real drag trying to build the contents of a notebook when I can't see them just because I happen to need to look someplace else in EN at the moment. For example, in my law practice, I build timelines of the facts in a case by reviewing discovery responses, pleadings, and documents produced in the case. I put my timeline in a separate "Facts" notebook while I review the other materials in my "Case File" notebook. I include links to the notes in my Facts notebook so I know where the fact is
  11. I went back to using Google Calendar. Yes, it is better in the obvious ways, and in fact at first I forgot why I left it. But the difference is that between electronic and paper. Pen and paper is limited, but it is more personal, you tend to remember your upcoming weeks and months because you manually entered the events on sheets with physical dimensions. You can write in small type or big-and-bold. EN is closer to that then full-featured digital calendars. While I'm at it, here's just one Google-Calendar annoyance: you can use Reminders on the app, but not on the web; you can use Events
  12. I noticed that when I did a folder import (the tool I use to get the dozens or hundreds of exhibits at a time into EN) EN listed the author as me ("Tim Kowal"). I renamed each with the appropriate exhibit number. I don't anticipate problems, and like I said, I've never used the Author field for anything obviously useful. Thanks, Tim
  13. To save keystrokes, I'm going a slightly different way -- I'm using the "Author" field to reflect the exhibit number. (We don't use that field anyway.) Seems to work so far.
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