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  1. I'm under the impression (based on my own notebook) that current notebooks that are public are still accessible, but you can't share new ones I don't think.
  2. Ok, here is the confusion. Something is not working right on your end I don't think. The first method appears to work for me, but I am using 5.9.2 Beta 1 it seems so that may be why. Not sure entirely.
  3. Thanks for the kind words Just a slight update to ENRegEd, another button to fix the list view height if you resize it to the point where you cannot resize anymore. There is currently a bug reported for this: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/64517-evernote-list-view-disappearing/#entry293168 Going to have to think about the window size again, getting a little cramped
  4. I have had an Autohotkey version of this for a while now, and since I have learnt some Visual Basic, I have decided that it needs updating. ENRegEd is a small app that allows you to change some of Evernote's more useful, but hidden Regsitry settings. There are some cosmetic changes, functional changes, as well as the Autoresponse dialogs that you see in Evernote and can hide, but not re-show again. * Confirmation dialogs - Whenever Evernote asks you if you are sure, there can be a "Do not show again" option. This allows you to toggle those options. * Advanced options - Various options that I like to use, ranging from changing how quickly to search automatically, to changing the appearance of the Evernote window. * Restore the Send To Evernote option - Once removed, Evernote will not ever add the context menu option back. This allows a simple way to restore it if lost. I figured since this is something I use often with Evernote, other people who may not feel so comfortable messing with the registry, or who are as lazy as I am could find some use. It is attached to this note: http://www.evernote.com/l/ABraFLWMxANG4IXMtzSxlJba6IupBJb0anc/ Feedback and comments are welcome. Scott EDIT: Update - added Fix List View Height in Advanced. Allows you to reset the list view height when you position it so it cannot be moved. Currently a bug in EN Win.
  5. Firefox Portable, as in the one from PortableApps.com? I have been running both that and Chrome since forever now, instead of the proper installs (I'm weird, I know ) and the clippers have never had an issue with that specifically as far as I know. (Effectively all of the install data/profile/etc. is installed to a folder, rather than the normal locations, so you can get rid of it quite easily. You lose some other things, but gain in portablity) Anyway, I'll give it a go here, though I think the latest version is 29. EDIT: Appears to work as expected here.
  6. I am a windows user, and the method to force the old style link is to hold CTRL when selecting Copy Note link. I think the Mac equivalent, is to hold Option?
  7. Have you tried long pressing on a note in the note list. There should be an option to copy note link there. Edit: I feel like the paperclip icon was more an editing - attachment option.
  8. I'm not sure that this is the way to go. Or really, if there is a best way with Evernote... Aside from the issue you mention already (each enex simply adds more notes) the other issue is the stack hierarchy itself. As far as I know, I think that you would lose all of that information in the exported file, so it would kinda defeat the object of sharing it that way. What volume of notebooks are you looking to share? It may be best to share them all individually, and let your colleague arrange them into a stack themselves. Some work, but it may well be the only way...
  9. I know you can find the "My Content" option in the normal view, but I don't think it is there in the mobile view. Or has ever been. What I normally use (when I use the mobile view) is the notification list. Very rarely I will use the extra options in the "New Content" option. (I believe it is the "Items I participated in" option) Is that what you are using now?
  10. As far as I am aware, the screenshot isn't actually put in the clipboard but saved. You should see the screenshot in the notification list, with a share button. Once you tap that, you should see an option to share to Evernote, by creating a note.
  11. I could be wrong, but are you referring to the forum, rather than Evernote? (Your description matches the mobile view of the forum, rather than EN) Seems to me you are talking about the mobile view in the forum. As far as I know, the closest would be Notifications or New Content. Pretty sure that hasn't changed recently
  12. I am not sure this is an Evernote thing, but an Android thing. The two menu buttons there (paperclip and what ever shows) is what you see in android. For example, look at an image in Gallery, the two buttons are share and your last used share option. The rest are hidden. The buttons in Evernote work the same and, so show the paperclip (containing all of them) and then the last one you used.
  13. Ok, so after a little experimenting, I think I know why this may happen. Evernote stores it's window state in the registry, so if you happen to have a single note minimised at a time when it does this (Manual close via File -> Exit or Shutdown for example) then it will store the location (including minimised) I mention this because this is where Evernote decides to place new single note windows. So, try: - Ctrl + Alt + N - Open the note (Maximised, or placed where you desire in the window.) - When you have the note located where you want it, exit Evernote via File -> Exit. - Open Evernote again, and try the hotkey. Does this work? If so, the solution for Evernote would be to not save the minimised state to the window.
  14. This? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s26/sh/d5c91638-35d6-4339-b918-79b8b5b58b29/92f08f5b8a66be09c0558772f1dc2364 It means that the not is syncing/needs syncing. It isn't an issue and should go away once the note is synced.
  15. If this is the case, you are probably running into the same error as the previous poster. ("Shard Unavailable") Doing it that way, you wont be able to see any new updates to the shared notebook you are using. You can delete the notebook and ask the owner to reshare it with you and it should allow you to use the notebook as normal.
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