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  1. I'm under the impression (based on my own notebook) that current notebooks that are public are still accessible, but you can't share new ones I don't think.
  2. Hi. This is a shortcut that has been updated/changed/fixed recently but not fixed in the docs it seems. The shortcut to change the font size in the Windows client are: CTRL + + and CTRL + - Scott
  3. While I understand why people want nested notebooks, I can see at least 2 potential issues with them: 1. You could, very easily, reach your notebook limit (250) by simply setting up your preferred system and not really have that many actual notebooks to use. 2. This stems from the first, but if you were to create a multiple level notebook system, with 10 levels for example. You would only be able to put notes in the last level of notebooks, because that is the way that notebooks work in Evernote. This means that only the last level of actual notebooks and the one above are actually useful, the rest is not and this is what we have now, two levels. Could this all be changed to make it work somehow? Would it? I can't say, just my thoughts.
  4. Thanks for removing the tags from your shared notebook. I joined your notebook, but almost stopped because of the new evernote tag mess. Just wanted to say i appreciate it

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    2. spg SCOTT

      spg SCOTT


      By joining the notebook you are accepting the fact that there will be notes in your account, but there is a degree of separation and identification between the notebook and yours.

      The tags however are something that (while they may be implied) are not something that is included/accounted for with the notebook and so I don't think I should have them.

      This is a balance that having a shared notebook, which is aimed at helping other users, that I have to maintain - I...

    3. spg SCOTT

      spg SCOTT

      I want to help people, not mess up their EN lives :P

      That said, I like the concept, and perhaps there could be some improvement (how, I don't know) but I also think that notebook owners also need to think more about their content and how it is used. (like a website I guess)


      - I knew it would do that...I write too much...

    4. black.rhino


      I agree, there is potential there, perhaps letting joiners use their own tags on other notebooks, or possibly cross user tags in the future. I don't know the best solution either. All I can say is the current iteration is a little intrusive, as you put it. Thanks.

  5. Welcome to the forum The setting that you want should be found here: Tools -> Options -> "Language" tab -> Spelling Scott
  6. Hi kuschneider, welcome to the forum Evernote doesn't provide a method of discovery for shared notebooks, other than the link that you get when you share the notebook. You would have to provide this link to those that you wanted to show your notebook to. Scott
  7. Hi Samnnz, This is a much debated topic here in the forums. Currently Evernote only allows one level of stacks, and this appears to be the decision made by Evernote. As far as I am aware, this is not likely to change in the near future. I understand that there are advantages to this, but that is the choice that EN have made for now. One possible reason behind this decision (that I have just realised myself) may be related to the notebook limit. Currently you can have up to 250 notebooks (including each stack) and so if you were allowed multiple levels of notebooks, you could reach this limit very easily with a moderately complicated folder structure... Scott
  8. I think that dlu and Tom are referring to the placement of the delete key on the keyboard, rather than the placement of the delete buttons in EN. The linked post of mine above was in reference to the delete key, rather than the button, and so the AHK script acts on that. With regards to a deletion confirmation dialog, I guess this is something that EN could do, but also include a checkbox to not show it again. This is something that they have done before with other deletions, and managing the option is (from a user point of view) relatively easy being a registry key. I think if it were implemented in the future, I would hope for an option to hide it, which I personally would use. Interestingly, I have new note and delete right next to each other in the toolbar, and have never had an issue with deletion. Just me though...
  9. I would suggest sorting by title, and checking to see if there are copies of titles. The list view is probably the easiest view for this.
  10. Hi 99lives, welcome to the forum Currently, there is only the possibility to have one level of notebooks within stacks i.e. Notebook Stack 1 - Notebook 1 - Notebook 2 Notebook Stack 2 - Notebook 3 - Notebook 4 Whether this will change or not in the future, I don't know. I think that the general consensus is that it wont. One option would be to try a similar thing with tags, and there are various threads about this on the forum. One example: http://discussion.ev...nested-folders/ Scott
  11. Evernote, that's what is on my mind :)

  12. This idea would be useful in the use case of shared notebooks. It can be used to separate topics within the notebook, either by searches of tags/etc... (in a contents page for example) As for the technicalities of it...beyond me...
  13. Welcome to the forum I will quote others here You just move the notes from an unsynced notebook to a synced notebook, when your upload amount refreshes. I do this all the time. NBD. The whole app doesn't "shut down". But yeah, if you are trying to do something that you cannot do until your upload limit refreshes, you'll get annoying messages informing you of this. Seems reasonable to me, so the user is aware of this. So, create a local notebook, in which you can make as many notes as you want. Once your cycle refreshes, sync (so that the client knows it has refreshed) and then move the notes into a synced notebook.
  14. Wishing All Evernoters A Merry Christmas :)

  15. hmm...a separator in the favorites bar, bug or intentional?

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