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  1. I would use this a lot when creating notes by way of sharing pdf files of paid statements to Evernote. When I do this at bill paying time there are 4 or 5 tags that would be applicable to several notes created in a session. Copying and Pasting tags would be very simple and effective... Much better than the inaccuracies probable with workarounds.
  2. Just looked to see if there was any implementation of "Copy and Paste" tags. I would use this a lot when creating notes by way of sharing pdf files of paid statements. When I do this at bill paying time there are 4 or 5 tags that would be applicable to several notes. A template would not work as well as a copy and paste tags feature.
  3. I simply mean that it would be very useful to be able copy & paste tags from one note to other notes. Whether or not they are in a notebook for that matter. I often want the same tags for many notes, especially several notes within a notebook. I searched the help & learning for templates but don't see anything relevant. Is that a feature for a Business user? I have a premium account.
  4. I find very often that lots of new notes in a notebook will use the same tags as the first note in the notebook when I am paying statements and create the notes by sharing to Evernote from a pdf... It would be so fast and easy to be able to copy the tags from the first note and paste (or share) the tags to the subsequent notes as they are created and added to the folder. Please add this feature!
  5. This feature would make Evernote sooo much faster and better! I can't imagine this not getting voted up more by now. It is exactly what we all need. I found your post as I was about to submit the question to a help ticket.
  6. Evernote needs setting for unique notification ringtone rather than using the default. I want to be able to distinguish Evernote reminders from other events.
  7. Thank you for your help Matt, That did the trick. IMHO users should have been notified of the change since I was using the document camera from the widget for so long and that was the only way I was familiar with to get a clean scan with digitized text. Also, that setting needs to be clarified a little. It should possibly be made selected by default. It doesn't seemingly make sense that anyone would not want the Evernote document camera feature.
  8. Hi, I had until the last couple days been using the 1x4 widget and had a tool on it for a document scanner (camera). Yesterday I tried to use it and the tool was gone from the widget. I supposed it was probably due to an update. I read in the help docs about using the camera but when I create a new note and choose camera, I see no swipe-able options to choose Document mode or Camera mode. It appears the same as when using the standard camera with no Evernote specific features apparent. When I take a photo of a receipt placed on a dark contrasting background, all I get is a large photo jpg that shows the background rather than a clean cropped image, and the text is not digitized either as it used to be. I'm using Evernote 7.8.2 on a Motorola Moto X 1st generation phone I used the document scan camera feature a lot for receipts. I hope I can fix this... Your help is appreciated
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