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  1. @dtlow......the problem is not finding in evernote but the ability to be consistent in how/where I save information. For some reason spotlight cannot find items I put on my grocery shopping list. I don't understand.....it's right on the refrigerator in plain view.
  2. There go my plans for total world domination!
  3. Thanks Pink and Low. Since I'm familiar with Wunderlist, I've got my stuff in there. It's taken a burden off that I have most written down. I did select dates for many of the items, but know they are almost placeholders. I understand what you mean by leaving them open. The fact that the list is in there is a big help. One of my problems is how and where I take notes--say a draft of a letter. I may do it in Evernote, or Mail, or Textedit, sometimes even a sticky note. Then I have trouble finding it. I've been trying to put more in Evernote. I've been scanning or downloading manuals, receipts, instructions, etc. and have made good headway into reducing the volume of paper here. Since I'm only in Chap 2 of GTD, I feel pretty good.
  4. 1) . I changed my default as you suggested. Now if I copy white on black, it stays that way. At least I can read it. Is this now the way of the world in dark mode? There could be 3 colors: text, highlight and paper (background) if I exclude borders and shading. As always, I first select the text. In other apps and webpages, the standard is to make selections under format, Here, in format, we only get to chose the system of color naming. Once selected, I select the small a with underline, then choose one of the color naming systems and select the color. I have one more click to close the box here. (Remember standards?) As I said the background is set in preferences. I select text again, then click on the highlighter pen, after which I click on the dot to clod ig. In Evernote, the closest I select the a, which opens a color selection and alternate ways. Once I select the color, I must hit the red dot to close it. ' For the background, I will try the next icon, the highlighting tool. Sometimes the color options show up. Other times nothing. And when I do successfully change it, it only changes the backroom shadowing individual characters. Note the following. I'm getting closer, though I still can't change the background, and I';m still copying white on black text.
  5. I am now reading GTD. Just reading it makes me understand that I am worrying about the wrong I'm still at teh beginning but I think I'm on the right path no matter what tools I choose.
  6. When I change to use white, other notes are white on white. If I can manually change the text color and the background color I can get around this. All I've been able to do is copy it all, throw it into text edit, change the text and background color there and paste it back into evernote. Evernote is converting color and I can't seem to figure out how to fix it manually
  7. I've changed color of text and background with dot codes (wordstar), lotus 123 print codes, and multiple versions of Mac OS and Windoze. When I select the black on black, the text becomes a faint color that I technically can read. Everywhere else, I select what I need, click on an icon for the text change it to black and another to change the background white. I can train a deaf hamster to do that while I am asleep[. Standards....they're what's for breakfast. I have to go into a colors menu here and I only get choices of bar charts color wheels rgb etc, OK, I accept the fact that Evernote wants me to learn their paradigm for changing the color of text....why not? I'm, thankful it's not hardware or the power cord would have 5 plugs. But even so, I can't find the sequence and icons to do this. I'm willing to learn a new way and spend time memorizing the way, as long as it doesn't take more than say 15 minutes to change the colors. Just let me know if I need to purchase a special input device to do this and how much I need to budget for it. I don't mind when every company renames things, and moves them about. Hide and Seek is my favorite game. When I open one of the black on black files, you can see that it is slightly readable. But how to make it black on white? I did click the heels of my ruby slippers....
  8. I tried replicating and it does other color issues. I copied from the screen and posted here. I did it from two places. The second is accurate (white on black) but the first one in Evercheck is hard to read. The original uses bright green. color.enex
  9. When I paste into Evernote, it shows up as black on black. I can change the font color and change the highlight to make it legible, but I shouldn't need to do that at all. Color is in it's own little section right now and it offers me the option to use different standards to change the color but it's unclear how to change the background. Icons are great, but only when identifiable. Why am I getting black on black when I cut and paste from something with plain ol black and white? In the meantime, how do I turn individual notes to a white background. I-con get confused.
  10. I like the idea of using a number as part of the file name as it will be easier to find and sort automatically. Will have to check out filterize. Right now, I have an outline of 50 items. Some of them have 4 or five sections underneath. I know I could divide it into a few sections by urgency, and even highlight them. I have put things in the calendar before, but that works for meetings, etc., but not well for due dates. I kinda need a mom reminding me what needs to be done by certain dates and those that are just urgent. But to quote Oscar Wilde, "To lose one parent..... , may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”
  11. That's the 2nd endorsement of getting things done....worthwhile. Thanks for the website. I've tried one or two to do lists. They let me assign a date to each item and cross it off the list. That's a nice feature. Can I do something similar in EM? What does a task manager do? I"d prefer not to learn another program especially if I'm not sure it meets my needs. Guess I may have to put this on my todo list.
  12. This seems to be a bit complicated for me at the moment. I think I'm going to check out GTD. Why a separate note for each task? I have close to 50 things on my todo list and that would mean opening a lot of documents. It looks like one can create macros or formulae inm reminders and will have to check that out as well. Thanks.
  13. When I cut and paste from Excel (Mac) to Evernote, the rows become four times higher. A 15 row table with 12 pt fonts takes about 2 inches on a piece of paper when printed . Copied into Evernote, the font is 14, but there is so much space above and below it looks like it is made to accommodate 40 pts. I understand it not making changes, but it changes the spacing from about 16 to 40+.
  14. I've done a pretty good job of creating an outline of my life in which the content sits in Evernote. I've got recipes,. receipts, manuals, how to's, things to investigate, and most anything I may have in paper. It's not perfect, but better than the paper. The next thing I have to work on is my todo's or tasks. What I think I want (open to other ideas), is to create a master list of the things I need to do. I might have every task on one list, or group them into multiple lists (home, financial, computer, social, etc.). Each of those lists may have multiple tasks and subdivide them. I will either want to assign them high/med/low priorities and/or due dates. I want to be nagged about due dates and high priority items. Some of these tasks will be large (Move, or work on my Wil, or redesign bedroom) and some will be small (get stain out of pants, take out trash.) Some tasks will be broken down into parts. I want to be able to look at any list and review it. I want to sort or limit it to higher priorities or due dates. Other times I just may want to see small tasks when I don't have much time. A priority or a date could be set at any task in the list or to the whole list. I've not used tags or reminders much, & think they may hold the key What may be a good way to design this in Evernote? Key will be the nag and ability to set priorities and see them whether by line or subject line. .
  15. Thank you cfor clarifying, but it is not finding the note titles either. waylaid in washingto
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