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  1. Hello fellow Evernote users! So good to see some old names here! Pleople keep contacting me personally when looking for those Evernote for Windows related tools that are not supported by Evernote officially. Here's the new location for those tools which does not depend on any 3rd party cloud strorage: http://www.kvitek.com/en/ Best, Peter Kvitek exEvernote.
  2. Same here. Merged notes' headers rely on html tables for their layout. Unfortunately, in the current note editor table visualization is seriously broken: all tables that were not created with this editor are displayed as a set of narrow columns with lots of vertical white space which makes their content impossible to read. This affects a lot of existing clipped notes since using tables for layout purposes is very common. This data loss case prevents me from using the current version because I have thousands of clipped notes that heavily rely on tables: for example, a few hundred notes with clips of electronic part orders that I need to refer to every now and then. Hopefully this problem will be fixed before the release.
  3. Image Gallery is a cool feature, however it breaks my workflow because i need certain image processing software to handle images in notes. Are there plans to make Image Gallery optional so that users, who prefer standard Windows double click behavior (which is "open the default application registered for the clicked file extension", can get it back?
  4. Just noticed that some pages cannot be copy/pasted into a new note. Steps to repro: 1. Create a new note 2. Click it if it did not get the focus (intermittent) 3. In your browser go to http://www.oakleysound.com/flanger.htm and select it all 4. try to paste it into the new note created at step 1 Expected: page content pasted into the note Observed: nothing is pasted, not is empty Not browser specific.
  5. Great! BTW, the next beta will make the step in On-Demand Sync implementation: it will be able to purge content of the notes that were not viewed for a while. In this context "viewed" means opened in the note view or shown in the note list view. This prevents database with on-demand sync enabled from growing to 100%.
  6. My bad, this change did not make it to the release build Please try fixing a single note and see if it will download content and resources instead of just fixing note size and if not, run the "fix all notes command".
  7. They won't be fixed automatically, sorry. Here's what you can do to fix them all: Click All Notes on the toolbar (or select Notebooks in the left panel) to get all notes into the note list Switch to Table View and sort note list by Sync column Select notes with the hollow circle mark (Shift+Click selection works) Cltr+Click Help menu item and choose "Fix Selected Notes"
  8. The above assumption is correct for Snippet, Card and Thumbnail note lists, but not for Table View. So if you are using a Table View, the expected behavior is to download a note only when you click on it. The reason for this is that table views usually have much higher note density so downloading all those notes implicitly may not be a good idea.
  9. @eafpres I believe we've reproduced and fixed the problem, please let me know if you'd like to receive the updated build for verification. 09:51:53 [8908] 0% Updating server items 09:54:38 [8908] 0% Updating server note "Screen clip 2", resource count: 1, content: 0 B 09:54:39 [8908] 0% * guid={344c1115-0ac3-47be-8e09-2ff04d826331} 09:54:44 [8908] 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=DATA_REQUIRED parameter="Data.bodyHash"
  10. Looks like "created via email to Evernote" is common for those notes. Do you use some proprietary script or publically available service like CraigsList to send those emails?
  11. Would it be possible to describe the history of these notes? I.e. were they created on this client or down synced to it? If the latter, what client they were created on and was OnDemand Sync enabled when they were down synced?
  12. Try checking the Tools/Options/Search <Search Options> [X] "Clear context on search"
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