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  1. Thank you cfor clarifying, but it is not finding the note titles either. waylaid in washingto
  2. I've seen some others with this problem, but I'm not ssure that the answers have been relevant,'' I could have some notes I put in a document, or Evernote, or even my calendar, or email. (Consistent? NO WAY). If I use spotlight or finder, it can find everyting except Evernote. It will njot provide results from the title or comments. CAN Evernote be searched by Finder/Spotlight, or only internally with Evernote. THere is nothing in the Privacy Tab of setup tab for Spotlight. I know one solution is to add then remove a folder there, bjt don't know if I need to add the correc tlibrary or select one in the cloud and how to do it. If spotlght.finder should, what am I doing wrong? Should I hire some boyscouts? GPS technology? NSA? signed, lost in seattle
  3. Creative workaround, but means I have to open each note twice, and I'm not sure that makes it simpler. They will all be at the top, but I still have to keep track of which I've edited and which I havent't. Oh, I'd have to pen the notes a third time to remove the tags. I like the way your're thinking but this seems to something Evernote may have to addfress.
  4. I'm sure I'm not the only one who scans or enters many notes and comes back to them later to edit the title and place them in the right notebook. I will go through my inbox to relabel and move notes at least once a week. I typically am working down the list. But once I rename the note, I have moved with the note to a new place. I have to scroll back and find my place to continue with the next one. Even worse is if I move the note, I'm not even in the same notebook. Perhaps a toggle that could be used for editing a list of notes. It could say, "continue with list" or "move with note."
  5. I suspect I am not the only one to save notes and come back to re-name them and move them later. In fact, it's more efficient in general to repeat one step many times instead of going through the entire process, especially as one can select multiple notes and move them. There may be other ways, but there are lots of extra keystrokes here, especially if you have many notebooks. When one is moving notes, you end up in the new notebook. You have to go back to the old notebook and scroll down to where you were in the list. Having the option to stay in the "from" location, with the notes in the same order, and your cursor ready for the next note, can save 5-12 keystrokes (depending on how many notes in the from and how many notebooks/where the "to" is in the sort. And one can use the move again command. I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear. Please let me know if what I say is understandable/makes sense. If I'm correct, how would I suggest this as a feature? I don't want to suggest a feature if I'm overlooking how it can be done now, or if I'm the only one to save notes without naming them or putting them in the right notebook as I save them.
  6. That is one option. But if I want to see all the notes that are imported from scannable or unnamed notes, I want to use the alpha sort. And what about if am moving documents.....I go with the note to the new notebook.
  7. I don't have that sort....I have create date, edit date, and alpha. Each can be done two ways. Am I looking in the wrong place? A sordid error?
  8. I frequently do "batch work," where I create notes and come back later to name and move them. I may scroll through my inbox, changing all the unnamed notes. Once I've renamed it, I move with the note to the new location. If I name an unnamed note "george," I will be in the g's (if alpha sorted.). I now have to scroll down to the unnamed. Is there a way that I can save all that scrolling time? If I move the document I also have to get back to the inbox? I frequently will go through a notebook and move items in the wrong place.....it takes a while to find where I was. Or, is there a better name when I want to scan a notebook moving many items or renaming many?
  9. Why do I have to go to another page to perform these functions? I don't with note/notebooks? And one can drag on the sidebar,...but it's a trick....you cannot drop. My point was that I shouldn't need to go through extra steps. And there are times where the list is so long, one has to go several pages up or down while still holding and dragging. Macs don't have pageup/down keys. Lining up the files on the right with the left is also very helpful sometimes. Intuitive Software should: 1) Be consistent in the program and with others. 2) Place commands where users expect. 3) Don't require extra keystrokes.
  10. I believe that software should be intuitive. I believe developers also believe that. Sometimes there are barriers, I went to move a notebook today. I tried the two techniques that I have learned to use in almost any other Mac program. I right clicked but the option didn't exist. Then I clicked and dragged. It did not work. I checked help and it said I should click and drag so I deleted the notebook, went into the new stack and created a new Notebook. This still was not in the stack. I tried again and went to help. The problem was that I was using the sidebar and not the notebook "Page." Where is this "Page" called "Page"? It seems I'm not the only one. I'm not sure what the Notebook page offers that the sidebar does not. And even so, one shouldn't limit the feature to a certain location. Add it to right click and allow us to work intuitively by allowing this with the sidebar. There are times one may have a long list where the notebook is in the notebook page and one can only see the stack in the sidebar. We can move notes between notebooks this way. And why don't I have the option to place the Notebook in the correct stack at the beginning? And any time people ask how to do simple functions, step back and think of having the program work in a way that users expect instead of having users learn your proprietary way and having to go through training to learn.
