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  1. Software and Internet services have started out as free. Some created software and websites with the interests and needs of the public. Some created them with financial gain as the purpose. finding a way to continue has been difficult and we’ve seen tons of sites and software and hybrid companies disappear. When companies were faced with shutting down or becoming for profit, we are seeing a wide range of how the owners have done so. Some have communicated openly and been loyal to those who have been users for years. it’s an anonymously tough time for someone who has lived in breed something over the years, created it and have it crash down on them. I’ve been there. There are 1 million decisions to be made at that time. And we can get some insight into who the owners are when those decisions are made some of been upfront with their user base and kept them informed, and giving them away to salvage the data or years of time invested. Others just walked away and locked the door. I don’t know all of the factors involved, but i’ve seen little to indicate that the owners and management of Evernote displayed any concerns for the people who have used and invested in this software for years. That’s very sad. we shouldn’t be surprised to see what has happened. We have some responsibility and not reading the writing on the walls. Many of us are angry and have been hurt. Much like passengers on a ship, we find that it is rapidly sinking, and the captain and crew are nowhere to be found, and if not told us anything. The sum of already left in their lifeboats. Some of them are still hanging around to point out ways that we can still survive and leave. The options are really not good for us and at this point the best we might expect is not drowning. Find your piece of floating debris and get on it. If you can grab some of your belongings consider yourself lucky. The loudspeakers tell us about activities for today and tomorrow. in the words of Groucho, “Hello, I must be going.” Nibbling some cheese and gathering what I can. No time for anything else. Those on lifeboats are either laughing at us and blaming us or are pointing out the one or two options to live. Their choice is to be upfront and honest and say these are your options go do it. Others may be here to gloat. and blame us for not having the information in the skills that they did.
  2. Read the handwriting on the wall. They keep removing features that have been useful. They are not communicating with the user base. The new features are geared towards groups. They are using Google Calendar (and this has been a Mac Product) Evernote is moving to become a product for groups and offices that have deeper pockets. I won't be surprised if there are no more single licenses. The first thing a company does after a takeover is to reassure the customer base, and toss them a few bones. They know that. But they don't care. We are no longer their customer. But they are happy to keep collecting our money. My license ended a week ago. A few months ago, I compared plans and realized that $180 was not worth it to me, and I could live with the free version. When I cancelled, I was told I could continue to use the free version. Then, when I opened Evernote, it would not give me access to my notes or data. I could only get that by purchasing a license. I don't care for extortion. So I did so through Apple, with a 1 week free trial. The next week will be spent exporting all of my data. I hope I am wrong and you find that you can continue to use the program. But it is always a good idea to keep your eyes open and have an exit strategy. Be well!
  3. Thanks. As I've spent a bit more time on this I realize I only need to be concerned with the html file and I can cut and paste each note. I should also make an enex in case that can be imported. I am probably going to use MS Onenote. I had selected to go back to the free version, but two days ago, when I tried to use it, I was forced to sign up for a pay plan to use my own data; I signed up for ome week for free. Evernote has migrated towards a business environment with sharing. And little time has been spent on being intuitive or working in a standard way. Since it has been bought out, the new owners have not bothered to talk to the existing base. I believe that features important to single users will continue to go and Evernote will end up being a tool for offices. I hope the people in this system will find that Evernote continues to meet their needs and is responsive. I've only used it for about 8 years, but it still feels sad Be well.
  4. I am going to try not to get into major complaint mode. I have close to 5000 notes. I can't afford $180 a year with no guarantee that Evernote will meet my needs. (cancer and fixed income) 90% of what I need is the text. Yes there are attachments, and a few are important. but I can probtably reconstruct them. I rightclicked on two different Notebooks using my Mac desktop version and exported as Single HTML The export gave no errors. Original Notebook has 167 notes. Sorting the export by file type, I see approximately 475 files where the names do not match my note names: 1 m4a file (Apple movie) 22 files with no name 189 files named Evernote or Evernote (n), where n is 1=188 another 11 files with no name 8 files named picture or resource 8 gifs 118 jpgs 3 bin 18 pdfs (imported into Evernote, each completely readable and having a clear name) 32 pngs 64 svg files (in the format of svg_n.svg with some svg_n (n).svg where the n is a number that increases by one. (What is .svg) l huge html file It will take me a long, long time, but I can open the HTML file and cut and paste each note into another note program or text files that are organized in different folders. Is there an easier way. (Chemo has sapped my money and strength. I understand the term "chemo brain.") On help forums, there are those who respond by: a) blaming the person, b) name calling, c) saying you are unworthy for treating software like a tool instead of worshiping it like a god. Much like other evangelists, they believe that if someone follows the same path they have that my life will be better. It's like forcing the hungry and homeless to sit through services and demonstrate they have joined a face just to eat. Write as if you were writing to me privately and didn't have an audience of others. I have about a week on the free trial. Is this the best way to export my notes to I can utilize them? Clarifying questions and answers to help me achieve my task are really appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Over the past few years, features have been added to Evernote that have meant nothing to me. Others that are so important have been dropped. Evernote has become less integrated with the Mac. One cannot search Evernote from Spotlight or Finder. You can find everything else, unless it's in Evernote. Evernote is now designed to work with Google Calendar....but not the Mac Calendar. Documents such as word, pdf, excel are awkwardly stored. One can't move notes as one would move files on the Mac. Problems/issues are identified here and have not been Evernote does not comply with standards on Mac. These standards mean that if one learns how to do something in one application, one knows how to do it in all the applications. Features needed/requested are ignored. Features used are dropped. Version numbers, frequently running at the same time are confusing. Each year the parallel memberclasses and features becomes more confusing. Most companies try to meet the needs of their customers. Yet it seems that Evernote revels in doing things its own way. It seems choices are done at whim without any focus on customers. When an announcement is made about the sale, we heard nothing from the new owners. One would think we would hear a welcome and what we might see in the future that we wanted. It feels more like we just found out our workplace was sold to a new company and no one knows if we're going to shut down, or move in a new direction. Evernote has had a strong and loyal user base. But in recent years, it seems that it no longer is interested in keeping them, listening to them, or keeping them.
