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  1. We all need to find things that we have on our computer. In a world of chaos, one would have to search for Word Documents using one application, mail content using another, text documents with another method, then to search for postit notes, presentations, spreadsheets, texts, separate email from each platform, a new search for each individual folder or drive, file names with another application (but if you want to search by extension or date, there would be another application.) Oh, one needs special hardware and new cables to do these searches and some require rebooting. The ability f
  2. I like the new look....the quicknote is great. But I wonder if Starbucks has a hand in it. It seems I have time to go to Starbucks while waiting for the program to open. I don't want to say Evernote is slow, but I did finish War and Peace while waiting. I do most of my work in the inbox and then move to the right notebook. I had trouble dragging before and now I can do that. Previously there was a move to the <> folder again. I'd like to see that again. Also if I am moving to a Notebook named "Essays and Writing," I used to type ess, then hit enter. Now it takes more
  3. Clicking update, I am told I have the current version 7.14, yet if I download Evernote, there is a version 10. Could someone tell me the difference, and why the conflicting information? I've got a macbook air, retina, 2013 running OX 11.1. Thanks.
  4. It is also not working for me. I've had to log in a few times. I click on the elephant and nothing happens. Here's my log. Evernote Web Clipper Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.16; rv:84.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/84.0 Clipper core: 1.5.0-9421f47 Locale: en-US REMOVED experiments status: { "SaveButtonPos_CLIPPER-1768": null, "ClipTypeOrder_CLIPPER-1992": null } 2021\1\13 00:48:59 LOG: Using service: https://www.evernote.com 2021\1\13 00:48:59 LOG: detected auth in slots Array:[0] 2021\1\13 00:48:59 LOG: Reloading account in sl
  5. I can understand shutting down a feature if it doesn't run well or creates other problems. I would hope they are trying to find a way for it to work. Right now I have spotlight indexing my entire drive and I exclude video and music files.
  6. I used to be able to do it. What features would be missing to keep spotlight as the one search. Using Evernote to search throughout might be an acceptable alternative. I have not seen how to do that. I have not surveyed every Mac User, but I think it is reasonable to assume that searching one tije and finding all the information in one place is superior to doing it twice with two applications. I didn't say all. Some people prefer making their lives more difficult. Doing twice as much work may be fine for you. Don't minimize the impact on others. As far as not
  7. I'm quickly trying to catch up with things right now. It seems to me that the focus will be on Evernote for the Web and not on the user's machine. But my basic issue is the same. Evernote's key reason for being is to help people stay organized with content. It allows us to put all sorts of different content in custom-designed databases for retrieval when needed. One of the chief tools to finding that content is the ability to search all our content easily. Without good search tools we are dead in the water. Imagine the Library of Congress without a searchable database or the
  8. One feature in some programs is to set the blank space beneath a paragraph, allowing one to hit enter once and still have a white line. When imported into Evernote, I can remove the blank lines, but not always. If it converts to two hard returns, I can delete one. But some still have too much blank space between them. I can't figure out how to remove it in Enote and have to paste into a word processor to change the paragraph formatting before putting it into Enote again. Any way to make this easier?
  9. I will try to keep this short. I'll start out with where I am now--I don't know what Evernote data will be on my Mac tomorrow. Evernote would freeze every so often. I ran Etrecheck and found it was crashing multiple times each day. I wrote in and was told to look for a check mark in notes to identify any that were not synced. I responded and asked if there were some easier way to see the checkmarks as it was going to take me a long time to check 3,000 notes. I was then told to move a large folder from my library top to my desktop so it would rebuild the index. That's not something
  10. Yes that's correct. It does seem to work if I click on the elephant. The right click works on this page, but did not on some other web pages including cnet, forbes, and technobuzz. It also only offers one option on this page. So clicking the elephant may be better for me. I can see when it happens in the future and send you urls, if this is not enough. And I will use the icon from now on....it's better and easier for me.
  11. I have and haven't had problems before. This is with Firefox
  12. Web clippoer is not working for me on Macbook Air, 2019, Firefox 73.01.01 and OSX Right clicking shows all options grayed out. Thjese come from the log: Select log file: Follow 16:50:10 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) (WARN) moz-extension://9312fea5-3dee-694c-a65d-20886083f7d7/background.html: chrome tabs query did not return a result while changing window focus /n16:50:30 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) (WARN) moz-extension://9312fea5-3dee-694c-a65d-20886083f7d7/background.html: chrome tabs query did not return a result while
  13. I got it to work by using shift-cmd-v. Look in the edit menu for "Paste and Match Style" . I never would have thought of it because it CHANGES the style from White on Black to Black on White. I shall have to change the meaning of the word "Match" in the dictionary. It's been driving me crazy--and that is a pretty long drive!
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