  11. Thanks but I see nothing in the menus that identifies a notebook page. But now Evernote seems to have frozen.
  12. One of the reasons I switched to mac was that programs operated in a standard way....well most. I have to search the interjet for "Now do I xxx on Evernote for Mac" almost every other day. These aer for simple things. And even when I find them, the answer is so weird I can't remember them. There is no logic, I can drag and drop a file everywhere. Then I want to move a notebook. I try everything on the toolbar, right clicks and look all over. Noting works. a 2 second task now becomes a research project. I see put it in Stack view. There are noi commands for that. Did they TRY to make this difficult? I read the instructions for putting in stack mode. Once again I have no idea where these magic buttons or commands are. Is these commands under my sofa? Every time I need to do this, it's a one hour project. Can someone have mercy? It sure isn't Evernote..
  13. I feel sorry for any small software company, especially if the company has a product similar to what the giants have or can add. A small company has to produce something that is not just equivalent, but far superior to what the giants produce. It also has to listen to the users and create a sense of loyalty. Of course it can create a niche product where the revenue produced isn't even noticed by the big guys. As much as I try to fight for the underdog, or do the right thing, the easiest path is to often to go to the big guys. It's often easier, takes less time, and less expensive. In battle, one can't easily assume that those who have been on your side will stay on your side. The loyalty may be wide, but may not be very deep.
  14. yI'm using Evernote on the mac. Latest op system. Latest versions. I just even paid for an upgrade so I'm not using Evernote for free. Sometimes things don't work as expected and I manage to figure them out. I'm neither the dumbest nor smartest computer user. I don't program. But I've put together networks, designed web pages, replaced hard drives, upgraded memory, understand ASCII codes, and can throw together a half decent spreadsheet. Today I created a new notebook in Evernote. It appeared on the top of the list and I wanted to move it to a stack. I tried rightclicking, I looked at the menus in the application, I tried to drag and drop. I can't figure it out. This should be simple. I try changing the views. I must be some sort of an idiot. I can't be the only one who needs to do this. Question 1: I'm going to stop and label this as Question 1: How do I move the notebook into a stack? I'm a bit frustrated as this should be intuitive. So I click on Help. In Help, I search for the following: Move Notebook into Stack (One article is relevant: How to organize Notebooks into stacks. Perhaps I forgot to click my heels together 3 times.) Change stack for notebook Move notebook Organize notebooks Put notebook into stack Add stack to notebook Absolutely Nothing. I start to question if I've had a stroke and lost my vocabulary. Well, I'm glad I just upgraded. I can now get support by email. How do I contact them? I somehow find my way to a contact support button. YEA! I'm there. Forms work so well for customers because the company knows how to set up options that meet every possible need. My options are: Account Settings Installation Technical Issues Those are the only problems all these users could have? Wow. What great software! Seeing that I'm the only one having trouble knowing how to do something, I explore all of these options. Do not pass go and do not collect $200 because each one is a dead end Back to Help. This time I select Help and Learning...there are a few pages. There are two ways of providing Help. 1) Organize it in a structured and comprehensive manner, and 2) Randomly display information that pertains to individuals by showing the answers to their particular questions. The second one is filled with gaps and every answer is so specific to a particular person as to be worthless to others. Guess which one is used. I find another contact support at the bottom. Do I have to click my heels together three times? Take the pill recommended by the White Rabbit? Guess where I am again? It's like old home week. The form with three options. Let's try Technical: Attachments, Installation or Notes....well none, but I'll try notes Annotations, TAgs, or Tables I go through ALL the menus. Nothing. Finally, I select Deactivate Account. Guess what....a form again. This time, it allows me to email my question. Rhetorical Question 2: WTF? How can a company survive when does this? Why have I not some survivalist group? If a company sets up a support system like this, what does it think of its customers? Is there a camera looking at me? Is this one of those crazy TV shows where they make someone do all sorts of things and then we all laugh? Was this designed by the same people who designed the tortures for Sisyphus and Tantalus? Has the government declared that businesses should no longer meet customer needs? I hope the software engineers and support team never decide to build cars.....let's see car too fast how do I slow it down.....or build medical devices......how do I adjust this to avoid diabetic coma? I may have missed or been a bit inaccurate in describing each step above. Hell, it's even possible I missed a bright red flashing "email us button." But if I did so, others will have the same problem. And during this I was trying to find an answer, not 100% focused on tracking every keystroke. My sarcasm/attempts at wit may detract from the problem, but we are all entitled to something to help us manage frustration. Why do some companies design software that is cryptic and non-intuitive? And why is it they put up barriers for customers so they have no idea what the customer needs or wants? I'm sure many loyalists will pick this apart keystroke by keystroke. If it meets their needs it must be good for everyone. They will find errors I've made. And rather than admitting that everything has good and bad features (I have used Evernote and find it helps me keep things organized...and most of the time it does what is expected), they may treat this as if I just committed a horrible crime against them. Instead of being willing to say we love it but it has it's flaws, I know the ad hominum attacks will soon begin.
  15. I can't say when this started. When I right-click on a web page, I see Evernote Web Clipper. When I click on it all of the options are greyed out and cannot be selected.
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