  6. Right clicking shows the opportunity to "Log Onto Evernote," but when I chose it nothing happens. Left clicking on the icon in Firefox does nothing. Right clicking offers the opportunity to "Log Onto Evernote" but it also does nothing. I looked at my profile/settings to see If I needed to do something. Mac Air 2019, 13", Ventura 13.2 Firefox 109.0.1 Evernote 105.2.8 Owner is 1953 model.
  7. I've been using computers since the days of CP/M. Yes--the 1980's. I have never seen software that DROPS important functions each time it upgrades. I would hope the new owners would have made some sort of outreach to those currently paying for this, but considering the silence, I suspect that they will be following the path of many corporate raiders....buy the company, break it up, sell off the profits, encrypt our data and make it non-transferable, then shut down Evernote and require large sums for us to get our own data.
  8. I feel like I just stepped into the Twilight Zone. Nothign here past April. Is Evernote closing?
  9. I used to be able to click on the Share icon on my mac and send something over to evernote. Of course there have been numerous upgrades since. I no longer see that. How can I add that back in. Do I have to set things up again? FYI, when I logged in to thje websie, it took almost 5 minutes to update or sync or something. Then the menu choices for help didn't work. I'm not even sure I'm posting gin the right place.it seems every forum has dates that are 9 months or a year old, and the first chance I had to ask a question about mac was in the 18th forum. Have all the users left?
  10. In the past week or so, Web Clipper stopped workign. Whether I click on the icon, or right click, nothing happens.Ever Evernote Web Clipper Firefox/Extension 7.26.2 Firefox for OSX 104.0.2. MAC OSX Monterey 12.6 Evernote Mac OS 10.44.8 Macbook Air, Retina 13 inch, 2019 Operator, Feb 1953
  11. Have you ever found that one thing seems to take so much longer than it should? Every time I want to get to the Forums, it seems to take forever. Evernote calls it a forum, others call them communities, others call them Q&As. That's fine. My menus gave me the option of Help & Learning. I dug about there. I went to Account Settings. I went to the Main Evernote site. I checked the links at the bottom of each page. Then I realized the Evernote Forums were not listed in all the places I looked. These forums are a great way to build community, support users,. identify problems, and fix things at a minimal cost to Evernote. It makes sense for Evernote to want anyone with a question to first look at training, then some FAQs or Q&A, then be able to scan similar questions, and then to post their own. Contact Support (the most expensive option) I understand would not appear right away. But these Forums should be in more menus. Otherwise people just flounder around looking for them. And that will give anyone a haddock.
  12. Is it my imagination, or is Evernotes migrating to become something designed for an in team of specialists who live and breathe it. I find more and more simple or obvious actions that I want to take require me to search online and find that a simple task is now impossible or convoluted or called something proprietary and hidden. I know not all software is designed to be mass market, but it seems Evernote is becoming something only designed for some inner core of people who want to turn Evernote in to some Shiboleth to separate the whiz-bang-technos from the unwashed masses. Using it successfully requires one know all the secret handshakes of the "in crowd." That IS one approach to marketing a product.
  13. When I place my cursor on the line between the left and right columns, I see the doubleheaded arrow, but cannot adjust the size. I want the search on the left, but want to minimize it so I can see more of the results on the right or just go in and edit the document on the right with enough of it viewable.
  14. When I need to find something on my Mac, I can search for anything--except on evernote. I may have saved a file to the computer,. or to a cloud site. I could have placed it in a word file or a texteddit file or excel. I might have written a reminder or shated it via mail to someone. It could have been a discussion in a text. It could have been handwritten notes on a photo. I used to be able to search for it all in spotlight. Now if not in spotlight, I have to open Evernote and search there. And if it's in both places, I might use one of thavehe searches and think I have all of the information I need. It takes extra time, more memory and increases the chance of errors. I've yet to find another application or tool that stoires information on my computer that prevents me from finding it using the search tool built into the operating system. I'm not a programmer or engineer and have no idea why this was done. But it is an impediment to my gathering my own information. I know I am not the only one. I also know that some trolls find great pleasure in putting down anyone who needs something that they do not need or want, or those who don't know enough to figure workarounds (for thiings that should not need workarounds).
  15. Otherwise I have to scan through thousands of notes.
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