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  1. I'm under the impression (based on my own notebook) that current notebooks that are public are still accessible, but you can't share new ones I don't think.
  2. I am a windows user, and the method to force the old style link is to hold CTRL when selecting Copy Note link. I think the Mac equivalent, is to hold Option?
  3. I'm not sure that this is the way to go. Or really, if there is a best way with Evernote... Aside from the issue you mention already (each enex simply adds more notes) the other issue is the stack hierarchy itself. As far as I know, I think that you would lose all of that information in the exported file, so it would kinda defeat the object of sharing it that way. What volume of notebooks are you looking to share? It may be best to share them all individually, and let your colleague arrange them into a stack themselves. Some work, but it may well be the only way...
  4. Ok, so after a little experimenting, I think I know why this may happen. Evernote stores it's window state in the registry, so if you happen to have a single note minimised at a time when it does this (Manual close via File -> Exit or Shutdown for example) then it will store the location (including minimised) I mention this because this is where Evernote decides to place new single note windows. So, try: - Ctrl + Alt + N - Open the note (Maximised, or placed where you desire in the window.) - When you have the note located where you want it, exit Evernote via File -> Exit. - O
  5. If this is the case, you are probably running into the same error as the previous poster. ("Shard Unavailable") Doing it that way, you wont be able to see any new updates to the shared notebook you are using. You can delete the notebook and ask the owner to reshare it with you and it should allow you to use the notebook as normal.
  6. The option should be there right in the Tools/Options menu. Tools -> Options -> Note tab -> Always show PDF documents as attachments
  7. You're welcome You can change the hotkey, it is just that Windows controls the Win + Printscreen hotkey in Win 8. I personally use Ctrl + Printscreen, but whatever works for you Scott
  8. Ok, quick test. I now see what you are seeing. You will probably find that any screenshots you had taken were put into C:\Users\<username>\Pictures\Screenshots This is a Windows 8 feature that actively makes use of the Printscreen function. I believe that the Win + printscreen hotkey is now taken over on an os level by Windows to take screenshots. I hadn't noticed this before now, because I change it to Ctrl + Printscreen. I think the only way around this is to change the hotkey unfortunately. EN will need to look at this hotkey and how it works in Win 8. I am not sure if they can o
  9. What version of Evernote are you using? Can you post a screenshot of the options window? EDIT: you did, thanks. Looks like Win 8. 1. You may also want to change the new note hotkey back if you haven't. 2. I wonder if the windows screenshot function is taking over. I will test it here. The screenclip function hasn't changed as far as I am aware, and still works for me. Is there another program that may be taking over the hotkey?
  10. Welcome to the forum That option hasn't gone anywhere, perhaps you have inadvertently changed the hotkey? Try seeing what is set in Tools -> Options -> "Hot keys" tab Try setting it back to what you had it before, and see if you can screenclip again. Scott
  11. Hi. This is a shortcut that has been updated/changed/fixed recently but not fixed in the docs it seems. The shortcut to change the font size in the Windows client are: CTRL + + and CTRL + - Scott
  12. Change the first line to this and it should work for both the main EN window and the single note window:GroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENMainFrameGroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENSingleNoteView#IfWinActive, ahk_group EN_Windows
  13. Ok, so the returning to the note it wasn't there. Did you close the note or just switch away from it? With regards to the activty log, what about if you try syncing to force the error, and then look at the activity log?
  14. Hi KimPatt, welcome to the forum So, when you opened a previous note, it was empty, or you cannot even find the note? Does the other note appear in the trash? Can you copy and paste the last 10-20 lines of the activity log, just after syncing? Help -> Activity log Hopefully this should help reveal why it is failing to sync. Scott
  15. While I understand why people want nested notebooks, I can see at least 2 potential issues with them: 1. You could, very easily, reach your notebook limit (250) by simply setting up your preferred system and not really have that many actual notebooks to use. 2. This stems from the first, but if you were to create a multiple level notebook system, with 10 levels for example. You would only be able to put notes in the last level of notebooks, because that is the way that notebooks work in Evernote. This means that only the last level of actual notebooks and the one above are actually useful, th
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